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At Shaw homes as a custom homes, a broken Arrow builder, we offer the best warranties in the business. And so we’ll just get to continue our discussion about that. So let’s talk about warranty disputes. You already know that we offer the longest extended warranties of any builder in the Greater Tulsa area with a full one year limited warranty on your home, plus the second year on all electrical, mechanical and plumbing, plus an unprecedented 10 year structural warranty that guarantees that your home will be free for many major structural defects for 10 years. So in today’s, uh, Oklahoma climate of Oklahoma earthquakes, Edmond New Homes, that 10 year structural warranty is just kind of a big deal by far and away. Most of our customers never have any warranty issues to speak of. Nothing that’s not covered in their, um, in their warranty period. And our warranty agreement spells out specifically exactly to the nth degree of like, what is an acceptable with of crack in, Oh, let’s say your patio concrete for instance. Um, so it’s pretty clear cut, but let’s talk about if we ever have any warranty disputes and how we handle that as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we shaw homes, um,

well first of all, any and all claims or disputes or controversies between the buyer and the builder relating to the condition of your home or the method of construction used by US shall be subject to a section c of our warranty and, Edmond New Homes,

and the method of dispute resolution provided in section C is a condition precedent to pursuing any other such matter in arbitration. So we’ll handle disputes. I’m as bad as the following at least 90 days before submitting any claim or evolving in any claim involving a defective condition within the residence to arbitration, the purchaser will send the builder a notice of defects, uh, via certified mail return receipt requested. As a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we Edmond New Homes, the notice of defects shall be a letter from the purchaser addressed to the builder and which contains the following information, the name, the address, the telephone number of the purchaser, the address of the residence, and a detailed itemized list of every item or condition which the purchase or dbs defective and copies of all documentation produced by third parties who have inspected the items or conditions with the part with the which the purchase purchaser deemed defective within 15 days.

After we receive your receipt, we will provide you with a written response which either offers to repair, replace, or compensate the purchaser or requests and inspection of the residents. The builder’s offered to repair, replace, or compensate, must provide reasonable details, other repairs or replacements. The builder will make at a reasonable estimate of when the repair replacement or compensation will be made as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow. Within 15 days of receiving the builder’s response, the purchaser must provide a written response to the builder and may include a counter offer to the builders offer to compensate for repair or replace any alleged defects if applicable, within 15 days of the purchasers response, the builder may make a final offer to repair some or all of the defects identified in the notice of defects as a custom homes broken arrow builder. If the builders response, Edmond New Homes if the builders response to the notice of defects requests the opportunity to inspect the defects identified in the notice of defects, then of course the purchaser shall make the residents available for such inspection within 15 days after the purchaser receives the builder’s response. Yeah, it’s the builder and the purchaser cannot resolve any outstanding issues between them after following the procedure provided that neither party may proceed with action against the other in arbitration,

the, a purchaser sole responsibility to maintain the residence, uh, including two but not limited to preserving the soil drainage conditions, caulking, cleaning, resealing, or repainting a finished surfaces as necessary. Routine maintenance of mechanical systems, etc. The warranty standards describe a many of these items in the discussion section and any damage or defects caused or worsened by neglect or improper maintenance and operation of the residents or the surrounding property will not be covered by this warranty. As a cusTom homes broken arrow builder, Edmond New Homes it is particularly important to keep the maintenance of your lot drainage patterns established by the builder. The final grade is established to ensure adequate drainage away from the residence, but it is your responsibility to maintain the drainage as it is established if the drainage pattern is altered either by action taken directly or instigated by the purchaser or as a result from neglect of maintenance. This warranty does not provide a remedy to minimize the probability of movement and displacement in the foundation caused by moisture content variations. The following post construction maintenance and requirements must be executed by the purchaser.

As a custom homes builder in broken arrow, the purchaser is responsible for maintaining the lot grades. The grade around the foundation of the residents must be maintained by the purchaser so as to cause surface drainage to flow away from your foundation, Edmond New Homes so water cannot be permitted to pond or become trapped in localized areas against the foundation because this can cause variations in moisture content that can actually damage the foundation and of course watering must be done by the homeowner in a uniform manner as equally as possible on all sides of the foundations of the residents to keep the soil moist, not saturated, but moist areas of soil that do not have ground cover require more moisture as they are more susceptible to evaporation, causing moisture content to be imbalance as a custom homes broken arrow builder during extreme hot and dry periods, close observation should be made around the foundation to ensure that adequate water is being provided, preventing this oil from separating or pulling back from the foundation, Edmond New Homes and also your gutters and downspouts must be maintained to prevent injection of moisture into soil from roof runoff in localized areas. Downspout extensions must be maintained to discharge a minimum of five feet away from the foundation wall, and if you decide to plant a tree closer than 20 feet to your foundation, this warranty will not address any damage caused by that tree. And precautionary measures such as installation of root shields or root injection system should be taken taken to maintain moisture equilibrium

at shaw homes. As a custom homes builder and broken arrow, we know that we offer the best warranties of anybody in the business. We know we offer the best value of any builders in the business, and we would welcome you to learn more about how we can make your life a little easier with a relatively maintenance free, beautiful new shaw home, Edmond New Homes


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