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Edmond New Homes | Purchasing The Property

Edmond New Homes | Communities That Rock

so a good question and to get all the time is going to be the offsite build question. Now people are asking if they’re doing custom homes, broken Arrow, that they’re going to get the possibility to do a show homes. I’m saying, well, the question is we have many communities that we do build it in. So we have 25 communities that we built in currently around the Tulsa area. We encourage you to check those out by coming into any of our model homes. Uh, we do have many, many of our model homes that are fully furnished, fully decorated, and I’ll have a sales specialist, our new home specialist inside of those homes. Edmond New Homes the new home specialist will definitely set you up with a model home tour to see all of the communities that we have in all the homes that we offer. Sixty two floor plans, 25 neighborhoods, 500 home sites at least on any given time.

So we’re always at the most options of any builder in Tulsa. Uh, when you’re looking at custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find out that we do offer the best selection of any of custom homes, broken Arrow builders out here in the area. I will say that we do offer a offsite home building, which is the main topic here today. And the offsite home question is very simple. Do they build offsite? Well, it depends. Uh, we have many communities in any of our model homes. If they’re active model homes, any homes within 15 minutes of that model home, any site that you happen to choose, whether it be offsite in a community elsewhere that we could possibly purchase or anything of that matter, then we look for that and we ask that you can do that for us. And yes, we can do offsite within it’s 15 minutes with any of our model homes if it’s outside of 15 minutes or special considerations depending on the home size, cost of the home, et Cetera, before we consider any of that, we have to get approval from the main office. So, Edmond New Homes, I would say that if you were looking for offsite possibilities than we do have that covered for you. It just depends on where your locations are. Um, I wouldn’t say this, that if you are,

if you’re open to a offsite builds, then what we have to do at that point is we have to scope the land. So before you purchased the land, we highly recommend that if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you’re looking for a piece of property in broken Arrow, if you’re looking for that property and you’re considering to buy that property and then move towards a building a home on it, you need to let us know before you purchase that property because you could be out a lot of money purchasing the property because it could not be buildable possibly or have a land prep costs to it. Uh, so we need to definitely check that out for you. Edmond New Homes Go ahead and get with your nearest sales manager and book a time to look at that. And then they will contact our head of construction and he will come out and survey the land for you.

Let you know what land prep costs can be and what potential extra expenses you can be looking at. So we’re looking at custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find out that we definitely offer the best possibility for you when it comes to offsite. Again, within 15 minutes of veneer, fully furnished, fully decorated model homes when it comes to. I know we don’t have a model home out there, but because it is a further out country aspect that we offer, you can have anywhere from 15 minutes to the east is not doable to the north is doable, but to the west and south is doable. So we will do 15 minutes from any of the directions west or south of I nola. Edmond New Homes So keep that in mind when you’re looking to build off offsite potentially in that area as well. Um, we won’t build certainly a too far out if it’s 30 minutes or so.

It really has to be a monster of a house, but that is all up to individual requirements and specifications based on that individual circumstances. So when you’re looking for a custom homes broken area, you can find out the [inaudible] homes is the best of the best and we will always work to make sure that your offsite is completed. Now it works a little bit differently when you’re building a home in any of our communities that we offer, you are actually going to be building on a construction loan that we offer, so we’ll do all the financing. You don’t have to worry about that, but the difference is when you are now in the process of looking for an offsite built for yourself, if you find some land though, you want us to build on, unfortunately you’re going to have to go ahead and pull the construction loan and here’s the Edmond New Homes difference.

The kicker is you’re going to have to be required 20 percent of any of those model homes, a 20 percent of any of the cost of the down payment. Banks require 20 percent down. Unless you’re a cash buyer, this is an issue. Cash buyers don’t have an issue because they don’t have to worry about that. They pay cash if you do have to have a loan, then that 20 percent is required upfront before you purchased the land and the home, uh, which is the construction loan on how to do that, uh, they require 20 percent down to do so. Sometimes the best case scenario, 10 percent, but 20 percent is what’s required. We ask that you understand, Edmond New Homes, the best thing that we could do for you is a survey. The land you, wetland prep costs are to build the home there. So if you have any curiosity about offsite build, let us know.

Construction loans are definitely different. However, uh, the only difference between the offsite, and it depends on if you’re loan or cash. If you’re cash, we have payment plans, we do pay as you go depending on the trade in which we build. So we have multiple stops on our process in which we build a home. And if we do that, then you’re going to have to pay parts of the home and pay as we go as we build the home. If you’re a cash buyer, now, if you’re alone, buyer works a little bit differently. But still all the same, it’s going to be the process that we typically do. And, uh, just on an offsite section, um, some of the things that land prep costs could run you when you’re looking for custom homes. Broken Arrow is going to be that of maybe rocks in the yard, trees in the yard, tree removal sections, Edmond New Homes depending on how property big the property is, a where the home’s gonna go, how much extra driveway do you need.

Um, are all of these things standard now, understanding the standard inclusions on an offsite build, differ from the standard inclusions that are from, uh, our, uh, uh, homes that are in the air of our communities. So if you want to find that information that you can please reference our website. Uh, we knew for custom homes, broken area, you gonna find out that we are the best option. We have the best options for you and, uh, we have the most options for you. So come check us out and come to her model homes, uh, come into any of our model homes, uh, anytime of the week. We do work Monday through Sunday. At Typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Wednesdays and Thursdays are our days off. You might find some random Mondays and Fridays, but, uh, we work five days a week and we’re always death in our hours. So Edmond New Homes please come check us out at any of our model homes spread across all of Tulsa, broken Arrow, jinx and bixby.

Um, if you do that, you’ll schedule a mental home tour with any of our new home specialist and that allow you the time to work forward and move towards, uh, the possibility of looking at our model homes going on tour. And when you do, you’ll go to price out. They’ve got a homesite reservation and then you’ve got a purchase agreement. And of course, if this is an offsite concern than the home site is already taken care of. You just need to locate that property. It’s highly recommended that you look at the property before you look at homes because this, at least you, at least you understand now what is available out there for you to possibly do Edmond New Homes. We asked that if you, uh, if you do a build a home with us and it’s offsite that you understand the offsite process can be a touch longer simply because of the distance that it could lie.

I’m not only that, but there’s certain changes that have happened to offsite property when it’s not a developed in a development. If it’s a couple acres, then there could be things that we have to do or prepping the land that take time a little bit longer. So the five to six months from breaking ground could typically be six to seven, seven to eight, just depends on the property and depends on what extra needs to be done to that property. Edmond New Homes, so we encourage you to check us out a show homes again here, what you looking for, custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re gonna. Find the best one here in Shaw homes and we work to a work to please, if you need anything else from us, let us know. But we look forward to working with you in the future.

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