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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Limited number of homes

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Custom homes, broken Arrow book, a tour script, custom homes, broken arrow. Let me take a minute and give you a quick overview of the process of your shot home since you have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated mobile homes in the Tulsa area. We take our customers on them all home to her because who doesn’t love to go around liking a beautifully decorated model? Homes in my right, our customer to tell us even unit, they ended up buying a used number, but to someone else, the most helpful thing in their entire home shopping experience that they’ve done. That’s because we really focused on the function behind the of the homes floor plan. When we design a plan, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma there’s a great deal of thought going into I, but that other is the way we did. These plans are designed for over 30 years of architecture experience.

Thousands customer comments walking through 100 over the past couple of years. Many as you’re looking at a version two point oh, or three point. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, because we redesigned and rebuilt that based on popular terms. Customer homes, broken Arrow, so the white tour works. I’ll be taking several firms will at the same time and all you have to do is just follow me. The vehicle that we have, any kind of emergency comes up. You’re free to go at anytime. We asked me to take these tours at the same time every week. There’s going to be Sunday and Saturday at 9:00 AM, Sunday at 5:00 PM on Monday at 6:00 PM. I’m only able to take a limited number of people at the same time, so I’ll need to go ahead and hold your spot. If you have something you’d like to join us or something you’d be interested in. Which time works best for you?

Objections I don’t have my schedule with right now. I totally understand. I have a ton of appointments over the next couple of weeks as well. I wanted to make sure I can fit you into my schedule. Do you know a certain day that typically would work better? More than others? I mean go in and put you down for that time so that way I can say my slot for you customers, broken arrow. When you get your calendar later, you can feel free to call me and changed from the time if there’s a conflict. Does that sound good? Yes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Great. What works best for you during the week or on the weekends? Saturday or Sunday? Nine am or 6:00 PM? I don’t know. My wife’s schedule is. I totally understand. Since you probably know her scheduled better than anybody else, um, how about you take your best guess of what you think would work for her and I’ll go ahead and put you down on my calendar now.

Can see the time slot for you guys. I have a ton of appointments over the next couple of weeks. When you get home this evening, you can check with her and let me know if we need to adjust the time. Does that sound good? Yes. Great. What works best for you during the week or on the weekend? Saturday or Sunday? Nine am or six PM. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve already done this. I’ve already been on the website. I know there’s like only consider these two plants custom homes broken your. You know, I’ve been doing this for years, for over a couple of years now, and one thing that I’ve learned is more than anything else that people always think they know what they want until they see something they didn’t expect to love. I can tell you hundreds of stories of this happening. I find a two D, I’ve found that two d piece of paper is nothing like walking in a three d of furniture in the home. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Plus you get to see a ton of debt from your idea style. The fireplace, kitchen countertops counted for us so much more. I promise you there too. Or is he going to be more than what you’re thinking and we wouldn’t offer this service to our customers if it wasn’t a helpful tool. What do you say? Are you open to it? Custom homes, broken arrow.

Let me discuss you what we call our pinterest house. Disclaimer, in the social media Internet, we have gated community that includes home sites with the golf course, like visa, plenty of shopping. You’re buying all the minutes of living master planned community. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The 2013, 14 school year was the first for the new own nita middle school located south of the Highlands of Forest Ridge. A minute he’s stocked catch and release upon them for just over 10 miles of walking and biking trails, parks, optional swimming and tennis, broken golf course, the Cafe Savannah custom homes, broken Arrow, okay. Just on the street options at Aspen Creek, which goes the National Round Barn Theater. Just open my off from Walmart in many stores and restaurants nearby. Quick access to the creek turnpike and getting anywhere in the Tulsa area. Very, very easy, convenient located south highway access highway can do one and lots of shopping centers and restaurant choices. Up Hillside crossing, which includes sprouts farmers market stops. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma A broken arm includes target, Marshall’s exporting goods and much more than pocket. Adam. Scrape of Lowe’s and cinemark theater customers broken here.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the blueprint division from the desk of Glenshaw pray that God will increase our sales, increase our profitability, help us deliver an excellent customer experience in the hopeless, deliver him the way we should do is that we can invest his work and bless others that playbook sales five, 45, 500 and $5,050 in sales per salesperson, per realtor meetings. One new realtor meeting per week booked. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Three followups from the initial meeting, six podcasts per week. Training sales equals traffic times conversion rate, freshmen and sophomores one morning a week. We’ll train at the model home to increase real estate Iq in the following areas. Scripts model, home tours, custom options, tough objections, roleplay custom model to or custom options to have objections, land Iq financing, ICU floor plan Iq, product Iq, options and upgrades, customer broken arrows, juniors and seniors one morning and we will train the main office to increase real estate Iq in the following areas.

Scripts, tough objections, roleplay, tough objection, software Iq, land Iq financing, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma ICU floor plan, and product Iq. Sales equals traffic times conversion rate, custom homes, broken Arrow, the training, five years focused to increase traffic referrals from previous customers. This includes calling past buyers and walking your community door to door hang flyers and knocking doors. Realtor outreach. This includes calling realtors, talk about available market ready homes and discussing build client possibilities. Also, visiting realtor’s office, meeting office managers and agents to share your sales meetings. Circle of trust. This includes using memory jogger to create digital database for you and all your clients for referrals. Business outreaches includes contacting larger businesses in the surrounding areas. See if you can meet with their relocation department. Also, this is an opportunity to include materials posted and lunch and board social media outreach. This includes building a brand for yourself on social media platforms, hitting for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, people who begin to realtor associations and clubs, custom homes, broken Arrow sales, decreased traffic times conversion rate, weekly targeted focus areas and sales team will have carry key areas of focus

that could work on each week. Referrals, wheelchair outreach, business outreach, community outreach. Let me take them in and give you a quick overview. The process here at, since you have largest nimble, fully furnished and decorated model homes in Tulsa, we take our customers a model, home tours, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma because he doesn’t let it go around and look at beautiful, fully furnished, decorated model homes, right? Many of our customers with holes in it, even if they ended up buying a used home or building with someone else that our model home tours the single most helpful too on the entire home shopping experience. That’s because we really focus in on the function behind the design of the homes for playing customers, broken arrow. Our floor plans come from over 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of customer comments. You have walked through our model homes over the past few years. In many instances, you’re seeing a version two point oh, or three point, oh, of a specific one because we redesigned and rebuilt it based on popular trends. So the way the tool works is I’ll be taking seven felonies with me at the same time. You’ll follow me in your own vehicles that we have. Emergency comes up. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You’re free to go at anytime. Let me take these tours at the same time every week. Saturday 9:00 AM Sunday at 5:00 PM on Monday at six PM.

Since I’m only able to take a limited number of people with me at the same time, I’ll need to go and reserve your spot now, which those times works best for you. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma
Let me talk about the home site reservation agreement. The undersigned, buyers of Jim and Jane Doe Deposit With Seller Shaw homes incorporated or assignments in the summer of $1,000 and zero cents. The deposit shall reserve lot five of block six in village, other and trails in the city of broken Arrow, Oklahoma for a period of seven days. Within the term of this agreement, buyers and seller shall grant a house plan to be district attorney. Instructed customers are broken Arrow upon contracting for the construction of a new home. The deposit shall be applied to the earnest money deposit on the contract at the buyer, changing their mind for any reason during the seven day period prior to contract and the entire deposit is refundable. This is the show homes, homes that reservation and agreements, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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