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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | The Trade Program

Custom homes, broken Arrow, shaw homes incorporated tray program for many buyers. Number one, obstacle to purchasing a new home is the data current home that needs to be sold. Shot homes applied in realty group or design a program to help us with this problem under certain conditions. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Partner Group is willing to assist in selling your home with ultimately shot homes is willing to purchase from them based on the provisions outlined below our desires to cure that. Our desire is to secure the highest possible price for your home and not have to purchase it ourselves. Custom homes broken enough to be eligible for the trade program. A new home must be at least double the value of trade home. We will not consider every home for a trade on the approved home. In approved areas will be considered. The maximum treatment will be at home with a market value of approximately $200,000.

So there may be our dream we’ve cluttered in the home or make other changes to make the home more marketable prior to contract signing. We will quote a tenant of market value of a potential trade home is tending to value based solely on square footage and comparable sales. The purpose of this quote, as simply check the seriousness of the buyer’s interest at an approximate price because someone broken Arrow after buyer’s approval of a tentative price, we will schedule an onsite visit to determine the value of the homes to standard conditions such as flow briefing dated heat and air conditioning and structural issues regarding the lower market value. If the onsite visit raises concerns that need further investigation, center will be required to pay for an emp and structural inspection. Estimated cost for inspections during and $50 customer was broken. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Euro trade amounts will approximately be 50 percent below market value and market value is based on the current condition of the home.

Trade homes must be listed with a realtor group during the construction of the home. Predetermine price reductions will be implemented periodically and the building of new home. Those price reductions are as follows, listed at market value for 45 days. Price reduced four percent after 45 days. Price reduced in addition to four percent after another 45 days price reduced an additional four percent after another 30 days I trade may be considered without listing agreement at a lower trade value customer was broken. Arrow, 17 to 20 percent. Commissions on new homes require a trade in home, only receive a front end commission that will trade the Homosassa of the trade. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Homeless kept and rented in the back. Commission was paid 30 days after the rental. In the event that we have further reduce the price of the trade home in order to sell it, the back commission will on the new home will be reduced by the same percentage reduction.

Custom homes, broken Arrow in the event that are listed home utilizing trade program has reached the final price reduction. Wisdom like commission will be paid. The selling side commission will be paid three percent. Nutting of the mountain with the seller would have to pay for the new home. I’ll trade. This will be a simultaneous closing for both new home and the home ed sells or proration will apply to both homes. Listing standard listings, right. There’ll be seven percent of the buyers listed home sells. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma They were good to purchase a home and one of the building companies, the commission will be reduced to five percent of the selling side will be paid a three percent commission, either case tried listing will be at 70 percent listens that are totally independent for a new home, so it can be at six percent and witness were at the parties have executed the agreement this day.

Hearing first above written custom homes, broken Arrow that are totally independent of the new home, so it can be at six percent. Trade listings will be at 70 percent to selling, will be paid a three percent commission in either case. If buyers us a dome sells the agreed purchase from one of the building companies, the commission will be reduced to five percent. Standard listing rates will be 70 percent. All trade percentage will be a simultaneous closing in both trey home in the new home in Austin or probations will apply to both homes in the event of a list at home. Utilizing the trade program has reached the final price reduction. No listings I commission will be paid. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma The selling side commission would be the three percent commission netting for the amount of tillerson salary we waiting for the Prestons, their home in the event that we need a further reduction of the price and the trade home in order to sell it.

The backend commission released by the same percentage price reduction. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma tree may be considered with that listing agreement at a lower trade value. 17, 20 percent commissions on your homes are required to train and they will only receive funding commission until the trade home sells of the trade on this kept had rented. The back and commission will be paid within 30 days of the rental listed at market value for 45 days. Market receptor after four percent after 45 days, price reduced an additional four percent of after another 45 days price reducing additional corporate sent after another 30 days straight homes must be list of a platinum realty group during the construction of the new home. Predetermined by structures will be independent. Periodical through the building of the new homies by instructions are as follows, train amounts will be approximately 30 percent below market value.

The market value is based on the current condition of the home with the onsite visit raises concern that needs further investigation so it will be required to pay for an emp and structural inspection that’s estimated costs for this reflection that is $350 custom homes broken or after a buyer’s approval of a tentative price. We will schedule an onsite visit terminal value of the home substandard conditions such as port roofing out there, heat and air conditioning instructural, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma because you’re going to result in a lower market value party to a contract signed. We will quote any of market value for potential trade homeless to tend to value that we based on solely square footage and the comparable sales. The purpose of this quote, as simply check the seriousness with the buyers, interested the proximate price so it may be required to remove clutter from Oklahoma. Make the home more marketable. The maximum trade amount will be a home for the market value of approximately $200,000. We will not consider any home for trade, only approved homes on approve various. What we consider to be eligible for the trade program and new home must be at least up with the value of the trade home. Many buyers, number one obstacle is purchasing a new home, is that they have a home that needs to be sold first. Custom homes, broken arrow.

Custom homes, broken Arrow topics or topics to discuss the promise to pay the process, the product promise. We promise to never ever, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma ever steal a client from you. All you need to do in order to work with us as far too simple little form and you will be protected. It’s called the realtor protection form for a reason. Your promise to give you the same fair price to every realtor regardless of whether they have a real journalists. We know a lot of builders that use this tactic to entice buyers to digitally real church or a better price. We promise to communicate with you through the process. You are always in the know and we are where we’re going.

Custom homes broken a promise. Any questions about our promise to pay, we pay half of your commission upfront contract and the other half of closing if you prefer. We pay three percent on the Indian all spectrums. Regardless whether they are listed on the mls or not, we typically list them when they are completed, but you can also bring us a buyer while they’re still under construction and get the full three percent to pay. Any questions about how we pay process? Building a SPEC, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma check mls for www dot [inaudible] dot com. For a mentor, I like to put you on a list and debates do. Would that be okay? Sometimes you have extra instinctually realtors on that list. Customers broken arrow. If the home is listed on mls, then we’ll have a central lockbox box on it for you to get in. If you prefer, I can show your client the home for you so you can duplicate your efforts to start a realtor protection form into me and to the rest of them.

Report back to you. Process more questions. Do you have about working together on a Spec home process, building from scratch, please fill out the document from your folder titled The Path to Your New Shaw home and we will go through the details. Model home tour financing comes out, reservation price out purchase agreement, signed studio planner, review building, closing warranty the process. What questions do you have about working together on clients to build from scratch the product? Custom homes, broken your locations. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Please take a look at the model home flyer that is in your folder. We offer homes in the following areas, broken Arrow, bixby, jenks, Tulsa, Nola product pricing model for him starting at 106. It’s up to $450,000. The show homes part of we also on waterstone homes and those are custom homes and starting to $400,000 enough to product plans. We offer over 74 plans starting from 1,323 square feet, up to 3,760 square feet, and our shotguns product line with these guys in the middle and waterstone items.

The product plans, we offer two different series of homes, Manchester series. This series starts at 1,323 square feet. Then it goes all the way up to 2,207 square feet. These options are a little more limited. There was no customers customization to these plans. Custom homes, broken Arrow heritage series is going to start at 1,800, two square feet go up to 3,712 square feet. There are no more options to choose from. There are more options to choose from this series and we will also limit the customer. Options are some homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma These are our options are unlimited in the lineup. We have some plans to choose from, but it can also bring a show in planning. We can do whatever your client is willing to pay for the product. What questions do you have about the product? Tell me more about you. How long have you been in the industry?

If you had to pick a specific area most of your clients are looking for, what would that be? If had to pick a specific price range, most of your clients are looking to buy for him. What it would have be custom homes, broken arrow. What is your greatest passion in life? Custom homes, broken your real estate goals. Do you have this year? How can I help you accomplish that? Can we meet again? I feel like my extensive knowledge, the new homes and your knowledge and resell market, we can both help each other. Would you agree? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Can we meet again in a week or two? Let’s set a time custom homes, broken Arrow, homesite reservation agreement, the undersigned buyer’s deposit with seller shaw homes and signs and some of $1,000. $1,000. This deposit shall reserve lot block in addition to have the city of Oklahoma for a period of seven days in the term of this agreement, buyers and sellers to agree on a house plan to be constructed. Your custom homes broken here upon contract for this projection of a new home, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma to deposit shall be applied to the earnest money deposit in the contract. Buyer changes their mind for any reason during the seven day period prior to contract. The entire deposit is refundable.

Told is the best one to 10 year structural warranty to your mechanical warranty. One year limited warranty. Twenty four hour emergency line, full time warranty, custom homes, broken Arrow coordinator on staff. Sixty day follow up call. Eleven month follow up call. Excellent service. Meeting your home. Enjoy the progress. Weekly updates. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma We were welcome. Questions, homeless and orientation. Done onsite keys given time to move in me. Title, company in down payment. Closing costs, mortgage sign for the title transferred customers. Broken Arrow.

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