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Edmond New Homes | Using Experience To Win

Edmond New Homes | Using Experience To Win

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So here at Shell homes we were looking for custom homes, broken arrow. We do quite a few things differently and one of the biggest differences that we do here is when custom homes, broken Arrow is looked for by customers, we made sure to fill that void with or neighborhoods than any other builder in Tulsa and broken Arrow area. We do supply more options in any builder as well. Um, but the big thing is the process and how we differentiate ourselves from other builders. So when you go into another builder, there’ll be nice to you, there’ll be friendly to you. Obviously if they have representatives, they’ve been doing sales for a long time, Edmond New Homes they know how to interact with other people. But, um, you know, ultimately this is about finding the home that you want for the price you want, the location you want, and that is the entire game of real estate.

So I do, um, I do propose you a, a possible, a solution here to your worries. You’re a waste of time, your weekends out that you constantly do going, looking for homes is joining in a model home to or this is something that other builders won’t do, so another builder, what they’ll do is they will give you some flyers. They’ll say, this is the floor plan selections we have. They’ll give you three for flyers that meet your needs. They won’t do too much digging as to why you’re looking for what you’re looking for and in reality, they’re just going to give you a couple of proposed ideas that they think based on their knowledge and very limited knowledge of what you want home. Edmond New Homes They’ll give you the one story selections of three or four houses that they’ve chosen and maybe you’ll go see one or two of them across the city and this does help.

It’s been official, but the problem is is you don’t see the full capabilities of that builder and you also don’t see enough information or enough. You don’t gather enough information based on floor plans and locations and all that. To really get together, understand what fits you and your family and what makes the best decision for you guys. So we understand that when people are looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, they find that we have a tremendous amount of information that we do within a couple of hours just in our model home tour. Whereas someone as another builder will give you just some flyers and take you to one or two homes. We Edmond New Homes will ask you a lot of in depth questions about what you’re really looking for and what’s really your goals are and and why is the point you’re moving and how can the next time you different and what did you like about your previous home that you want to carry over into your next home and all of these different questions that come about.

Bringing the best solution that we can help you. Because we have so many options and that 62 plus floor plans. Because we have so many selections, is best for us to do this because we can mitigate the worry and the fear and the doubt about not knowing what’s out there. And we can also make an exciting, fun and entertaining because you’re coming on tour with us, get to see beautiful homes. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing beautiful homes at all? I mean, everyone loves that. So it’s really fun to do. It’s, it’s, it’s fun to go in and walk these homes and learn the differences between the two. But in the midst of it all, Edmond New Homes, we’ll have discussions and conversations that will actually allow us to truly figure out which plants best suit you rather than giving you a couple of flyers based on my limited knowledge of what you want.

I’m spending some time together and getting some in depth information about why and what you really desire in a home helps me lead you to the proper floor plan in which I have so many to select from a. and this is, allows us to have the process that we call the show homes model. And this is what definitely separates us first and foremost. Um, uh, other than that, you know, we’d go into what’s called our price out. Our price out is a place and a time in which we’d meet after the model tour in which you found your favorite floor plan. Other builders, how they’ll go about it. Basically their their process, and I can’t speak for every builder, but a lot of builders, Edmond New Homes you know when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re looking for things to put in the home and what the price is going to be and what options are going to run you.

What, and this is something that is a very difficult for a lot of builders to achieve within a relative, a timeframe. So what I mean by this is you’ll definitely have the opportunity to ask them what goes in, what, how much is the to do wood floors in the, in the rooms and x and x that and figure out what works best for you as far as options. But here’s the thing. A lot of builders, they have such limited staff. They only build a few homes a year. It takes weeks and weeks to get these answers back to you, which in the same timeframe you could already have purchased a home. You could have found the right thing, so say you ask your builder, hey, how much is wood floors throughout and they you have to submit that question to the builder. Typically the owner is who has to do it and then he has to spend his time outside of everything else that he’s doing and he has to get you pricing based on what those are, Edmond New Homes those options, and then send that pricing back to you and then you know, a week could have gone by or a few days could have gone by where you could have gotten the answer immediately rather than waiting so long.

So what we found to do that’s most efficient, instead of mixing all of these processes, we actually separate them and segregate the process to a point which it allows you to really understand when you’re looking for custom homes, Brooklyn Arrow, you’re looking for answers quickly, a respectfully and to give you the precise information. So when we do our model home tour, all we’re looking at as the function of the floor plan, all we’re doing is looking at the flow of the home and when we have that will take the flow of the home and we will actually understand that this is the floor plan you’ve selected, maybe you have a backup floor plan as well and what we’ll do is we’ll meet within a couple of days of that time and we will sit down and we’ll go over all of the main options. Edmond New Homes it’s just a fluid list.

It’s a temporary list. It’s basically to get you closest to the price that you think you’ll be at. And based on what the options you’ve selected, the static structure options, the um, you know, the counters you like granted to you, like a wood floor, be like trim, do you like a fans or electrical work anywhere else, extra things you’d want in the home. And we give you pricing on the spot with our live software. So we use the software that’s very active and immediate response. So when you asked me what are wood floors and we’re sitting at our price out, I’ll tell you exactly what the wood floors Kloss, I’ll add them to it and I’ll print you out a full itemized list and then demised list of everything that you would want to add to the home and this is going to give you the benefit of knowing what costs, what before you ever move forward with us rather than waiting weeks and weeks and weeks for this to come back, or days and days and days for it to come back from another builder and having the uncertainty and the pricing could change and all of these different things that occur when you’re looking with other builders here at shaw homes, our process starts simply with the model home tour and then we go to price out and we figure out the function first, then the price, Edmond New Homes and then we go into homesite reservation, which is a very important part for a lot of people.

This is where we’re going to be selecting where you’re going to be putting your home when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, we understand that you can do this anywhere, um, but we do have 30 plus neighborhoods that we build in and having 30 neighborhoods is something that allows us to give you, again, more options at any builder in Tulsa. So if we do this for you, um, we walk around and see all these different properties we’d drive from the ones that are in the area of the school district, if that’s important. If you have Kiddos, Edmond New Homes if your family, if you’re single and you don’t mind where you live or you want to live by somewhere in particular guests, what we have neighborhoods all over the Tulsa area, all over the broken Arrow area. And uh, we can definitely find something that meets your needs for the price that you want.

That’s our main goal. And it’s our job as new home specialist to make sure that we fulfill these requirements by you based on your budget and what you’re wanting in a home site to make sure that we get the proper reservation for you and that we find that one of a piece, a one of a kind of a piece of home site, a piece of land for you that speaks to you, that has the right style, you want the size you want, and the location you want. Edmond New Homes this is where we really separate ourselves, um, all of these process that no one has the process that we do at Shaw homes here. So I encourage you, if you’d go to other builders, if you’ve been to other builders, you know what I’m talking about, you’ve experienced it before. It’s not a bad experience, it’s just that it is less so much to the imagination.

When you go to a lot of other builders, uh, you don’t know what pricing is going to be. You don’t know which homes going to be. You don’t know if it’s solid or not. You don’t know what the warranties are. You don’t know how long it takes to turn around time. That can be just frustrating alone in itself because if you’re like me, you understand that time is more valuable than money, so it’s definitely an interesting perspective to be able to be in the industry and see the previous home builders and walk through these home builders and experience what they do and how they do it compared to how shaw homes does our process. Our Edmond New Homes process here has set itself apart a year after year after year and we really do encourage you to come join a, our model home tour, which is the start of our process to experience how we operate and to realize how we’re different.

And when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you really understand that, you know, Edmond New Homes you’re looking for custom home and we are the number one custom home builder. We built more quality homes at anyone in the Tulsa area and uh, that really speaks volumes. We were looking for custom homes, broken arrow. There is nothing more prevalent than being a quality builder for a very expedited process. Have Fun, entertaining experience. And, you know, we highly encourage you to go check her testimonials or reviews online before that time. If you do happen to go schedule a model home tour, please go look at our reviews. Go check what our customers have to say about our process, because that’s really what they rave about is the process, the inner experience. Uh, you know, the difference between going to look at a couple of pieces of paper for full plans and going on a two hour model to we’re looking at all these beautiful homes and seeing all the details and all the work that’s done in the homes. It really does set itself apart. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, look no further than shaw homes, we’re glad to have you. We’re excited to be with you and we’re waiting for you to come on tour so we can explain why we’re the ones to help you. And while you will definitely have the best experience with us here at Shaw.

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