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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Three Car Garage

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | remember this.

Now remember, with these sprinkler systems, um, on this half Acre communities, we will include more zones on that system and especially in our neighborhood in Ashbrook, you will also have an additional amount of sprinklers there as well because you do have that septic, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so that’s something to keep in mind.


next on those spickets or Bibs, and you will have included one on the front of the house and on the back of the house if you would like any priced additionally at this time, you can and you will be able to specify where you would like those as well. You can specify that once you’re in the design studio, just remember that you will have to have that spicket on, um, on an intersectional wall, um, so that, that spicket will be able to enter the house a little bit further. Exterior electrical boxes. Now those are going to be those waterproof plug boxes. Um, you will have one included on the front of the house and on the back of the house, usually on that front porch and back patio if you would like additional exterior, waterproof plunks. That is something that you can do at this time. And the coach lamp locations on the, a three car garage. So you, what is included here is three car garage and includes wiring for the three coach lamps with one switch. The two car garage will include wiring for two coach lamps with one switch. And now the last part for the front door, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma as a bixby humble there, we know that the front door is a really important part of the home and what will come standard will be that six foot eight inch by three foot fiberglass door.

That fiberglass is what’s going to be included. And the great thing about that fiberglass store is it’s not going to swell in the summer, um, and it’s not going to freeze in the winter. Um, something that is optional here for the front door is going to be that Cheyenne Knotty Alder Wood Door. It’s a really beautiful front door, very heavy and all. Would the other options, the eight foot tall by three foot wide door or the wood or iron door. So that’s going to be that glass and cast iron door. Um, that’s eight foot, it’s very grand. Uh, it’s a very beautiful, beautiful front door. So like I said, that fiberglass insulated door is going to be what is included in this premier communities. The included door would be these six foot eight tall by three foot wide, knotty alder groove door. There are several doors to choose from. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma this is something I tell everyone it’s best to do when you are in that design studio appointment. So you can really see all of those options. I’m really the price out here is just to give you an idea of cost, especially if you’re thinking of having one of the higher end doors, just to know the cost of that and what that will add to that price of the home. Now we’re gonna move on to the interior as a big speed homebuilder. We know that the interiors are important part of the home.

And so the first thing that we’re going to discuss is going to be paint.

Three colors will be included here, uh, the trim and doors or a semi gloss off white of your choice. But walls and the ceilings are a flat paint of your choice. You will have one accent color for a full room that will be included. This accent color can be used in more than one room. It cannot be ceiling only, it must be walls also. So options would be to add a second accent color for an additional charge, and all the paint colors will be chosen in the design studio. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma There are too many to possibly go over at this point and that’s not going to really change the price on anything here. So that’s important to remember too as a big speed hump builder.


next is going to be your combination jacks. So the cable internet and found there are combination jacks that have a coaxial cable and I cat five ethernet phone jack on them. Included in the following locations, your great room, your master bedroom, you were study if applicable, your game room if applicable, and your bonus room if applicable. If there are any additional locations where you would desire a Combo Jack, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that is something that can be added at this time.

Another electrical item to add would be that htmi pull tube. So this is for when you hang your TV on the wall and you want to hide the wires in your wall. This is something that’s huge for bixby. Homebuilders are htmi pulled tube allows you to pull your htmi cable up to the wall, five feet to the plate behind your TV. We can also put one above the fireplace, even if stone is selected here. So please, this is something that I remember, like I said, this is huge for the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Next, we’re gonna. Move on to the kitchen.


Uh, the first item in the kitchen is going to be cabinets. So the included upper cabinets come with wood doors. You have the option to add glass to those stores. They’re going to be many stains and paints and colors to choose from here. What will be included will be that 36 inch upper cabinet, um, optional would be a 42 or 52 inch upper cabinet. So at this time you kinda like to think about what size and what height cabinets you would like. Um, and it’s really easy if you are new home specialist will pull up the pictures of the home that you are building so you can get an idea of what the height’s going to look like on those cabinets. Also, if you’d like to add glass in your cabinets at this time. And if so, what design would you like? Um, the circular design, the plus sign design or the x design. Just a few. Just a few different design options there. When thinking about cabinets, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, at this time your new home specialist can show you the three different types of glass display, the different heights on the cabinets and the images with those different heights as well. Um, just to give you a better idea of what that is going to look like.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, there are certain models that can select the 52 inch cabinets and that’s going to be the Redford, the Monterey, the park wood, and the stone brook. So at 52 inches, the cabinet has two separate doors. The next part is going to be the cabinet hoods. This is also something that is important for Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the hood on those cabinets. There’s going to be a lot of variety with. So with the hoods for 52 inch uppers, that’s only going to be available where the ceiling has no clip.

So the different styles are going to be the two doors solid, the three panel solid, and those are going to be the two options that are included as far as optional styles, there is the angled, the six panel or the glass door. So at this time you can discuss what feature of cabinet is better for you. Um, some of the optional features here within the cabinets is going to be that tilt out tray on the sink or the cooktop, the pullout doubled trashcan, the rollout tray, the pot and pan drawers, the foldout fridge cabinet. And now these are all options that have been very popular for Bixby homebuilders. Um, we build a lot of these specialties within the cabinets, in a lot of our homes as a Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

The next item is going to be light fixtures. Now, the way that the selection of light is done is you are given a, an allowance as follows, so you will go over to our lighting store to choose all the light fixtures on a one story home. Your lighting budget will be $1,500. And in a two story home, your lighting budget would be $2,000. This is something that we are unique within Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, and doing. It allows you to see all of the options that you have available and really choosing what best fits your style. So our lighting studio, we’ll show you two to three choices from low, medium to high. You will pick out all the lighting fixtures yourself. I’m at a separate meeting with that lighting store. And if you go over the allowance, um, the only thing that changes there is that you will need to pay the overage to the lighting studio itself. Um, and you will pay that day of. So when you’re at that appointment and you decide that you want to, you want to spend $500 over your lighting budget, you’re absolutely allowed to do that. You would just have to pay for that at that time with the lighting store.

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