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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Favorite Plan

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Favorite Plan

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues with Shaw homes and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about some of the homes that we have that are available. Um, is a big speed homebuilder we know that it’s really important to have homes that are move in ready and now the homes that I want to talk to you today are in broken Arrow, but as a big speed, humbled or we do feel like it is important to have those homes that are available to our customers that are outside the big ski area. The first one that I wanted to tell you about to continue from, from the last time is the, um, ashbrook one community. So that’s going to be our prescott Edmond New Homes Oklahoma he need that is currently our model home. But just as in the highland creek neighborhood, the Ashbrook neighborhood is going fast as well. Um, and so although it is the model home currently, you never know when it may be up for sale. It is a beautiful, beautiful model. It’s a huge home. It’s 3000, 152 square feet. It’s four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two story home with a three car garage.

Uh, this is in the broken Arrow School district three highland park elementary. Oh, Nita Ridge middle school, and broken your own high school, uh, such a beautiful home and that is going to be on a half acre home site. Um, so you’re getting a really, really good price because of your location here in eastern broken arrow. And again, you’ve got such close proximity to that creek term pipe until [inaudible] 69 as well, and the broken arrow. So even though you are in eastern Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you can be anywhere in Greater Tulsa in 20 minutes and you can’t beat that. It’s a really, really beautiful model home. And if you haven’t toured on our model homes, I really recommend that you do that. And this is actually the home that you will start at from an our ashbrook community in broken arrow. The next time that we do have that is available is going to be our monroe too. It’s a beautiful, beautiful home. And I, I think it was, um, voted very highly, um, as a bixby homebuilder. The Monroe plan is one that we rebuild and rebuild because it is such a popular floor plan. This particular men, row two is in the rush breck north community. Um, it is priced at two 69 nine. It is a one story home, a 2000, 162 square feet, uh, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a three car garage as well.

Like I said, as a bixby homebuilder, we know that it is very important to our customers to have these move in ready homes and the monroe to especially popular floor plan because it is so roomy and spacious and such a good size, great room. It’s actually our largest covered patio that we offer our monroe floorplan. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that’s what you’ll get here. And the rush Brit north community, it is a beautiful home on del Mar Street. Um, it’s really, it’s one of my favorite floor plans and it’s such a beautiful community. Again, it’s the school district, three in broken Arrow, Wolf creek elementary, Oliver Middle School, and broken Arrow highschool. The next two homes are actually, the next five homes are going to be from our silverleaf community. Um, and that is going to be our Manchester series homes. Those are all going to be under 1600 square feet or under 1800 square feet, I guess I should say, um, and they’re all going to be under 200,000 as well. So they’re all really, really great rate priced homes.


so like I said, these are all in the Silverleaf community in broken Arrow, a beautiful, beautiful community. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you can either be starter homes for a family or a family that’s looking to downsize. And we’re seeing all kinds of age groups looking in this price range as well. And for this square footage, um, because it’s so accommodating for so many people, the first floor plan is going to be our Ashton Ashton model is three bedrooms, two bathrooms, or one story with a two car garage. Uh, it is priced at $177,745 a broken Arrow school district. Three, liberty, Middle Liberty Elementary School, Oneda Ridge Middle School, and broken Arrow Highschool, a great, great community.


if you have looked at some of the other big speed homebuilders, you will find that this is something that they just don’t have a. Our next floor plan is going to be the bay. Would, it is priced at 164,000, 197. It is under construction currently. It’s going to be 1300, 23 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms a. and it’s a one story with a two car garage. It’s going to be a really, really beautiful, beautiful home. Again, liberty elementary school. Oh, need a ridge middle school and Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The next time in the Silverleaf community is going to be our amber again. Um, and it is actually, but I did just want to tell you a little bit about it, um, because it is, it is a little bit different. Um,

it is three bedrooms, two bath, one story, two car garage. It is 1,740 square feet, so you’re getting a significantly bigger home here. Um, which is really fantastic with our amber. You’re just getting the, an increase in your room sizes there. Uh, which is a great option and if you’re considering building, it’s been one of the most popular floor plans as well for us. And is it big speed homebuilder we know that the size and the rooms is also really important to our customer as well. Another home and our silverleaf community that has sold is going to be our birkdale coming in at 1,482 square feet. If you are looking for a home that you’re not paying for the square footage, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but you’re seeing this space, you will love our Birkdale. Again, three bedroom, two bath, one story, two car garage price to the 172,000, 353. It is a beautiful floor plan. I highly recommend our Birkdale. Now the last time in our silver leaf community, this one is available. It’s available for 179,997. It is 1,699 square feet. So again, you’re almost at 1700. This is a great size. It is a four bedroom, two bath, one story, two car garage.

Very, very popular and very, very beautiful home. Um, our Cambridge is just a great floor plan, especially if you just need that extra bedroom. We’ve got a few kiddos and they all are ready for their own space. This is a great option. That’s our Cambridge model Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

The next community that we have an available homerun is going to be the village at southern trails. This is going to be our Monterey one h, it’s 3,456 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two story and three car garage. Now this was one of our model homes, but because we have built another model home in that community and we are building a, another Monterey model, this one will soon be on the market, which is very exciting because it is a beautiful home. Absolutely so well done. All of the bells and whistles here. This is going to be a beautiful, beautiful home for someone to that perfect size four bedroom, three bath. It is broken Arrow School district three, Wolf Creek elementary, all of our middle school and Broken Arrow high school. If you have not seen our Monterey, I highly recommend you do so. Our nor our model currently, like I said, was in the village at southern trails, which is where this home is. Our new model will actually be in the community. I’m a very popular community with the big C home builders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma That is our timber creek community. I’m a beautiful, beautiful home home site with our beautiful neighborhood. With so many home sites still available. Please talk to a sales associate at shot as soon as possible. If you are wanting to be in the, um,

bixby school district or I’m sorry, the, the jinx school district that is going to be a timber creek. The next available home that we have the bixby homebuilders is so big speed homebuilders. Really try to focus on luxury and high standards and that is something that you were always going to find here at shaw homes Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

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