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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Where You Want To Live

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Where You Want To Live

This is Nigel Arnold here with custom homes, broken Arrow builders. I’m coming to you live. I’m talking about our podcast today. Super excited to get with you and talk to you more about what we’re doing here. Um, I truly believe that we are the number one custom home broken Arrow builder and all of Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. I’m super excited to talk to you more about why I believe it.

The reason I believe that is because it is very easy to see that we are the most custom. There’s many reasons were the most custom broken Arrow builder and I will tell you those now. So let me just get into that a couple of different reasons. One of the main reasons that were the most custom home Edmond New Homes Oklahoma builder, and uh, one of the most obvious if you’re doing your research around town, if you go into different builders, is one of these reasons is because when you go with other builders or go to other builders and say, you find a plan that you like with them, for example. But there’s just one thing wrong with it. There’s just one. There’s just something wrong, you know, you went to the bathroom’s too small or it the, the, the laundry room’s too small or even the front bedroom is too small and you ask the builder, can you move that wall out three feet? That’d be perfect for us. And they give you an immediate no. Uh, here at Shaw homes we have a process where we do allow for customs, for instance, like a front bedroom wall. Will do, we’ll, we’ll move that out three feet out of problem at all. We actually charge a $500 charge.

The $500 charge is not a fee. It’s just a, a deposit until we get the price of moving that wall out or we have to do is rebuild the house. We got to go to all the contractors involved with moving that all out and get a, the quotes from them for the new area. And so during that $500 is just paying us to do the extra work to, uh, adjust the home. But we do allow it, you know, and a lot of other builders, they’ll tell you straight up, they’ll just tell you right off the bat, no. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, which is, it’s just really funny. And they call themselves costume. So if you’re looking for a true broken arrow, custom home builder, then you need to know that there’s not a lot of one, a lot of them out there that makes those adjustments for one, they don’t have in house architects like we do. So it’s a big, big mess with them. So that’s why a lot of it, sometimes they say no for today, they might feel like they don’t need that business, need your business. Um, that could be another reason they would say no. So it’s just interesting. We are the most custom home broken arrow builder in the area. Um, and we do,

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, do customs and that includes not only those costumes but includes other customs, you know, not just a front bedroom. All I’ve done is I’ve moved out a bathroom to include a second sink for a lady that had two girls. Um, so that would be another customer. So out a little things that we do is our customers, so if you’re literally looking for a custom home broken Arrow builder and you can’t look any farther or any better than than us because we’re definitely in the most custom home broken Arrow builder. And then if you want to go into the facts of the matter, as far as revenue is concerned, we are the number one custom home broken arrow builder. Uh, we have more revenue than any other builder in Tulsa, broken Arrow genes or bixby. And that’s true statement. If he pulled the bill to building permits report, which will show that we are the number one now, we’re not number one by volume because we don’t build track homes.

Do have a couple of companies that throw up homes and three and four months and have, you know, for kind of styles and brick and a couple of different things you can do on the inside and they’re done with the home. We’re not that. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so if we’re going to get into the second aspect of customs or custom home broken Arrow builders, then we need to talk about options because it, that, again, there’s some more customized you can customize a home based on options. And so we do need to talk about that. So, and let’s talk about that. So some builders that throw these houses up and uh, you know, a month

there too, they have all of about 10 different options. You can put it in the home and so you can’t do anything. They don’t allow any customs, so you can’t do anything there. So no customs, couple of different options in the home calls for an easy build, a quick build, probably not an efficient build. So, and then you got, you know, you’re looking at that guy and there’s no customers customers involved. So that’s the issue with that. So what we need to do is talk about what is accustomed here. So custom home broken, they were builders to me means that you have options that you can customize your home the way you want it, that it can look the way you want it. And so for, for our company, we have 476,000 things you can do to a home. So that to me is, that would be considered customed to me, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that’s how I would consider something custom is when you can actually customize it the way that you like and look the way that you want and those kinds of things.

So for us it’s, we can customize the home to look the way you want because, uh, because of the amount of options we have and because we actually allow customs and what I mean customers accustomed for you are designed the way you want or built the way you want in some cases. Now, let me, let me go a little more detail. We’re not going to build a new house for you. We’re not going to like move over. Add One. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I’ve had customers tell me sometimes I want to take the second floor of that house and the first floor of that house and put them together. Well, it’s not possible, you know, that’s uh, that’s, that’s building a completely new home. What we won’t do that we won’t build a completely new home, I mean it’s not full custom, you know, where you actually have to hire an architect and sit down and do that.

But we have 75 floor plans and so generally somebody falls in love with one of those options are really likes one of those options and most of the time we don’t even have to do customs on the house because they liked those options enough. We have enough diversity that we can actually just, just be without inside that, that, uh, that option. But sometimes every once in a while there’ll be, there’ll be an ask for custom and we will do that. We will accommodate that. So again, there’s two big reasons why we are the number one customer home broken and real builder in the area. Another big reason, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

this is another big reason is because we have a design studio where we allow you to come in and work with our design experts. I’m talking award winning experts, these people. And we have two ladies who are awesome at their craft, that win awards every year and the parade of homes, just amazing awards. They’re just, they do great job designing, uh, we allow you to come in and work with them, you know, they, and they, they will work with you free of charge. They would help you to design their home free of charge, um, which is great, but they also will help you design in a way that, that you’ll be able to see full length kitchens, you’ll be able to see and choose from 40 bricks on the wall, but then not only will you choose from it on the wall, you’ll be able to go to address is with this brick on the homes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, they’ll give you that kind of information and that kind of detail, um, you’ll be able to pick from a host of different granite and quartz selections. So again, we’re starting to get into more design options, plus you have design assistance. And so it’s just, uh, just there’s a multitude and multitude and multitude of just options and help. And so that’s what we’re all about. We want to work with you and for you here at Charlotte homes, uh, we want to help you make the best choices available anywhere

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma we definitely want to work

and, and just go through it with you. And so we’re, it’s just awesome how we can help you in that ways and were completely different than that’ll builders because the other builders aren’t giving you those kinds of options in there indefinitely, not giving you that kind of help and they’re not offering you with the kind of service that we’re going to offer you here at Shaw homes by allowing you to go to different addresses. Even looking at bricks on the outside. And so we would invite you. Again, my name is Nigel aren’t. I am the sales manager. My number’s nine. One eight five. One eight. One, two, six, six. I work at 101st in between Lynn Lane and county road.

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma I would love to have you come out and see me. We could go on a tour. That’s our first step. We have 12 model homes that are all furnished and decorated and they are set and ready to go, ready to be open to show. They’re all very pretty and built and designed in different ways to give you different tastes. They do have furniture in them so you can kind of get a feel for what it would be like. Space wise is living in those houses and we keep those in the ground. We do not sell them so little given a little bit different than other builders in that respect that these aren’t spec homes. They’re actually just model homes and so then you can actually get a feel for what you’re doing and then you can walk through these homes and see different variations. I take people that are not even building on these tours all the time. People that are renovating, realtors that are just just like to look at homes and people that love to look at beautifully designed homes. I worked with people years out, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma so I would invite you to come on down. Come on over, give me a call. Nine, one, eight, five, one eight, one, two, six, six x. So much talk to you again soon.

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