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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Great Room

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Showing Off

This is candice meter with a shell homes and waterstone homes by Shaw homes. And today I’m just going to be talking on this podcast a little bit about our beautiful Chelsea model that is for sale here in big speech at York town of Shelby on lot 22. Um, and it is a gorgeous, gorgeous home. Um, it is 4,402 square feet. It has five bedrooms as well as, um, four and a half baths. And a three car garage. It’s located at four. Oh, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma five West, 127th place south of this 4,402 square foot. Chelsea has, um, well a beautiful exterior when you pull up, it’s got, of course, the three car garage, and then a sidewalk that leads around to the front door. It’s a stone and stucco exterior, mostly gray stones. Um, beautiful. Wayne’s coating, it’s just a gorgeous elevation with a nice high tall entryway.

So you walk in through on, you walk onto the front porch and there is an eight foot tall, a rod iron and glass front door that is extremely heavy and extremely impressive when we open that front door standing in the entry hall, if you look up, there is um, a very high raised ceiling and I’m a beautiful chandelier that hangs down from this, a recessed ceiling as well as exquisite trim molding over the inside of the front door. Then just to your right is an open, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, open on two sides anyway, formal dining room with the two large windows in it. This is a big dining room with a custom groin ceiling treatment in it that is just beautiful, gorgeous chandelier, a plenty big to accommodate whatever a dining room furniture you might have. And then also as a broken Arrow homebuilder, I’m just to the left of the entryway is a little hallway with a door to a bathroom, a linen closet.

And then bedrooms number two and three are also, they’re just off the front entryway. Then if you step on into the, toward the great room, you’re going to see our beautiful staircase with custom iron railing on it. Um, this staircase is an extra, it’s extra wide, which is not only beautiful to look at and impressive, but, um, as a custom home broken Arrow builder, uh, the waterstone homes, Sarah cases are going to let you get furniture up and down them a little bit easier. Then, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, as you look straight ahead, you’re going to be overlooking the great room with, for a windows well, when I’m adore three windows and a door that overlook the huge covered patio. The windows are going to be surrounded by beautiful head molding. There is crown molding. The ceilings are tall. The fireplace is I’m centered on one wall with a spot for a TV up above it.

And then built on either side of the fireplace are some lower stained wood cabinets with three glass lit, a heavy glass shelves up above just for pretty displays in the great room. Of course, we’ve got a recessed lights and speakers on the ceiling as well as of course, hardwood floors in the great room. And in the entryway, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, that also lead to the hardwood floors in the open island kitchen. So the kitchen is gorgeous and it’s got beautiful gray cabinetry as a custom homes, a broken arrow builder. Our clients have told us that this is what they want and what they, what they like to see. We have, of course, built in stainless steel appliances as well as the side by side fridge, Freezer Combo that’s in there that makes everybody to go, oh wow. I’m beautiful tile. I’m on a metal tile on the backsplash that actually goes all the way up to the ceiling.

I’m behind a contemporary stainless steel hood as a broken arrow. Custom builder. Um, this is what our people tell him, tell us, make them go, wow. There are two pendant lights hanging over the huge open island as well as recessed lights in the kitchen. And then what appears to be just a simple cabinet door, when you pull on the handle and open it up, you realize it’s a, it’s a secret hidden pantry with a motion detector light on it. That comes on automatically. Of course, when you open the door, lots of room to step back into that pantry. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then just beyond the kitchen as I broken Arrow home builder in the master suite, the bedroom ceilings are vaulted super high, um, and there are beams and three windows overlooking the great, great, uh, the backyard with a beautiful one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight globe chandelier hanging in the master bedroom, which is just so special.

Everybody just oohs and Aahs over it. It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s practical and it keeps that air circulating from that tall vaulted ceiling. Of course, crown moulding had moldings, um, over the windows in the great room. And, um, as a broken Arrow home builder, our clients have told us what they, uh, want to see in a master bathroom. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma this Chelsea bathroom certainly checks all the boxes. Um, when you walk in, not only are you struck by the enormously high vaulted ceiling that just goes up forever and the beautiful chandelier that’s hanging down the center of the bathroom, um, but the built in drop in a jetted tub surrounded by beautiful custom mosaic tiles. And the heavy glass walls that surround the shower, um, the tile is laid on a diagonal with the grout lines centered perfectly in the doorways, cause that’s how picky we are at waterstone hose, beautifully framed mirror to the ceiling as well as a speaker in the ceiling that is wired it to a special surprise behind the master bathroom mirror.

Behind the Center Mirror, there is a place where you can put in a flat screen tv so you can watch a good morning America while you are getting ready for work. And then the speaker of course is right above the mirror. So I’m beautiful tile back, splashes quartz countertops everywhere, a, his and hers. Vanities with an open knee space so she can sit and apply her makeup. Then as a custom home broken arrow builder from the gorgeous master bathroom, you walk into the magnificent master closet, which I’m serious, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it makes everybody Ooh and Ah, it is not only huge, huge with recess lights and beautiful chandelier’s. Um, the, um, these shelves are all faced and painted in semi gloss paint. And there’s a huge center island with a charging station in it. And a quartz countertop and lots and lots of drawer space for, that’s where I would put my alarm, my jewelry.

Um, it’s um, there’s a bench seat built on one side and a full size frame, a framed mirror. Then I’m also, um, as a custom home broken arrow builder. Our ceilings are vaulted in our studies with suspended beams, with lights on top of them and the study and the Chelsea also the study is off the back of the home, not the front of the home. So if you’re actually working from home, you can sit there and look out at your beautiful backyard rather than looking at the busy street. Then additionally, um, upstairs we have a, um, an en suite bedroom with a private bathroom and walk in closet and then an additional fifth bedroom with another hall bath and have an large, a step up game room. You step up a couple of steps to go to the large game room. And there’s also a huge media room with built ins for a theater style chairs. You can call candice at seven, two, four, two, two eight. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, to view this $600,000 home.

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