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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | See Them Go

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | searching around

So if you’ve been on Google or you’ve been searching around even by foot and you happened to just think, you know, I’m really looking for a custom home in broken arrow or you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow on Google, you are going to pull up shaw homes.com or at least see us in the first feed. Now the reason for that is, is because we are the highest searched home builder in the entire Tulsa big speed gene. So wash so area. We offer more communities Edmond New Homes Oklahoma than any builder that has ever existed. Um, I don’t think anyone’s ever owned the land that Glenshaw has owned and we’re proud of that when we go in to purchase land, one of the things he looks for is he looks at what’s going to happen five or 10 years of growth in this community and where it is he see that go.

He also talks to some of his men and a builder’s 20 group and those are just men from out of state that they kind of combine ideas and share things that they’re seeing in the marketplace in different areas. So that they can project the best thing for future business for future homeowners to give you the best investment. So we’re really proud to say that we own the most land in broken arrow out of any builder there is. And speaking in broken Arrow communities, if you’ve been looking for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, I’m sure you’ve come across shaw homes.com or maybe you’ve visited one of our models before. We have 13 furnished models to choose from. And we love that because for a person that needs a one story home, they might have five different homes to choose from with us, maybe even seven, depending on their budget.

Some people have a budget where they don’t want to go anything over 250,000. And that’s okay. We’ve got plans to satisfy that budget as well. Um, we also have plans that start in the sixties and they’ll go up to [inaudible]. Eighty is one 90. So no matter what the plan is or the price or your budget, we’re going to be able to offer it. Now there are some homes that we won’t be able to help. If someone you know is $100,000, there’s not much that we could do to help in there because of our rate of demand and the product that we build today, but for custom homes, broken Arrow and shaw homes, you’re definitely going to find the majority of buyers that we can help satisfy and help you find your next best investment. Now, one of the communities I would love to talk about is highland creek Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Now this is an east broken Arrow and as far as east broken Arrow goes, we have highland creek. We have forest ridge, the highlands of Forest Ridge, which I would say highland creek. The budgets are going to start at two twenties and they’ll go on up to 300,000 plus in the highlands at Forest Ridge. They’re gonna start around two seventies to eighties and they’re going to go up to 300, 330,000 and we’ll stone of forest ridge. It’s a gated community. They have oversize home sites and on every home site in that community and those homes are going to start at around 300,000 and go up to probably 500, 5:50, maybe even 600,000 in that community. We have Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. So that is our east broken arrow communities to choose from. We also have ashbrook now ashbrook is about a mile from forest ridge. It’s located on Anita road and highway 51 and in Ashbrook that’s going to be for the buyer that really wants a half acre home site because all of our home sites in their half Acre plus and in that community, it’s going to start in the two forties and go on up, which will include your half Acre home site.

Of course now that is going to be wagoner county and it does count as a rule development area. So does highland creek that I’m about to talk about. So we kind of have a variety in east, a broken arrow. Uh, I would also say a Brighton village is another one. It’s more se, but we’ll start with hyland creek for now. So if you’re looking for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma and you’ve checked out the highland creek area, highland creek is located on 101st and 220, 30 East Avenue, which is also known by the locals as Evans road. So 101st and Evans road, you’re going to turn one block south on Evans Road and you’ll see highland creek located on the east side of the street. Now Highland Creek is a beautiful community. It’s got a in ground community swimming pool. It’s got a manmade fishing lake. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma It’s got walking trails that have asphalt on them so that you can jog or walk your child or walk, take a brisk walk with your dog.

It’s got soccer fields, it has a playground for children. It, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it also has low wagner county taxes and it also has basketball courts, which are really nice for the kids that love basketball. It’s located right next, right down from the park and, uh, between the soccer field and the park. And I love. The thing I love about highland creek is you are definitely in a role development area and you’re also in wagoner county. So your taxes are going to be lower even though it’s all broken Arrow schools, so highland creek, you know, you could get into the home and it’s gonna Start, like I said in the two forties and go on up so you can get a really nice home and a beautiful community and pay the lowest taxes anywhere. Uh, so that’s just something to really think about and consider because it’s definitely going to be a, a good, good community to choose from Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

So Highland Creek, if you’ve been looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll definitely want to check it out in that community. We keep our beautiful addison p model. That model can be built as a one story given you a four bedroom home or three bedrooms with a study, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma or you can have it be a two story and it’s a five bedroom home or four bedrooms plus a study. You’ll also have a game room and three full baths and a three car garage. So Addison P is a beautiful model to checkout. As soon as you pull in highland creek, you’re going to see it right there in the neighborhood right at the entrance. It’s a second home. You’ll see to the left, it’ll have the shawl model flags and our sign and point of view the way. So highland creek is going to be a good one to check out. So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re definitely gonna. Want to check out shaw homes and see what we have to choose from today. East Broken Arrow, people love our communities and we’re constantly growing. So as we see more demand for the homes in east broken Arrow, you’re going to see more communities popping up. We’ll never ever let our community down. We will always be developing more and more. A 28 years of doing this and we’re not stopping. Now we’re growing a. it’s going to be an amazing communities that are coming up. Our Future looks bright with Shaw homes and our clients love us. So if you’re looking for shaw homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma go to [inaudible] dot com, Google custom homes, broken arrow. You’re going to find us.

We’re going to be one of the first on the search engine. There’s a reason for that were the most requested builder out of all of a broken Arrow and then, and we just, we can’t wait to meet you and see you and show you around. We’d love if you’ve looked at Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we’d love to do a model home tour with you and show you what our buyers are choosing today in new homes, back custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com, the home of the 10 year structural warranty, the builder of choice. We are a 28 years plus and growing in business and we’re just really proud where our company has taken us and brought our clients are saying about us. So shaw homes, check out custom homes, broken Arrow, show homes.com.

You are going to find everything that you would ever desire and one of our homes. And um, we just, we love our homes, we love our customers and we’d love to meet you. We’d love to sit you down and tell you our process. So it’s not a scary thing. It’s an easy fun thing with Shaw homes and we’re going to make it fun when we go on our tours. It’s fun, it’s informative, and you really get to see the functioning of each one of our plans. So Shaw homes.com, the helm of the 10 year structure. Warranty of custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com. So custom homes, broken arrow. Come check us out. Come see why buyers are picking Shaw homes over any other builder, but Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. Come check out. Shaw homes,


builder of choice but shaw homes.com. So come check us out. Custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You will be so glad that you came to see us. And we’re looking forward to meeting you and your family today.

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