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Edmond New Homes | Putting The Sign Up

Edmond New Homes | Putting The Sign Up

As a Edmond New Homes show homes has more furnished and decorated model homes and any other builder and we certainly have no shortage of beautiful model homes and neighborhoods for you to check out in broken Arrow area. One that we’re especially proud of is one that we were the developer on and it is our beautiful seven oaks south. Sevenoaks south is a great right family friendly neighborhood with its located just about four to five miles from anything in the world you could possibly desire, including the new Warren Theater, a target, Walmart, Marshall’s bass pro shop, uh, plenty of restaurant varieties and it’s only one point three miles from the northeastern state university campus and the upcoming coming Chisholm trail park. So, and that park includes approximately 200 acres, so lots of free concerts, fun family events that happened at that park that you could literally walk to from, Edmond New Homes, sevenoaks south.

In addition, a sevenoaks south has a pool and a sand volleyball court as a broken Arrow home builder. It is located in broken Arrow and the square footage range is 1,726 square feet all the way up to 3,772 square feet. Um, the pool is actually beautiful. They’re in sevenoaks south. It has a clubhouse. I’m with his and hers restaurant are restrooms on either side of the, uh, of the clubhouse. And then you can actually borrow the clubhouse for private parties, which is great. Edmond New Homes It’s got French doors overlooking the pool as well as, um, a, a fireplace that works in one end of the clubhouse and a working kitchen on the other end. So the neighbors love to borrow that sign up, borrow it for private parties, kids, birthday parties, company parties, whatever. I’m in sevenoaks south. The schools are for the Elementary School, oak crest elementary there in broken Arrow also has a broken arrow home builder.

The Elementary School is oak crest in broken arrow. And then the middle school is sequoia and the high school is of course broken Arrow high school south. Um, the directions to sevenoaks south. It’s located on the south side of 101st, which is New Orleans and broken Arrow, and it is about halfway between Lynn Lane and county line road, so close access to all the downtown, a great rose district of broken Arrow, I mean really close. You just zip up the street and you are there. Edmond New Homes, has close access to the creek turnpike and pretty close access to one 69 a as well as highway 51 so you can get anywhere in the world you need to be in short order from seven oaks south. So it’s a great place for moms and Dads to work and families to live a very family friendly community. Um, and I also have some homes for sale in there that are ready for you to move into or nearly ready for you to move into as a broken Arrow home builder, we are offering our Stonebrook v, it’s 2,619 square feet.

It’s located at one five one. Oh, east roanoke place for the low low price of only $294,790. What a great buy on a great home in a great family community there in broken arrow. It’s got four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a three car garage. So now this home is during the electric rough phase, which means there’s not a lot really for you to look at just yet, but um, it will be finished in short order and we do have a furnished and decorated model home of the Stonebrook v or right there in beautiful sevenoaks south, Edmond New Homes right up at the front of the neighborhood. So it’s easy for you to see what the home would look like when it’s finished and then derive down the road and make sure that you’re in love with the home site. And then we’ll write it up for you.

So it could be years tomorrow. Um, it is, um, like I said, four bedroom, two and a half bath. There’s a real cute, actually, it’s the cutest little powder bath you ever, never saw downstairs in this a floor plan and it’s conveniently and privately located for your guests. Um, so it’s a great location in the home and then you send all those kiddos upstairs. Then also in seven oaks health, we have a beautiful home that is ready for you to move into. It is our Greenville to now. This whole floor plan is truly, truly a one of a kind. It was actually designed by myself and one of my customers, um, back when I was sitting in a modeling country, woods of Jake’s, Edmond New Homes, this customer fell in love with our Greenville for plan, which you can see as the model home also in sevenoaks south.

So when you walk into the Greenville, you talk about an open concept floor plan and it is designed it for people who want to entertain because it has a very tall, large, Edmond New Homes, entryway. And then a great open concept dining room that is completely open to the great room. Um, and then the kitchen is really nice size with lots of cabinets, a big corner pantry, and a super long island as well as a large nook area that overlooks the backyard. And the covered patio, the master suite. Oh my gosh. You talk about luxury living at home, it’s like staying at a resort property. The master suite actually takes up one third of the home, so not only is the master bedroom quite large and it has a trade up, 10 foot ceiling height in there and of course windows to overlook your beautiful backyard. It can easily handle lots of furniture with a king size bed, still have room for a sitting area off those windows off the bat, and then from there you walk into these super large bathroom which you just can’t believe how big it is.

People are always going, oh my gosh, this bathroom is so big. Well, it’s really, really nice and it has, Edmond New Homes like I said, that resort feel and then that bathroom walk straight through into literally the biggest closet you’ve ever never seen. It is huge. It’s a bedroom size closet big enough for a big island in the middle of the closet. If you’d like for us to build you one there or as you’ll see in the model with a great big sitting area in the middle of the closet so you can just sit in there and survey all your pretty close. I’m the master closet walks through to the uh, utility room where the Med bench area is located. So when you are walking into that home from the garage, you are literally making a lefthand turn and you are in your master closet kicking off your shoes.

I call that the shedding zone because that’s what it is for me at my house as soon as I get home and start shitting my shoes and my sweaters and my coats and drop them persons on the floor and that kind of thing. Um, what makes the Greenville so the Greenville too, so unique is that I’m off of the master bedroom. There’s a door and you think it’s just leading to another closet or something, but you open up that door and you’re walking into a private study that overlooks the backyard. So it’s a great room because this woman that originally helped me design this floor, she wanted it because her husband’s desk was always messy and she did not want his study and his desk to be the first thing that all of her guests saw when she walked that, when they walked in the front door, because the study is typically up front and she said, no, Edmond New Homes I need him to have a private study.

And then she also wanted a, a private exercise room where she could keep her exercise equipment as well as do crafts, which are, as you know, Messi and exercise equipment is not the most beautiful thing to look at. So we designed these private rooms off of the master suite, uh, that, um, for the homeowners to use as the private study. Private exercise room slash craft room. Um, I promise you’ve never seen this home design anywhere. And it is for sale in sevenoaks south for the low price of two 89, nine 85. Edmond New Homes you can call seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero e to see this home.

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