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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Our Dedication to you


Edmond New Homes Home Builder company that works within children to develop new homes from the community. We specialize in building homes in the Oklahoma area and have multiple locations across many Regions. You have been 5 star reviewed for having quality homes that you can live in for many years and not ever have to worry about. It’s quality. It is guaranteed to you.You can be sure that we were the most negative and the most trusted in the industry.

We have been doing this for over 30 years and specialize in a team of professional construction workers who develop anything you’d like from cussing home to smoking auditions all the way to golf courses. Home in a great community with all of our Edmond New Homes. Since 1985 we have been giving all clients this level of trust in us and I’ve been probably serving our Midwest region for many years. With over two decades of experience Myrra, but we have seen your lives and everything about real estate great real estate do everything in between. And we are one of the ones that say no if our quality is a distinction of properties. We make properties that are not all cookie cutter properties. All look the same but we give you a unique explanation. You’ll be getting exquisite looking house with a beautiful detailed exterior

Where did he go to do it, and every single one of you. That is why our Shawn home team is run by construction managers who know exactly what they’re doing. You can also get a fully customized design floor plan to map out your floor. Plan for your new home with our professional team designers you’re at.Edmond New Homes. I am dedicated to using one of the things that has made us so distinctively different from all the other businesses. We are members of the Tulsa air, national association of homebuilders and dedicated to making sure that you get a house. You can call a home. Keep your mini years and experience great prices and get it built.

With our amazing team, we have developed here. We’ll work overtime and go out of her way to give you a home built with excellence. Is it the guarantee we can experience in the Oklahoma community? With two decades of relationships we have built a client you can be sure that this is what got us thousands of five star reviews as well. We are here to build a relationship with you based on trust and quality of service. Service and team that you can respect.

We are the most dedicated to you and your dream for your property. That is, I was going to choose to build this new home for you. You can give us a call. Need some more amazing team members by contacting us at (405) 896-0333 we’re visiting us online at

Edmond New Homes | The Most Trusted Home Builders In The Midwest

Edmond New Homes build some of the Muslim is it ever seen you thousand and five so reviews based upon the quality by serviceberry search minute communities, I have 99 available for you. We give you quality homes with an image you can trust in this real estate industry. We will have two homes on your land and give you incredibly transparent upfront pricing. You can get a home in any location you’d like from a team of specialists you can trust.

When exploring the real estate industry You wanna make sure that you are getting serviced by a high quality professional through the area with all of our Edmond New Homes. Our president glacier is the one who runs everything along with an executive, VP and vice president. Glen Shaw grew up with a family that was devoted to industry administration, and has been a child of a hard-working family for many years. From us growing up in this hard-working, integrity-based mindset in Greenville, South Carolina even moved to Tulsa and he pursued his education or when was at university. Multiple experiences and valuable information. Otherwise its industry has gone through 2000 homes spinning across 45 or more different communities. This truly is a lifelong passion of our president and he makes it known with every client. There’s a long lasting relationship of trust and respect.

The other two companies are executive, VP, Joe, antes, and our vice president, Erin Antis. The quarry we have given me with these incredibly passionate owners has been unchanged for 30 years. Our executive VP Joe aunties graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in his love for architecture.This Is the successful genius behind our Edmond New Homes The love for carpentry has begin building in Jose life since you having experience in management, business, and homebuilding. 15 and quickly rest of the top as you think I’ll be passionate sure division with our president of the best homes in Oklahoma for our community.

Lastly, our company cannot be as prosperous as it is today without our incredibly talented, vice president, Erin Antis. Erin has had a talent for design since he was little as he is a successful artist currently and has been in the home building industry for many years since 2002. Arvest studied at the Michigan University in Eastern Michigan and learned all about architecture and fell in love with the commercial business of becoming a rendering artist. Throw them in years he has sold over $1 billion in real estate and has also trained our team to become like my new sales professionals.

This is a team of talented individuals that you can trust as we have multiple years of experience and plenty of portfolios and little success stories to show you. This is what you will be getting with our team medicated management systems here at Sian homes. You can get in touch when is amazing team members and begin your mom at her story by giving us a call at (405) 896-0333 we’re visiting us online to read more about our amazing services and our specialty programs on our website at

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