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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond new Homes | Standing Behind The Lines

Edmond new Homes | A Strong Result

With custom columns, broken Arrow, it’s important to have a strong warranty behind that. Custom home. At Shawn Holmes, we have the best home builder’s warranty and the Greater Tulsa area with our 10 year structural warranty and two year mechanicals warranty. Not to mention our one year limited warranty that covers the entire home. Edmond new Homes


For custom homes, broken Arrow, the reason why it’s so important to have that strong warranty is because you want to know first that your home has structural integrity, and with that 10 year structural warranty we are able to offer that because of the post-lab tension that we offer in our show homes with custom homes, broken Arrow, having that 10 year structural warranty guarantees that the structural soundness of your home will last for 10 years with our warranty behind it. Obviously these are meant to last so much longer. With the two year mechanicals warranty, we can ensure that all of the mechanical behind the home is going to be back for two years. Edmond new Homes with the one year limited warranty that will cover everything in your home. Um, our warranty department works in house to ensure with any problems that you may have, you will be able to have everything solved within a quick timeframe.

Our quality assurance program is something that sets us apart as well here at shaw homes with custom homes, broken arrow. When you build with Shaw homes, your own personal builder will meet with you to explain our building procedures and provided with a construction schedule. Then at schedule meetings or if you have a concern, we’ll meet with you to review our process and to answer any of your questions. We ensure to build quality period. We don’t want our clients to get out of the way like other builders do. The Shah homes quality assurance plan involves you every step of the way because it sha homes. We have a single goal. Your total satisfaction from including important hidden extras like post-tension slabs, Edmond new Homes dupont Tyvek, house wrap, and engineered floor trusses. The professional craftsman and technically experienced support staff of show homes capably oversee the construction of each and every new home and keep you involved in the process for every step of the way.

We think it is really important with custom homes, broken Arrow, um, to ensure that all of our customers feel that they can have any question answered at any point and that they feel welcome and seeing every part of our process, including the construction. The design studio is another important part of our process here at shot homes. Make your new Shaw home personally perfect for you at our design studio are experienced home design experts will help you understand the selection of materials available for your new home and help you discover the Palette that reflects your personality in tastes. We’ve done the hard work of finding all the right choices and putting them in one place with expert advice at hand. Now all you have to do is design and choose, so please call us at nine. One, eight, four, zero nine five, one nine, five. Edmond new Homes For more information about the design at the Shah homes design studio,

we do have a list of preferred lenders that we use here at shaw homes through custom homes, Oakland or broken Arrow, and those are one Rodriguez at first, Oklahoma Bank and mortgage, Ethan Wagner at Bank of Oklahoma. And lexi gains at Spirit Bank. So those are going to be a list of our preferred lenders and if you already use any of our preferred lenders who will qualify for our full incentive, um, for the month of February, we are offering the $15,000 incentive towards upgrades. This is one of my favorite incentives because you get to choose all of the different upgrades and incentives that you get to use this for. I think it’s a really, Edmond new Homes really great way that we can offer an incentive for our customers that use our preferred lenders as well.

So here at shaw homes and custom homes, broken Arrow, I’d like to go over some of the homebuying basics. Have you heard that building a home can be stressful or difficult? At Shaw homes, we feel the process is simple and stress free. Maybe the person who told you that built that built with a company that doesn’t have the proven process and experienced team in place to do things. The shah homes way. What we like to tell our customers is we’ve done this a few thousand times, so if it’s a so it’s okay if you haven’t, you aren’t out there to figure out things on your own. You will have your shaw homes team right there with you from contract to design studio to drafting, to construction, to closing, Edmond new Homes to warranty. We have experienced experts in place to guide you and answer the questions we already know you will have.

In fact, we probably can already tell you what questions you’re going to have before you even have them and if you are of what the process is. Let me walk you through it right now. I’ve gone over some of the steps before of our process here with the homebuying basics, but just to go over them once more. Step one, the model home tour, who doesn’t love to go look at beautifully decorated model homes at Shaw homes. We have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area, so we invite you to join us on what will be one of the most information packed experiences in your home shopping process. Edmond new Homes The model home tour the tour allows you to see what would take a couple of weeks on your own and just two hours because time is something nobody ever has too much at feast days.

Step to financing in order to help you focus in on the plans that will best fit your budget. We suggest applying for a mortgage preapproval from one of our preferred lenders soon after your model home tour. This free application can be done online and only takes a few minutes. When finished with your application, you should have your approval within 24 hours. Step three, homesite reservation. Now that you have selected your own one of a kind home, it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of land to place it on the home site. Not every home fits on every home site, so now that we know the plan, we will show you what homesites your plan fits on. Once you select your home site, it’s time to do a seven day refundable deposit called a homesite reservation. This will take your favorite one off the market for the next seven days Edmond new Homes.

Then we will go over any other remaining questions you have before moving forward to purchase agreement. Homesite reservations are important because we can always duplicate the home, but we can never duplicate the land. Something that’s very important for custom homes, broken your own step for structural options and pricing. Now that you’re home site is reserved, we will meet back at your favorite model home and review the smart flips features that are available to you for that plan and create a price quote for you. These options can also be found on the interactive floor plans section of the website. This is all done in an effort to get you the information you need about pricing so you can make an informed decision because after all, that’s the best way to make any decision, right? Step six, the design studio at Shell homes with Edmond new Homes.

You will have your own personal design consultant to help walk you through the process of picking out the colors and finishes in your home. You will be in very good hands as our design staff has been intimately involved in the selection of the colors you see in our award winning model. Homes. Edmond new Homes Show homes has the most well appointed design studio in the Tulsa area. Sales with everything you will need to be a one stop shop for visualizing and selecting your color pallets all in one location without the hassle of driving to 20 different warehouses all over town. When you are finished choosing your colors, you will finalize the selections with your signature is approval and then launch into the building phase of your new home. Step seven, plan review. Now that all selection decisions are final, it’s time for the plan review where you will meet your construction manager who will work directly with you through the completing of your home. The plan review is our system of checks and balances to make sure that the person responsible for building the home has had all the details of your home correctly relayed to them to ensure a smooth building process.

He will go over all the full size blueprints, specifications, and finishes with you as well as site plan and home placement. Edmond new Homes At this meeting, when this meeting is completed, it’s time to schedule excavation and get started. This is a really exciting time for custom homes, broken Arrow, and with shaw homes. When you’re building your new home, we know that this is some of the most exciting times in the build.

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