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Edmond new Homes | Turning A Media Room On

Edmond new Homes | Important Thoughts

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues that the shah homes, and today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about some of our big ski homebuilders and some of the homes that we have available. We have heard from so many big speed homebuilders and customers that it’s very important to have homes that are move in ready because not everyone has the, um, the time that it takes to build a home. Um, some people are being relocated for a job or moving from another state and they need to find something that’s available immediately or possibly they’ve sold their house and they didn’t need to be out by the end of the month. So as a big speed homebuilder we know that it’s important to have move in ready homes. And that’s what I’d like to talk to you a little bit about today. One of the homes that we do have available is an rn seven oak south community. Edmond new Homes, it is a floor plan that is called the Finley. And the Finley is 1,802 square feet. And although it is under 2000 square feet, I don’t think that you’d know at once you stepped inside, it is three bedroom, two bath with a one store and it’s one story with a three car garage.

And this is a beautifully, beautifully crafted home. It is exactly what you would need if you are, I’m using it as a starter home or even if you’re downsizing, maybe you’ve had a 3000 square foot home for the last 15 years and you’re tired of heating and cooling that upstairs and cleaning all of that unnecessary square footage. I think you’d really, really be interested in Finley, uh, today it is priced at $235,996. It is in the broken Arrow School district three leisure park elementary, Oliver, middle and Edmond new Homes. A Beautiful, beautiful home in these seven oaks south community. The second home we have this available in the seven oaks south community is going to be our Greenville to one story. Now, the Greenville too is a little different from our Greenville model that you’ll see when you go on the tour. So the Greenfield to actually offers two additional rooms off of the master suite, so you only have access for those two rooms from the master bedroom and so, um, we may call them flex rooms because you can really use them for anything. Um,

a lot of times they will be used as a workout room or an extra study or some people have even turned it into a media room, which is really, really amazing. Edmond new Homes, you could easily use it as a nursery if you just want to have access from the master bedroom. It’s a, it’s a great nursery. Uh, personally I would use it as an additional closet and storage. Um, you can’t ever have too much closet space. I always say. So if I had an extra room, I know that’s what I would do with it. Edmond new Homes, it is active and on the market for 290, $2,512. It has three bedrooms, two baths, a one story with a three car garage. But like I said, even though it’s two bedrooms, two bath, you’re still getting a study and those two flex rooms. So keep in mind you’re getting all of those rooms for under 300,000 and you’re getting 25, 56 square feet. This is an awesome deal guys. This will not be on the market for a long.

Again, it is school district three, leisure park elementary, Oliver Middle Broken Arrow high school and that is again in seven oaks south and as a big speed, humbled or we know how important it is to have these available homes and the next to homes are going to be in the Brighton village community and Brighton village. Beautiful, beautiful neighborhood, um, with some really scenic views too. And the first time is going to be and Monroe to uh, the men. Edmond new Homes Row Two is a three bedroom, two bath, one story with three car garage. It is active and on the market for 260, $1,279 at 2000, 172 square feet. This is an awesome, awesome price. It is a beautiful home with so many upgrades you have to see it for this price. This home will not last. So please come out soon. And see our Brighton village men row two, um, you will still be in broken Arrow school district three, Spring Creek elementary, shoulders, middle and broken Arrow highschool. The next home that we have in the Brighton village is going to be our Parkwood X. and that is our model home where I am actually talking to you today from a. It is a beautiful, beautiful model. It is five bedrooms and can you believe four of those bedrooms are upstairs and they are huge. Edmond new Homes They all feature a walk in closet which is completely unheard of. And it’s my favorite part about this model.

You will not find that with any other bixby humbler and we’re happy to brag about it. It is 3082 square feet, like I said, five bedrooms, three baths, two stories, a three car garage. I love this model and let me tell you when it is available and on the market, it will go so fast Edmond new Homes.

So the next time that we have available and on the market that will not last long, it’s going to be our men ro one eye at the reserve at Spring Creek. It is currently listed at three 69, nine, 3,653 square feet. Guys, this is a big house and it is beautiful. Five bedrooms, three baths, two story three car garage. The Monroe is going to feature two rooms upstairs, so you will have an extra great room that you will also have another bonus room upstairs. A lot of people are using this as a media room. You black out those windows and really turned this place into an in home theater. There are a multitude of options with what you can do with this monroe one. Edmond new Homes It is so beautiful. You have to go and see it at the reserve at Spring Creek with 3,653 square feet. This can fit a lot of people, so if you have several children and they all need their own space and they need their own upstairs area and maybe some of them want to have a playroom and some of them are older and when I had their own room to get on the computer or watch tv, this is the home for you.

I recommend you go see it today because it will not last. And as a big speed homebuilder we know that these are some of the things that our clients are looking for and they are definitely going to find it here at the reserve at Spring Creek Edmond new Homes.

The next time that I would like to tell you about, and the last home today is going to be our addison p. That is an ashbrook. Um, it is actively listed for $278,968. This price on a half acre home site with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a three car garage as a two story. Edmond new Homes Are you kidding? This is amazing. Two thousand 421 square feet. It is active on the market and it will not last long. I am telling you, if you are reading this, you need to go out today and check out our Addison P in Ashbrook. Um, it is the best neighborhood in broken arrow. There will be so much surrounding this neighborhood and you will have the hottest piece of property and at a great price, a half Acre home site for 278,000. This is unbelievable. This is such a great price. You cannot beat this in the Greater Tulsa area and your proximity to shopping and restaurants is so good here Edmond new Homes.

They are building so much and a broken Arrow area and you would be remissed to not consider this home and your home shopping process because as a big speed homebuilder we know that letting our clients know about these homes and building these homes with them is really important. But also building them for them is important as well. Edmond new Homes that’s what we’ve done here with our market ready homes. We’ve really given our customers some options to, to move in when they are available. Not everyone can take um, this five to seven months it takes to, to build a home from the ground bap. Um, a lot of times it’s easier when people have more time. We can, we can give them the seven months it takes to build the home and we can also offer a delay of built, which is very, very helpful. Um, we know that our customers are really looking for something today and that’s why we, um, as the bixby homebuilder or have offered all of these market ready homes, um, so that when you are ready to move, if that’s eight months from now, two years from now or tomorrow, we want to be able to accommodate you here at shaw homes Edmond new Homes.

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