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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | that particular community

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | a payment plan

So if you’ve been googling or searching for custom homes and broken Arrow, you’re going to want to check out show homes.com or just come in and visit one of our model homes. Um, we would love to take you on a tour and show you some of our best sold communities and the broken area area actually out of 26 communities and growing, the majority of our communities are in broken arrow. So you’re going to have a lot to choose from now depending on your price. Our communities, we’ll start anywhere from the one sixties and they’ll go all the way up including a home site just depending on what you’re looking for. So we try to have something for everybody. Of course we can’t, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, do much with homes that are under the 1:50 range, but we still want you to come in and at least give us opportunity to show you what a payment plan would work with maybe our current incentive that we have going.

Sometimes that can help folks get into a better home in a better price. And it’s not as bad as they think. I’m one of the things and are actually one of the communities that I’d like to talk about next is village at southern trails. Now village at southern trills is going to be located on 101st in between 145th and 129 east avenue. Now the thing I absolutely love about village at southern trails, it’s a premier community, but I don’t feel like it really has a premier cost to it. Between villages, southern trills and seven oaks south. You’re probably looking at spending about $4,000 more, but you’re going to gain about seven or $8,000 more and amenities inside the home and outside a village at southern trills, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma whenever we call it a premier community, all we’re meaning is in that particular community. You’re going to get full guttering, extra landscaping.

You’re gonna get three centimeter granite inside the house, in the kitchen and on the island you’re also going to have a tile shower included in the master suite bathroom as a standard. Um, you’re also going to get. I’m a full sprinkler system on the exterior of the home site, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so that’s front sides, back and landscaping, so that right there is about $10,000 worth of things that we include on any home that we build in villages and trails. Another thing I love about it is we have some great homesite still available in that community. Whether you want a corner home site that’s oversized there, 80 foot wide or whether you want a a home side that maybe backs up to a no other neighbor or we also have our model home per cell that we built since we have a brand new model. We have a monroe to p that we just finished building across the street from our model of the Monterey Age Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

Now the Monterey at one h we have listed, it’s around 34, 46 square feet. It’s Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s going to give you a four bedroom plus a game room, plus a study plus a dining room plus a fully framed ready to go future theater room off the upstairs balcony and it’s going to give you three full baths. It’s a beautiful plan. It actually has fencing on three sides of the home site and it’s a nice big backyard, but for three 99, nine, 344,000 or 346 square foot home, it also has heat and air inside the three car garage. So you are going to have a lot for your money in that plan. Now, inside that plan, um, the heat and air and the three car garage is just a nice bonus. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’ll have a three car garage driveway, and it’s just full of extras that has a Butler’s pantry.

It’s got an eight foot walk in shower, we call it the human carwash and village in southern trails. The thing I love about that community as are located close by everything. There’s restaurants you’re close to jump on the creek turnpike. If you’re wanting to go to Edmond New Homes Oklahoma or downtown Tulsa or you just need to go to the airport. And I tell you what, it is just one amazing community. You have a community swimming pool and in the front of the community as you pull in, you’re actually going to notice it has a private community park and it’s got an outdoor living area. I call it a gathering area actually because it’s a fireplace so people can kind of gather around and get together and watch the kids play in the park and in the back of the community. You don’t even see it until you drive into the community.

That’s where the community pool is located at. Now. The homeowners’ association dues are going to be the first one that you’ll pay is going to be around 550 for the first year, which will help pay for your mailbox and then the second year on out that you live in there, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the homeowners dues or three around $340 a month and that’s for all the amenities that you have in that neighborhood. As you pull in the community, you’re going to see a really nice gate with a little waterfall, so it’s just a nice feature as you pull in and the gates actually stay open. So it’s not a true gated community, however you’re going to see it just has the look and the feel of a gated community and it’s a nice premier, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma a community and will with creek schools are the schools which people rave about that are right across the street.

So if you’ve been googling for custom broken Arrow homes, you’ll want to check out villages, other trails, and you’ll also want to walk into one of our model homes or just visit us on the web@Shawhomes.com. And let us show you what we have to offer you. We have a lot to offer families today and if you’ve been looking for custom homes in broken Arrow, this is just going to be a neighborhood that’s going to give you the best for your money. And you just. I’ll tell you what, you will not be a. You will not be disappointed for sure. So Shaw homes, stock homes.com, a custom homes, broken Arrow, and you’re just going to find everything that you could possibly be looking for in a new home. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma And you could google us, find us on the web at [inaudible] dot com, or you could just stop him, one of our model homes and we would love to schedule a model home tour and take you and show you what shaw homes has to offer.

We are the home of the 10 year structural warranty, two years on plumbing and electric and a lifetime on the rough. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma It just doesn’t get any better than that. So show homes.com, custom homes, broken arrow. We would love to show you around and show you why we are the builder of choice. Most buyers today, when they search or they asked for word of mouth, they are sent to us from friends, family, people that have built a home with us before and maybe years ago. We get a lot of repeat business where they’re coming in and they want to build with us again. So we would just love to show you around and show you what we have to offer. We have a lot to choose from and just a lot of great things that we can do for families. So we would just love to come meet you and see you and come in and just shop one of our houses and see what we have to offer Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

But village at southern trails is going to be one of our best kept secrets and for the pricing you can get in there, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, in the, to, uh, probably two seventies on up with lot included. Uh, it really just depends on what price range you want. We might even be able to get in the to sixties on a right now we have that current 15,000 incentives. So there’s a lot to offer and we would just love to help you find your next best investment. Wish all homes. So custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com, home of the 10 year structure warranty. We are the builder of choice. We would love to show you why people choose us over the others. Um, we have a lot of helpful staff. There’s about nine of our sales managers on duty at all times. And we would love to answer your questions even if you’re just trying to get the information to see what you want to do for your next step.

We would love to show you why it’s better to invest in new versus used even your house insurance is usually a third of the cost. So there’s a lot of ways that people save and they don’t even realize it. So a shaw homes.com. Come check us out. If you’ve been googling Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re definitely gonna. See what we have to offer and we just can’t wait to meet you and show you around and show you why most people prefer shaw over any other builder in town. So Shaw homes.com, home of the 10 year structural warranty, a custom homes broken Arrow in shaw homes.com. So custom homes, broken arrow. Come check us out. Twenty six communities to choose from. So custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes.com, home of the 10 year structural warranty. We are the builder of choice. We would love to show you what Shaw homes could, could provide for you and your family. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma home of the 10 year structural warranty. Come check us out. We would love to show you what we have to offer. So [inaudible] dot com, home of the 10 year structural warranty, broken Arrow, custom homes, shaw homes.com.

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