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Edmond New Homes | The Possibilities That Await

Edmond New Homes | So many possibilities

So today here at show homes, I want to discuss with you guys about the possibility of being a new home buyer and how that affects you and, uh, what possible scenarios and to look for. And a lot of our customers, when they’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they realized that there are a quite a bit of concerns that could possibly come up with. You’re considering building a new home and when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, we understand that you have a lot of choices to choose from. But there’s some main key identifying factors that separate us as shallow homes from every other builder and the Tulsa area. Edmond New Homes many of those reasons are evident. However, some of them require a little bit more privy and industry knowledge on the type of construction that has done within homes. And, uh, we can understand that a lot of people do present a nice product as far as appeal.

And, uh, just looking at the quality of homes, uh, there is quite a difference as well. You can tell, do generally going through a lot of builders and see different quality of homes. But when you look at them, you know, a lot of them have a pretty outside and I’m pretty design on the inside, but uh, when you look more analytically at the design and flow of a home and a, when you look more at the details behind the walls and the foundation and the things that are really important to the longevity and quality of a home is really where you’ll find the times do change and things stand out in that facet. So I would encourage anybody who’s looking for custom homes, broken Arrow to find shaw homes. And please compare us with other builders. There is something that is far superior when you look at custom homes around the area.

And when you do you see that a lot of the builders out there just don’t put it in the type of craftsmanship that we require. A, one of our key, uh, statements is that one of our guidelines is that we as a builder will build homes to the specifications and the representation that you find in our model home. So the quality and craftsmanship in which you find in our model homes is the quality and craftsmanship in which you find in the homes that we build for you, the customer. So Edmond New Homes when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we do not understand that there are a lot of things, uh, that can be, you know, a main emphasis to you, which most people is price a understandably so. However, as prices do increase and mortgages do go up and interest rates do rise, uh, that really does speak to the heart of, uh, you know, moving sooner rather than later.

If you have the ability and you’re not a hesitant for any reasons, definitely a purposeful to move sooner rather than later because you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Doing that ended up front as well. So when it comes to the possibility of a building custom homes, broken Arrow, you’ll find that shaw homes is one of the largest builders in the broken area. And actually the largest builder evolve Tulsa quality homes. We build more of them than any other builder in Tulsa. So Edmond New Homes when it comes to some of the concerns that you can see as a, as a new home owner and a first time home buyer, a, it’s sort of the transitioning of coming from renting to owning and some of the concerns that come with that, you know, say you’re paying a thousand dollars a month in rent. Well you got to really think about if you were a couple or if you’re single and you’ve got to figure out how much you’d be comfortable with moving upwards if you’re coming from a renting scenario, um, you know, you have to figure out that you’re going to be investing to a home rather than throwing your money away.

You’re forced savings essentially when you buy a home and you are putting that money into the value of your home, which you can resell later and it will pay you back. Um, which has been official in that case as well. So I would encourage you to think about what comfortable price point you are comfortable with as far as weekly and monthly and what you think yearly. Uh, but as far as the monthly mortgage, what are you comfortable with extending further or more so than you would if you were renting and um, this is a question that a lot of people are curious about and I don’t want to know what possible, uh, scenario they find themselves in when it comes to, you know, Edmond New Homes if you’re doing a thousand dollars a month on rent, are you comfortable with 1200, 1300, $1,400 a month, 1800. What are you comfortable with moving up with in your, in your rent, uh, from renting to mortgage payments?

And there are a lot more additional features that you have to put into the facet of your monetary expenditure for your month. So you have principal interest taxes and insurance and your mortgage when, as, where you’re renting. It’s just rent. It’s just the cost of living there. Um, so you gotta understand that there is a difference and you have to know that what the difference is. But, uh, what you’re paying for is an investment and it’s a forced savings that allows you to really start saving money in an equity in the home. And, uh, we do understand that there’s a, there’s a fear factor there with a lot of people, but when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes a, here’s shaw homes, we have a process in place that allows you to really mitigate the worry and concern. And I’ll let our expertise helps solve some of those concerns and issues for you so you can be alleviated that stress or that added pressure and not knowing what those ideals might be.

So I encourage you to come out to any of our model homes around the Tulsa area, broken Arrow area, and, uh, speak to any of our new home sales managers and they will give you a proper explanations and answer any of your questions that you may have about the industry and about what possibilities there are and how financing works. And a lot of the key questions and key scenarios that people who are new home buyers do have thoughts about and worries on. Um, we’ll be able to help answer those questions for you and put you in a prime position to understand what the industry holds and how you can possibly make that work for you and your family or you and yourself. Edmond New Homes, you know, we do understand that when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can shop many different builders and uh, we understand there’s a lot of it, uh, that is out there to understand what is beneficial for you and your family.

I will say that as the time goes by and we start looking at, um, you know, what higher rates are starting to cause and how newer home buyers typically are on the lower side of, of, of budgeting and, you know, being able to afford a less based on what they want and moving out of a, you know, an 800 square foot apartment to a, you know, 1800 square foot home. There is a large difference. And uh, there’s a lot of changes that come in play and cleaning a larger home and paying for larger utilities. And um, you know, money adds up. And it’s definitely something that is an interesting way to go about life and really feel how this is going to affect you as a family. Edmond New Homes a lot of people you know, have concerns, rightfully so. And again, it’s, it’s our job here at show homes to be completely transparent with you and be as educational as possible and help you understand the ins and outs of what buying a home could be for you.

So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we thank you for coming out to show homes. We thank you for coming on to her. That is really the first step. And when you come onto or you’ll understand that there are a massive amount of options to choose from. And this allows you the flexibility in the Malleability to a bend and ebb and flow with all the decisions and the worries that may come. And again, we’re just here to help mitigate that and take you through and hold your hand and give you the proper expectations of what to expect when you are building a new home. And, you know, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we can definitely make sure that we are fulfilling all of your needs and, uh, showing you multiple floor plans. But really ultimately what I would have to say, and most of the customers who do come in, if they are new home buyers, Edmond New Homes it’s really understood the financing side of things before you look at what homes you can afford.

Because when you look at the, um, uh, you know, downpayment mixed with how much you want to pay monthly and what you’d be comfortable with and what’s your credit score is. These are the things that are going to really determine when you’re looking custom homes, broken Arrow, a, this will determine ultimately what you’ll truly be able to afford and buy. And that way you’re not going to look at homes that are going to get your hopes up and are going to break your heart if you don’t be able to get it. Edmond New Homes, um, you know, just shop realistically rather than optimistically be a realist in this scenario because the numbers are, the numbers don’t lie. I’m builders will, but numbers don’t. And here at Shaw homes, we are ultimately as clear and as transparent as we possibly can be for you. So, uh, you know, we do hope that you’ll come see us at any of our model homes, get a home to rescheduled and start the process with us.

If you end up going somewhere else, we do understand, but, uh, you know, you’ll be very educated once you spend some time with us and I guarantee you we have something for you. We have something for everyone and that’s why we have so many options. So once you come onto her with his, you’ll find and you’ll have a complete idea of whether or not you want to build or not after the time you spend with us and have been educated more thoroughly and be prepared to take that next step for you and your family. So again, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, look no further than shaw homes, we do appreciate your time and we appreciate your, um, questions that come in on a regular basis. Um, but we are excited to get a home built for you. Whether it’s one story, two story, whether you’re coming from renting or owning, you know, Edmond New Homes if you’re not a first time home buyer, but, uh, you’ve come in from five, six homes that you’ve had in the past. We still have everything that we need for you. We have a mini segments of homes, many qualities of home, and, um, all the warranties that we have 10 year structural to your mechanical wonder, your everything, warranty fly through all of our homes and all of our segments. But again, if you’re looking for new homes in custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you look no further than shaw homes. We’ll see you guys on the tour.

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