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Edmond new Homes | The Highest Efficiency

Edmond new Homes | The Highest Efficiency

In our heritage, heritage and signature series homes, we include several features in these homes that are worth pointing out for other custom homes, broken Arrow builders. Some of the quality of the items is not to par with what is included in our show homes. Edmond new Homes, we do have three series of homes. We have our Manchester series, our heritage, and our signature series, our heritage. And our signature series include top of the line features that are included in the base price of the home. In the exterior of the home, you will see king size meridian brick on all four sides of the home. The outdoor living will have 120 square feet of covered patio on all homes. The size will vary per plan, so you will get at least 120 square feet. Um, in some plans such as the monroe, you will see a larger, a variance here. You will also notice from foundations with engineered post-tension slabs pulled 32,000 pounds tension. Because we offer. This is why we are also able to guarantee a 10 year warranty on the structure of our homes. They’re custom homes, broken Arrow builders won’t be able to show you such. Um, and this is something that we really stand behind here at Shaw. We also offer a low ego argon filled vinyl tilt, Edmond new Homes dual pane energy efficient windows.

The color will be your choice of white clay or Tan with divided light on front and clear view on sides and back. The standard of our windows is very important because of the energy efficiency that will save you in your electric and heating bills. Edmond new Homes, and also the durability of the window pane itself and the function of the window as well as the color and the aesthetic.


Owens corning are 30 blown in ceiling installation and our 13 exterior wall bats with zero tolerance application. All exterior doors, windows and penetrations are energy from sealed energy efficient and weather sealed. This is to offer you the highest efficiency in all of your installation, your walls, your windows, Edmond new Homes and everywhere else that you will see throughout the home. Custom homes. Broken Arrow offers many different variants in these energy efficiency and the owens installation. And we believe this is to the highest standard to include. You will also noticed anodized seamless aluminum, guttering and downspouts on the front of the home. Our framing is two by fours, 16 feet on center interior and exterior walls, dupont Tyvec House wrap for moisture vapor protection. This is something that’s truly important when building a home to make sure that all of your moisture is on all of your moisture vapor is protected from the interior of your home to keep you from getting any kind of mold on the interior of the home. We also provide textured and primed horizontal hardboard siding and slash or random shakes, and that is on the part of the home where you don’t wish to have all brick on the gable where you would like to have, Edmond new Homes, hardboard siding or random shake.

Two story homes. Use a limited lifetime warranty, moisture resistant, subfloors on top of engineered no squeak floor. Joyce, this is something that’s very important on the interior of a home that has two stories. Um, you don’t want to hear these squeaky floors and the floorboards on that second floor. And it’s always important to have the warranty for the moisture resistant on the sub floors as well. We also offer 30 year warranty, an architectural style shingles. Edmond new Homes, so that’s going to be on the roof of your home. That’s a 30 year warranty. That’s pretty hard to be a designer mailbox. To match the community covenants and design. We also offer paint on all exterior soffit and Fascia Trim. You will, you will receive one main color, one accent color, front door and shutters. We also offer insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weatherstripping protection back patio fiberglass door with full view glass. As far as your door entry, we include westlock front door entry set, including the deadbolt. This will have your choice of satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze colors. We also include a primed and boss steel 16 foot garage door. Our quarter Acre home sites will be fully sorted front and rear yard. Oversized and acreage requires extra side to be added.

Landscaping. We allow a $500 allowance for shrubs, trees, and flowers. Mulch and green iron. Edging is included as well or as per covenants in our communities. We also include on the exterior to frost free hose bibs as well as three waterproof Gfi receptacles and electric horsepower, half horsepower garage, front door opener included for two car bay for plans that included three car garage. Edmond new Homes We prewired for coach lamps on all three bays included and the fixtures will come out of your lab in La Lighting Allowance. Once you go to the lighting studio. These are all going to be part of our exquisite exterior’s custom homes, broken arrow. As a builder, Edmond new Homes we think it’s very important to have an hardy and rigid exterior. Um, we think that it’s also important to include things that are really gonna withstand the test of time and the weather here in Oklahoma as well.

We also offer our top notch mechanicals that includes a carrier, 80 percent high efficiency gas furnace, a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling equipment, and automatic thermostat with heat and air control, zoned heating and cooling with two separate units on two story homes for extreme energy efficiency. Pre-Wire for security systems on all windows and doors, a o Smith or equivalent, Edmond new Homes 50 gallon high efficiency gas or electric water heater, 200 amp electrical service as well as pecs, freeze resistant plumbing lines. Very important when that weather gets cold here in Oklahoma to have all of those that are freeze resistance as well as having the 50 gallon high efficiency gas or electric water heater, Edmond new Homes you’re going to see a real change in your electric bill and your heating and air bill with these upgrades. That’s one of the big perks of moving into a brand new home and here at Shaw homes we thinks it’s.

We think it’s really important for all Edmond new Homes to have these efficient and up to date mechanicals. Not only will it save you on your electric and heating and air, it’s also going to give you a great turnaround when you are thinking about reselling that home down the road, something that’s very important to keep in mind when you are building a new home or making a new home purchase at some point down the line that home will be sold and it’s important to know that it’s built with the highest structural integrity, um, as well as mechanicals as well. And that is something that we like to provide here at shaw homes. Edmond new Homes, and keep in mind this is with our heritage and signature series. These included features. So you are going to see all those features with the exterior and the mechanicals of the home.

It’s something that’s really important for us. Um, the song on the oversize and acreage communities is going to be a little different. So offsite you will receive up to 5,000 square feet that will be included. Um, and then in some of our other areas it’s going to be a little different. So Ruby estates and I nola is fully sorted front yard and partially sodden and rear yard up to 15,000 square feet. Total Timber Creek is fully sorted front and rear yard unless up against wooded area. Edmond new Homes The wooded area home sites will have sought in the area that is cleared and graded prior to construction of home, beginning on land. Ashbrook will be fully sorted. Springhill farms fully sorted edge wood estates will be fully sorted up to but not including the enjoyment easement. So this is all very important to consider when you are thinking of building in these home sites that are going to be greater than a quarter acre. Um, like I said, both Spring Hill farms and Ashbrook, although those are up to half Acre home site. So those are going to be fully sorted. Edmond new Homes, as well as timber creek as well. And rubia states in that front yard area. Something to keep in mind when building.

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