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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | the utility room

Edmond New Homes | The Shaw Standards

Has a big speed home builder. We also hit shaw homes, offer many different versions of our, one of our most popular floor plans and it has been for years. Our incredible versatile monroe are. Monroe has been around actually longer than I have and I’ve been around forever. Edmond New Homes, have worked for Shaw homes for going on 12 years now. And uh, the Monroe was one of the first plans that I got to know when I first came to shaw homes. And, um, as customers have requested, oh, can you change this room? Can you add a room over here? Can you put that utility room closer to the master? Can you add me a mud bench area? As customers have requested those things, we had heard those requests over and over again. And we have redesigned models and rebuilt or redesigned floor plans and rebuilt models to accommodate our customers requests.

So now the monroe can be built in, um, beautiful Yorktown. Uh, one of our big speed neighborhoods, a 13 different ways. So as a big speed homebuilder are monroe, one starts out at 2,274 square feet for two 95, 700. Now let me tell you what that $295,700 buys you here in Yorktown. That includes our average cost. Of course, Edmond New Homes some of our lots costs less so they would actually come with a credit. I have some lots back there that have a $7,500 credit. I have some lots back there that have $11,000 credits and I have some lots back there that have $13,500 credit. So first of all, we would take those credits right off the price of the home. Secondly, that includes all of our shaw home standards, plus all of the amenities that a bixby home builder in your 10 are required to provide. The home owner, for instance, that of course is going to be your finished home of 2,274 square feet.

But it’s also going to include your sprinkler system for your yard. A fully sodden yard, um, upgraded landscape package that includes metal edging on that front flower bed and the, uh, landscape bushes and materials, um, it’s also going to include full gathering that goes all the way around the house and it’s going to include an upgraded front door, a knotty alder solid wood front door, and even include a three centimeter granted in your kitchen. So as you can see, as a big SPEC home builder you, we offer you the most amenities for the least amount of money right here in beautiful Yorktown, which is a jinx address, but a big, big bixby schools neighborhood. I’m in your town. I’m at two 95 slash 700 where the monroe one starts. Edmond New Homes then the most expensive monroe that I can build here in the neighborhood is our, a monroe, a one, ah, which is $365,000.

Now that one is, I’m 3,671 square feet. As I said, as a big ski home builder, we can build this home 13 different ways here in beautiful yourtown. That’s going to include the single story version, just as I described it earlier, plus upstairs. It’s going to have two bedrooms, a nice big, huge full bathroom. I big, big, big ginormous game room. I mean when I say ginormous, it’s a nearly 21 feet by 15 feet, seven inches that overlooks your backyard, plus an additional bonus room. That bonus room is huge. Edmond New Homes It’s 21 seven by 17 tense, almost 18 feet by 21 seven. Plus that bonus room comes with the closet so it could actually be utilized as a very large, Edmond New Homes, additional upstairs bedroom since we offer the home to be built so many different ways we can accommodate a lot of different families and with the different, with the versatility of the exterior veneers that we offer, we can make your home look quite a bit different from your neighbors.

Um, what is included in that price is going to be a full brick exterior, which is going to include brick underneath your front porch cover and your patio cover. Speaking of Patios on the Monroe, it comes with the largest patio covered patio that shaw homes offers. With a 26 foot covered patio, that’s just crazy for anybody who wants that. I’m special outdoor living space. Well the Monroe will certainly provide that for you. Then we also offer the Monroe and where we have, Edmond New Homes, designed this home where we can fit it on a lot that maybe not be quite as wide as some of the lots. We have slid that third car in and eliminated the study for those families who don’t want to study or when he’s a bedroom as a study or those who don’t want a dining room and they want to utilize their dining room as a study.

So it’s extremely versatile. We’ve also flipped the utility room area where in the standard Monroe you walk in to the utility room from the garage door when you’re coming in, you see the Washer and dryer first. Um, but in the monroe too, we flipped that utility room where it is right directly off the master closet. So when you’re walking through the master bedroom into the master bathroom, into the master closet, into the laundry room, which is incredibly popular. Edmond New Homes then we’ve put a bathroom, which is I think in the best location when you’re coming in from the garage, the bathroom doors, first thing on the left, so it’s nice and private back there in the back end of the hall from bedrooms number two and number three. Another reason why I love this version is when you are coming in from the garage and as I do every day after work I can walk straight through by mud bench areas straight into my laundry room and then into my master closet where I’m cooking, kicking off my shoes right there in my master closet.

And I just loved that feature. I’m not having to kick them off in some other part of the home. And then remember to go back and pick them up later. Edmond New Homes, they are right there in what I call the shedding zone. That’s what I do when I get home. I start taking off earrings and necklaces and shoes and sweaters and dropping my briefcase or coat. Um, and that way when I come in from the garage and the Monroe too, I am dropping it off right there in my master closet that can be built as a single story in many of our neighborhoods or it can be built with game rooms and bedrooms up doors and a number of, I mean, upstairs in a number of different sizes of the smallest monroe to p that I can build in your town is 2,700 square feet, um, with a game room and a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs.

So that makes that home very versatile. Um, one, two, three, four bedrooms plus a three bathrooms. So it’s a, it’s a beautiful home. Edmond New Homes in fact, we have one of our newest model homes is a monroe to p, uh, located over in the village at southern trails are, um, uh, we just got it finished, just got it fully decorated and it is gorgeous. I’m the decorators vaulted the ceiling in that kitchen in there, which, uh, when the Monroe to, which I think makes the whole downstairs area feel and look a lot bigger. I just, um, I just can’t say enough wonderful things about this floor plan, a wish that you would come out to Yorktown today and see me and let me build this home for you in this neighborhood, this gorgeous neighborhood for 300, $26,400. What a bargain is our Monroe to pee in your town for a family. So it’s just a, a great floor plan. It’s just one of the many ways that we here at Shaw homes, Edmond New Homes, accommodate our customers needs by constantly reinventing and redesigning our floor plans to, um, to accommodate current trends. And our customers just love that about us. And of course we love our customers as a big home builder. I want you to come out and see me in New York town and check us out on the web@www.shaw homes.com.

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