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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | What Floor Plan Works Best for You

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Today is September 30th, 2020. This is Christie leaper. I am a sales manager, community manager for Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. I’m currently located in the model home in pinnacle in Yukon. This is off of Southwest 29th street and Sarah road. Um, a little bit about Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. Uh, the founder of our company is Glen Shaw who founded the company in 1985. Um, his intent is to build quality new homes. He’s done this in Tulsa as well as in Oklahoma city, 35 years in Tulsa and two years in Oklahoma city, right now building the St. Jude dream home in Oklahoma city. And in Tulsa, this is Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. His goal was to come and go in the lifecycle of any company that sticks around more than 10 years. Um, the reasons why you would choose Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. We are the most award-winning builder in Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
We have 24 awards in the last four years. We have Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed builder. 4.8 out of five stars, 575 Google reviews. We have more furnished and decorated model homes, Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. This helps you to easier visualize than on paper. When you can walk through the model and be able to see if your furniture, your furniture will fit. Um, we have more choices than any other builder in Oklahoma. We have over 59 floor plans. We built in 38 communities. We have over 500 home sites to choose from in eight different cities. We have over 440,000 pre priced options in our design studio where your Oklahoma’s we have Oklahoma’s largest customer incentive. Right now, if you choose Shaw homes, Edmond new homes to build a new home in Edmond, you will get $15,000 in incentives. This goes towards the price of the home or towards the upgrades on the home.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
4,000 of it can be used towards your closing costs. If you use our preferred lender, which is guaranteed rate with Steve Currington, um, we just completed our parade of homes. We entered into the design competition and we won best decorator for the parade of homes, Oklahoma city. We have a wonderful design team that go and decorate our homes, our model homes, as well as help clients in their selections when they’re selecting their paint colors, as well as their brick. Um, they will also be choosing their, um, exterior and interior paint colors. They help them to select their countertops as well as their backsplash. They will help them to select their faucets, um, as well as their cabinet and doorknobs, they also help them select their flooring. They could get wood flooring or wood look, tile flooring, and Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. They’ll help them to select their tile, shower surround as well as their child shower floor and also their edge trim.

Speaker 1: (03:19)
Um, we have Oklahoma’s best warranty, 10 year structural, two year mechanical and one-year everything else. Um, we do have the most transparent pricing because we do what is called a price out where we sit down with the client and go through every single selection that they will make for their Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. And during this time they will be given a printout that shows, um, the cost of each and everything so that the client has an opportunity to take that home and review it and decide if there are things they would like to add. Or if there were things that they would like to remove from that. Um, one of Shaw’s, uh, mission statement is I pray that God will increase ourselves, help us deliver an excellent customer experience and help us to represent him the way we should so that we can invest in his work and bless others.

Speaker 1: (04:13)
You can trust Shaw homes with your new home, because we are a builder of integrity. Um, and we are going to create an environment of information, sharing and communication with you through the whole process. Um, we have been in business for 35 years, like I said, so you don’t have to worry about us not completing your home. Um, we have easiest customer process. We use the path which we go through with our clients and talk about how we’ll take them on a model home tour. And then we’ll talk about financing. It’s an easy process, five minutes long, and you can get your results about 24 hours. Um, and then after that, we’ll get to go out and make selection. As far as their home site goes, we have lots of beautiful home sites to choose from and Shaw homes, Edmond, new homes, um, after that we will need, and we will, um, do the price out that I mentioned earlier.

Speaker 1: (05:12)
And then after that, when the client makes their final decisions, we’ll do the price agreement and then they will go on to pre-construction pre-construction they will meet their construction team and have a meeting and go over all of the final selections that they’ve done. And then there’ll be informed that the construction manager will give them weekly updates as well as they can come out on site and look at the progress. Then we would be doing the building after the building. We would be closing on their home and giving them the keys to their new home. Then the warranty would begin, as I did say, we have the 10 year to your one-year warranty. Um, if you’re looking to move to beautiful Oklahoma, then, um,

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Edmond is a wonderful community, a wonderful city to live in Shaw homes, Edmond, new homes. Um, the Shaw home path is a result of considerable time and effort. It serves as a guide for every buyer that works with the company to achieve their new home roles, telling them what to expect for every step along the way you can trust Shaw homes, Edmond new homes, sales staff. We do have a daily meeting where we are talking about questions and how to better help the customer as well as we have an every, every week meeting where we spend the entire day figuring out ways, new ways to make the client experience better than it was before. Um, our system is perfect for the experienced home buyer and the first-timer everything in its place and a place for everything. Um, the introduction of the preferred lender is quickly followed by the home site reservation and the price out, um, Shaw homes, Edmond new homes.

Speaker 2: (06:57)
If you’re wanting to build with Shaw homes, Edmond new homes, we have a location in, um, Edmond that is called. Uh, let me think. For some reason, I just lost my train of thought. Uh, Ridge Creek, rich Creek is a beautiful, um, gated community. We have a couple more lots in this phase that you’re going to want to get in before they’re all sold out. Um, we also have a beautiful community in timber Ridge where you can have a half acre to a acre and a half, and this is going to be in our luxury series. This would be the home, that one, um, the most beautiful home for the parade of homes in Oklahoma city this year. Uh, we also have, um, the model home that I’m sitting in in Yukon. Um, this is in the pinnacle. This home is, um, a little over 2100 square feet and features four bedrooms with three full baths, which is very unique to a home of this size.

Speaker 2: (07:59)
Um, you could use one of the bedrooms as a guest room with their own bath, and then possibly the other two that are on the other side of the house would be for the children and they would have their own bath as well as, um, on the other side of the home is the master bedroom. So you’ve got your master suite is off to the side where it’s, um, privacy has a beautiful master bath along with a large walk-in, um, closet. Um, another thing about the home and most of our homes were Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. We always offer a large kitchen with a large kitchen island, which is very popular nowadays. Um, as well as we always make sure there’s plenty of space for you to store things like we add additional closets where their space, as well as the large walk-in pantry that we have in all of our homes.

Speaker 2: (08:51)
Um, we are going to build a quality home for you and you don’t have to worry about, um, us using anything less than the best. Um, we have made the process easy where the client is going to be pleased at the end of the time we do go ahead and let you know beforehand that some mistakes will be made possibly about three mistakes each time, because we have hundreds of people working on, um, your new home and people do make mistakes, but we always correct our mistakes. So you don’t have to worry about that. You’re definitely going to get the quality home that you’ve dreamed of. We, um, want to guarantee that you are going to be satisfied and be a customer, a satisfied customer. And that’s why we have so many Google reviews that you can go check out online and be assured and confirm that we are the builder that you need to choose. Um, the builder that you’re going to be pleased with and happy that you selected us and the process, um, will be, um, a joy to work with you. We look forward to working with you and Shaw homes, Edmond new homes. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

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