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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Wake up In a new Home

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | your home awaits

At show homes, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, it’s really easy steps of owning your or building a shaw home with us. So the great thing about shaw homes, broken Arrow is that we’re available to or custom homes, broken Arrow, we’re able to build in broken Arrow bixby. Gene thinks SAPULPA I know in greater surrounding areas and part of the custom homes. Broken Arrow is in order to figure out what it is that you’re wanting to build and what we will do is we’ll take you on a model home tour. The model home tour is approximately 90 minutes. You will take a look at six to 12 homes. They’ll all be furnished and decorated, fully furnished and decorated. You’ll drive in your own car. There’s no pricing or pressure during this appointment. There’s not ever any pressure, and this appointment is just for information. We’re going to focus on the function of each floor plan. There’s always something for everyone. The plans are versatile. We’ve got plans from one story, three bedrooms, two bath, three car garage, two, two stories going up to six bedrooms if needed. Formal dining office, and then we have our custom homes, so we’ve got the custom homes, broken Arrow, and then we also have our custom homes in our other communities.

The next thing that you’re going to do is we will discuss the financing, so we have our preferred lenders and all of our preferred lenders. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma They’ve got the closing costs, matching the different types of loans going from conventional loans, Fha loans, va loans, native American loans, and even rd loans. You can easily get monthly quotes from them. We have three preferred lenders that are also offering extra or additional incentives. Right now it’s $1,500 towards your closing costs and it’s a five minute application approximately at 24 hour approval process. They have interest rates matching and once you apply for your loan, they will actually just email us right away with the approval letter. The preapproval letter. Our three preferred lenders right now is Lexi Games with Spirit Bank, Ethan Wagner, with Bank of Oklahoma, and Juan Rodriguez with First Oklahoma Bank. The next part to the custom homes, broken Arrow going to be your home site reservation

and this is going to require a thousand dollar deposit. It is a refundable deposit for seven days. This will allow you to have no rush decisions. You can switch home sites during the seven days. You can take your time, get all of your questions answered. We don’t ever cash that check. We keep a hold of it and but it pretty much separates are serious buyers from our just lookers and the most important piece to it is the fact that competing customers are going to be blocked from your home site that you want. Homesites are always one of a kind, so as much as we can build you a particular floor plan, you know in all 25 neighborhoods to look exactly the same, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma but when it comes to home sites, we can’t recreate that special home site that you’re looking at. The next piece of custom homes, broken Arrow is going to be your price out. Now the price had appointment. This is after you tell us which floor plan is your favorite. We’re going to price it the way that you want it, so you’re going to pick the options that you want in your home. You’re going to know down to the dollar, the total price out will be printed out right after that appointment and handed to you.

When it comes to prices, we’ve got nothing to hide here. There’s going to be tons of options for you to choose from. You’re going to and it’s approximately about a 45 minute meeting and once again it is an itemized pricing so there’s no surprises and all of your questions will be answered. The good thing about that is once you get your itemized price sheet, you and your family or just you, you can look through it again. When you’re at home, and this is the piece where you’re going to control the price of your home because your the one that’s essentially picking what you want inside of your home. Your home does come with standard features, so anything that you want to upgrade is obviously going to change the price of the home. And so this is where you have control of the final dollar amount of the home. Then the Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. The final piece with yourselves manager is going to be the purchase agreement. You’re going to watch an informative video. The video is approximately 42 minutes long and then the remainder minutes will be used to, um, sign paperwork. And then if you, by chance, do you have any additional questions? Most of my buyers that watch our video typically don’t have any questions just because our sales manager or general sales manager, he literally goes over everything with you on the contract video and answers pretty much most questions that you think of,


once you go into, once you’re done with that, keep in mind your structural options do need to be final. So we need to know which floor plan for sure that you’re wanting to build. We need to know whether it’s going to be a right or a left side garage Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.


We need to make sure that the home site is going to be final. So you can’t switch home sites after this.


if we’re doing any type of customs that’s going to affect the exterior of the home, we will need to know what those customers are and we will need the additional deposits for the custom options. Exterior custom options is going to be a $500 deposit. That is a fee. If you keep with the custom, then that $500 will go down, it’ll go towards the price of your home. If you decide not to go through that custom, then that is a fee. It’s paying us to do the additional work to make those changes. Blueprints calculate, I mean the whole night, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

your colors are not going to be final. Your finishes will not be final. I’m going to need the preapproval letter. And then we’re also gonna need to know whether this is a contingent contract or a delay of build. So for instance, on a contingent contract, you may currently be in a home that you need to sell first in order to move forward with the new build. And you may not. This is something that you do want to talk to your lender about. We do have customers that need to sell their home first and then we also have customers that can carry both mortgages and then they can kind of time it out with a roll of her and put your home on the market at a particular time and then a delay of build. We can delay the process up to four months,

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma which that happens often or you know, you may have some private property that needs some additional land prepping, you know, anything like that. We can do a delay of bill for four months or you may be out of the country for four months, who knows?

And then once you sign your, this is when you are done with your sales manager. The contract will be turned in any additional deposits. Also, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to our deposits are deposits are factored in by the price of the home. So anything under $250,000 will be a $5,000 deposit to 50 to 300,000 will be a $10,000 deposit, 300 to 350,000 will be a $15,000 deposit. And then anything over 3:50 is five percent of the purchase price of the home. When you get to the design studio, if you do add additional items that may put you in the next bracket for deposits, be prepared for additional deposits to be paid to show homes. And then so once you’re done with your contract, you are officially done with yourselves manager and this is where you’ll proceed at the design studio. Now once you’re at the design studio, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’re going.

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