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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Neighborhood

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Talking Today

Can this med here with shaw homes, so excited to bring you another, a podcast, and today I’ve been talking about the many move in ready homes that we have for sale here at Shaw homes and how excited I would be to show them to you as a broken arrow. Custom home builder. We have got Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, homes for sale in big speed school district. So let’s just talk about those. First of all, in shelby at Yorktown, which is a 128th and elm. I’m just west of the Arkansas River. I’m not too far from the jinx aquarium if you know where that is. Um, then we’ve got our beautiful former waterstone homes model for sale or Chelsea, which is four four. Oh, two square feet. And it is located at four. Oh, five West, 127th place south. This home is complete. Has every upgrade and that you could possibly want.

It is a five bedroom, four and a half bath, three car garage. Also with a formal dining room and a study. And then upstairs there is a game room and a theater room with a raised platform flooring. Already built in, ready for your theater seats to accompany to be delivered to that home. You could move into this home. I’m within 30 days and have your family right here in the gorgeous master planned community of Yorktown, which offers tons of family fun, including outdoor catch and release, fishing, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, miles and miles and miles of paved, jogging, biking, hiking trails, as well as a full size basketball court. I’m a soccer field, a playground, a splash pad, a beautiful pool area, and I’m just lots and lots of fun to get your family outdoors and get them excited about living in town. Any evening you can drive through this neighborhood and see lots of families.

I’m strolling up and down the sidewalks. I’m talking to each other and spending time with the Kiddos outdoors and in that, what family’s time is supposed to be all about. So here at Beautiful Yorktown, I would love to show you the Chelsea and have you, um, help me find a, a beautiful family who wants to live in that home. Has a huge, huge covered patio. I’m a very large backyard. It sits on a over a half acre lot actually. Um, the colors are contemporary, grays and whites, lots of crown moulding, head moldings, a beautiful eight foot rob, key accustom iron and glass front door. Um, it’s just a beautiful home in the dining room when you first walk in, in the entryway Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, if you look straight up, there’s a recessed area that hosts holds the chandelier’s and that is for recess lighting. So at night the ceiling disclose up there.

And then, um, to your right when you first walk in is the beautiful large open dining room. It’s open on two walls, this dining room, and it has this gorgeous customs ceiling treatment called her groin treatment. Um, it looks like museum quality is what I think of when I, when I see the growing treatment because you do see that in some museums in old world museums and things like that. Super, super, super high ceilings in the great room as well as, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, a tile fireplace that goes from the floor to the ceiling. I’m a pay a place above the fireplace already wired for a TV and then on either side of the fireplace, there are lower cabinets built in with um, three glass shelves on each side. These are very contemporary heavy glass shelves with halogen lighting up about them shining through the glass so you can display your collectibles in your pretties on those shelves on either side of the fireplace.

It’s, um, the great room is huge and it’s open to the open island kitchen, which also has a double a, like a sub beside fridge freezer combo in it has gray custom grey paint on the cabinets. And another secret cabinet just looks like a regular cabinet. When you open it up, you are walking in the Pantry, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it has a motion detector light that comes on automatically. And inside the pantry you will see a built in little box on the wall and you’re thinking, hmm, what does that for? Well, that is a shared wall with the mirror in the master bathroom. So on the opposite side of that wall is the master bathroom as a broken Arrow, custom homebuilder. Our clients, especially at that price point, want to have some custom features and this is certainly one. It’s a box where you can put a flat screen tv in there and then there is a speaker set in the ceiling above the center mirror in the bathroom.

And that’s really not a mirror that’s a two way glass actually it looks like a mirror, but it’s actually a two way glass so that the image of television screen a can come through into the master bathroom. So you can have good morning America on and be watching television a while you are shaving and getting ready for work. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, that’s just one example of the many custom features that are in the beautiful Chelsea here at York. Um, this home is complete and it is a bargain at only 500, $99,999. It’s a bargain because to build that exact same home on the lot, next door to it would be well over 650,000. So we’ve got it marked down because it’s a former model home, we’ve had a lots of people through the home during the last two parade of homes and now we’re ready to sell it and build a build another model here in Yorktown.

So, um, as a custom homes broken arrow builder, that’s what we do. We have more furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Greater Tulsa area. And the reason why is because we want our clients to be able to see, feel and touch the space and imagine their furnishings in this space so that our clients know exactly what it is that they are buying. And um, we find that this just makes happy clients, which in turn makes it a happy builder. I’m also in the big city school district. I have a two homes in estates at the river. One is a Monterrey one h and the other is a monroe one. Easy. So these are both two story homes. I’m the one h Monterey is one of my favorite floor plans. I just love it. I love the layout of the downstairs. I love the size of the kitchen, I love the Butler’s Pantry of the kitchen Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

I love the extra half bath that comes with the Monterey. I love how private the master suite is because this home is a truly um, um, well has a private masters, a split floor plan. That’s what I was thinking of and it’s a split floor plan where the masters on one side and the other two downstairs bedrooms and the study, or on the opposite side, there’s also a formal dining room in this home. I’m a large island and a vaulted ceiling in the nook overlooking a beautiful backyard. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this home is, um, is gorgeous and it’s for sale in the big city school district in estates at the river, um, for only $442,523. It’s a four bedroom, three and a half bath, three car garage. And it is located at five, five, two, two east, 122nd place south there in bixby. I’m also in estates at the river.

We’re getting started on a new monroe. This home is one of our most popular floor plans. We’ve probably built more monroe’s and different versions of Monroe’s than anything. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, this one has three bedrooms down, plus a study and a formal dining room. And the magnificent master suite is just amazing and it has a large sitting area off of it as a, a custom homes broken arrow builder. Our clients have demanded, um, extra sitting areas and the masters walk through from the master to the master closet to the master bathroom. Um, and all the bells and whistles, which we have included in this estates at the river, a monroe when he at 3074 square feet. It’s four bedroom, three bath, three car garage. And it is available as a broken arrow. Custom homes builder. You can call candice to see these homes at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero.

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