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Edmond new Homes | Other options

Edmond new Homes | Other options

hi, this is Brooklyn with Shaw homes today and today I would like to talk to you about some of our options.

Edmond new Homes when building with shaw homes, we have a very smooth the process when it comes to the build of your new home. Um, we have found that with our customers, they’ve told us that oftentimes the process is really their favorite aspect of the build. Uh, we really have it down to an art and especially when,

when it comes time to discuss floor plan and pricing options and neighborhoods, um, our process really helps our customers and making the right decision when building a home and when you’re building a new home, it’s important to be comfortable with the process to be informed of all of the decisions that are being made. And that’s why we really pride ourselves in our process here at shaw homes. So the first step and in our process, the first time that you give us a call or walk into one of our models, um, you are going to speak to one of our new home specialist. Uh, these new home specialist are Edmond new Homes

really well educated in our process and in the building process in general, we find that making the best decision, um, is always going to be making an informed one. And so their job is really to, um, to inform the customer, uh, to educate the customer on the process and all of the steps behind what it takes to build a home. Um, so like I said, the first step in that process is really going to be that model home tour. Uh, the model home tour takes about an hour and a half. You’ll go around and see six to 12 of our fully furnished and decorated models. The way the tour works is you will actually drive in your own car, Edmond new Homes, that way if anything comes up, um, any emergencies, you’re free to go at that time. And the reason why we do the model home tour is really to focus on the function behind the design of the layout of the floor plan.

We really put a lot of thought into why we lay out the rooms the way that we did. A lot of times you’re seeing version two point oh, or three point, oh, of a floor plan because we will update these floor plans based on popular trends and based on what customers have told us through going into these models over the years. Um, we find that on the home tour, not only does everyone have a good time and learn a lot, but, um, at this time, you know, everyone finds a floor plan that best suits them with 12 floor plans and some floor plans being able to be built 15 different ways. We’ve really exhausted our options here for as far as ways to build a home. Edmond new Homes, we have so many versatile plans. One stories, two stories, um, anywhere from three to six bedrooms everywhere from 1800 up to almost 4,000 square feet.

So there are a multitude of options for what we can build. And, um, that’s really what we focus on on the home tour. Um, it’s just meant to be an informative tour at this time. You’re really going to only focus on the floor plan and the function behind it and kind of what works best for your family. The next step in the path to your new home is going to be financing. So at this point you will speak to one of our preferred lenders. We have three preferred lenders, Juan Rodriguez with First Oklahoma Bank, Ethan Wagner, with Bank of Oklahoma, and Lexi gains with Spirit Bank. And at this point they will kind of go over your options. So you will fill out a worksheet, Edmond new Homes, and you know, kind of discuss where you are as far as what you’re comfortable with monthly payment wise, what a comfortable down payment for you would be, um, and based on, based on those things and you know, a few other things, that credit score, they will let you know kind of what your price range is.

Um, they’ll discuss those monthly payment quotes. The application usually takes about five minutes and they have a 24 hour approval process. Most Times they can get that back to you in the same day. Um, they do match all interest rates. So all three of those preferred lenders will match any interest rates. Um, now I’ll do conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, and native American loans. Um, they also are going to match closing costs as well. Um, and then some of those lenders have, um, some incentives as well, such as putting a thousand dollars towards closing costs and things like that. Um, so that’s a good time to speak to a lender right after that model home tour. And then the next step in your show homes process is going to be that homesite reservation, the homesite reservation. Edmond new Homes, basically what, what this is, is locking you in to a, a home homesite, um, this is a 100 percent refundable deposit of a thousand dollars. Um, so you would just get with your new home specialist after you have reviewed neighborhoods and looked at home sites and you’ve found that one of a kind of home site that you have fallen in love with, um, where, you know, you’d love to build your new home at that point. What your new home sales person can do is once they’ve received that thousand dollar check from you, they will take that home site off the market. We have a live,

a live site where we can actually remove that specific home site so that no other new home specialist can see it. And there are 11 other new home specialist and we would hate for two people to be looking at the same home site, um, and falling in love with it. So once you find that one of kind home site, it’s really important to lock that down. And remember, you can always change a home site and that check is 100 percent refundable. Um, it is a allowance for seven days. Edmond new Homes, so you’re not making any kind of rush decision here. We want you to take your time and remember that switching home sites is always allowed. We want to answer all your questions at this time and remember that we are never going to cash that check. Um, if you do decide at that point to move forward at that check will go towards your earnest money, um, or you can simply rip up the check and write a new one. Um, whatever works for you. Um, what this really does it just come. It makes it so that competing customers aren’t allowed to take your home site once you have, once you have found it, because as you know, a home sites are always one of a kind. Um, we can build you whatever floor plan you want at any time, but we can’t recreate a home site. So that’s, that’s a really important part in our process. And something that I think really allows, um, homes to really stand out. Um, a lot of bixby homebuilders don’t,

don’t offer that. And is it big speed homebuilder we know it’s important for a lot of our customers too, to see that, um, bixby homebuilders and broken arrow. Homebuilders and Chinks, homebuilders, um, all have a different process. Um, but I know that this is something that’s really important for our customers here at Shaw homes. Now the next step in our process is going to be the price out. So when you went on that model home to our, Edmond new Homes, and you really found that the floor plan and the layout that works best for you. Um, you know, we didn’t really discuss any pricing options when we were doing that tour. Um, it tends to get confusing seeing all of the different homes and all of the different layouts. Um, we really don’t want to confuse the customer at that point. Um, and so that’s why we save the, the pricing for later.

Um, and that’s going to be during the price opt. Um, a lot of bixby homebuilders have a separate process for this and we have through our customers that they’ve told us, this is really what makes the process hassle free. You’re going to meet back at your, at your favorite home. So Edmond new Homes whatever floor plan worked best for you, you’re going to meet back at that home and you’re going to get a fully itemized line sheet of all of the pricing. Your new home specialist is going to go over all of the items you’d like to put in the home. So, um, any option that you would like to add in the home, um, any customizations you would like to do, that’s something that’s going to be discussed at that time. Um, there are going to print that out for you so that you have it in writing, um, and it’s going to be down to the dollar. So there’s going to be tons of options to choose from here. And we know with other bixby homebuilders, um, you know, they, they might only offer a certain amount of options and this is somewhere where we really thrive here at, at Shaw, being able to answer all those questions at that time. Um, that being said, the press that usually takes about an hour, um, it’s pretty easy because we have the process really narrowed down. Edmond new Homes So the price out is actually a really fun appointment.

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