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Edmond New Homes | The Full Extent

Edmond New Homes | Getting You Incentives

Three to 18 podcast, six Matthew Shaw homes, so the day here, shaw homes. I always love to talk to you guys about many things that go on with the products and what we do here in our homes and how we built our company and what we’re really about, but something that I really want to talk to you guys, what you probably really care about and most people would really care about. You know, most people start off with looking for a home unless they have an unlimited budget. Where does their thought process starts? It Edmond New Homes starts when they talk about money. How much can we afford? What’s their monthly payment going to be? What do we really want to have in her home? What sacrifices are be willing to make to make sure we have the home that we want? And uh, most people want to, they’ll have compromised somewhere.

However, um, one way that we can kind of help this is when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find sha homes to be one of the most helpful and precise companies that you’ll work with. Our process that we have in place really does allow you to experience to the full extent of what it is to build a home, what it is to have fun in a home, to really enjoy what you’re doing. This could be a time where if you choose a different builder, not saying it will happen, but it could happen, Edmond New Homes that you would have a horrible experience. Um, you, you won’t know where you’re going. You’ll have to go to 50 different stores to pick your stuff out where you only have five selections inside the model home. There are a lot of different issues that are very from builder to builder, depending on what you’re wanting in a home, what’s you’re really desiring out of that home.

And, uh, it turns itself to be not the best idea. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you could end up something that you don’t want. Um, so one of the ways that we really help out with this is by incentivizing a, when you build with us and build a new home, we give you the largest incentive of anyone in Tulsa. There is not a better incentive in Tulsa, so we have more buying power and we own the lumber company and this helps us drive our costs down so much that we can, uh, we can give you $15,000 now, this is just the current one, $15,000. We’re giving you a complimentary upgrades as well as a three car garage that we’re putting inclusion into the plan. So, Edmond New Homes, all of our plans start as a two car. There’s only a couple that have a three car integrated by nature.

Um, however, a lot of our plans do have two car and it’s typically what you would receive, but what we’re giving you for our incentive is actually $15,000 currently as well as a complimentary third car garage. So the third car garage is a big one for a lot of people in this helps relieve some stress because it’s something they’ve always wanted or it’s something they have always been used to and they need to have it. So a three car garage is something we would definitely do for you in our current incentive. Now on the next boat, we’ll run going over. What we’ve done now is here in two weeks we have a change coming up and our incentive is something that I encourage you try to try to meet or beat with any of the builder in Tulsa. It just won’t happen when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, what you’ll find when you find other builders, if you’re going to find $2,000 or $3,000, $40,000, I think the best one that I’ve seen other than ours is about $5,000 incentive in some way or another.

And we just completely smash them with another $10,000. I’m on top of that plus other options that we’ve done. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, our current incentive being $15,000 plus a free three car garage is something that no one can touch. Now our incentives change nearly every single month. And with our next incentive coming up, it will be quite nice. We’re going to have, um, um, quite a few options that you’ll be able to choose just for a single dollar. And then you’ll have a remaining monetary value that can be applied towards closing costs or off the home or off other upgrades and things like that. We’ll, we’ll know more as it comes along. But, Edmond New Homes, we’re getting close to knowing what that is and it will be out. I’m coming, uh, in about a week and it always changes. So every month we incentivize and we stick around the same type of value.

We always trying to show people that because we save so much building the quality home that we do, that the incentive applied gives you such a benefit to build even more into your home that you’re really wanting. So, uh, we really help you on the location and the floor plan side and the amenities is something that we help you out with even more so simply by giving you the incentive to help build out the bells and whistles of your home. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find that when you go to other places or what they’ll do a lot of times is they’ll say, wood floors included, or appliance package included. Edmond New Homes what you don’t know from a marketing perspective, just being a customer walking into these homes, is that they’ve actually raised the price of their home. Let’s say it was $200,000 and let’s say their wood floors or five grand and before you knew them, that’s what their deal was.

But now with their advertising is, you know wood floors, five grand, a wood floor is paid for wood floors included, let’s say that they say wood floors included in the home. When you’re looking for custom homes, broken area, you find builder a and it shows to be wood floors are complimentary with the purchase of a new home. And what you don’t know is that same home now costs $250,000 rather than the original price. They just bumped the price and made up marketing and it’s a simple way. It’s a tactic used by a lot of people to really drive business and say that they have something up on the competition. When in reality you were going to pay for it anyway. They just bumped your price up and didn’t tell you this is a way that most people do in marketing and it’s a way that, uh, it’s a way that can really drive business, but it’s not necessarily the most ethical, but it really depends on what you’re doing.

I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with it. You are still getting wood floors included for free, but the price went up. Um, so it’s not lying or is it really completely transparent? But at the time that you came to them, maybe it is, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s two. Oh, five. Now that’s the price. And Wood floors are included. So the problem is, is that we have way too many floor plans to even try to attempt this. Um, for that to occur, we would have so many different prices and different things that would occur when we try to add wood floors. It just wouldn’t make sense. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that when you see us, our incentive is what our incentive is. And $15,000 means that you can take $15,000 off of the upgrades that you apply, so why not go ahead and have 15 grand, you get it for free and then we move forward on the build of your home and now you have everything that you’re looking for as far as the incentives.

One of the big points that I do have to make clear is when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can see that our incentive is tied directly to the use of our preferred lender. Now our preferred lenders, we have three of them and we’ve handpicked these lenders out of thousands in the Tulsa area. The reason why we’ve done this a few years ago before we moved to this type of business model of using the preferred lenders, uh, it was about seven years ago and in that time beforehand, Edmond New Homes all the way from 33 years ago, til about seven years ago, um, we have asked people to use whoever you like, use whichever lender you, you prefer. The problem with this is there’s so many lenders out there and not all of them are on the tops of what they do and not fully dedicated to what they do and don’t necessarily educate people the way that we would want them educated.

Edmond New Homes a lot of deals ended up blowing up and, and, and erupting and dissolving near the end or near close. And this is partially due to some of the customers and the truthfulness that they make clear partially due to some of the, um, some of the lenders out there as well that didn’t really give the positive expectations of what a, what should be expected from the customer and how it should close. So I’m here at Shaw, what we’ve done and when you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow, we’ve hand selected these preferred lenders to allow you to, a, know that you’re going to have your deal closed and be accurate or be, you’ll know what you have to do to make your deal close. Uh, and we won’t move forward if we can’t. And, um, you know, if, if we can get you approved than we were, we’re going to build and we’re not going to promise you the moon and deliver nothing.

We’re going to tell you the truth and deliver everything. And um, that’s the way that we expect to be handled. So Edmond New Homes we’ve transitioned a few years ago to having this method be the case. We now ask that you use our preferred lender. You can choose someone else if you like, but we incentivize our lenders more so more heavily. So when you choose one of our lenders, you receive 15,000. But if you use one of your lenders, it will reduce five grand or so. So encourage you to encourage you to a user preferred lenders and get the extra benefit of the incentive simply because if you don’t, you’ll immediately lose about $5,000. Um, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that what we offer is something that will allow you the best benefit and the most bang for your buck in your home with a quality of home that we have and the incident we have.

When you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, rest assured that you will get the most options. Let’s say you want to add wood floors and tile upgrades and granted upgrades and trim along the windows and door and et Cetera, and when you do this, you’re thinking, oh my gosh, all these prices are going up and they’re going up when you’re doing this, but in reality we’re taking 15 grand off the top for you right there for those options. So pick out your home. You get it the way you want. Follow our process and we encourage you to come and schedule a model home tour. One of our new home specialist here at all of the model homes, staffed hours, so come on in and see us and go on one of our model home tours. But again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, a look no further, you’ve definitely found the right place for you, at least the right place to start because this is going to give you the idea of whether or not if you want to build or not. This is truly the avenue you want to go down, and if it is fantastic, Edmond New Homes we love to help you and we’ll make this a fun experience for you with the most options. If any builder in Tulsa, when you look at for custom homes, broken Arrow look no further than the shul hopes.

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