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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | Go To Expect When Constructing A Custom Home


Edmond Oklahoma New Homes It’s one of the best needs to trust an issue. Show homes it’s been specializing in this area of design for over two decades; it has been on the run by the president Glenshaw. All of our owners are also incredibly talented and passionate about the real estate industry. Our executive VP and vice president Antis have sold over $1 billion worth of real estate throughout their careers and have been with our company since 2015.

Throughout all of the different contractors in the industry, we have developed a way that is much easier and quicker than everybody else in the industry. Our team of highly trained contractors and craftsmen of carpenters are all here to provide you with Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. Easy for you to know what to expect, and be informed as an educator throughout the entire process. We will begin discussing Palmeri matters and quickly get into the design studio with you. We were all of your selections of materials, paint colors, and floor plans will be made. This is the most important process we will be meticulously designing the house for you. I wanna make sure that you’re happy and satisfied with all of it so that you won’t have anything that needs to be adjusted once we begin building.

You can also expect a simple and easy process. We will begin running sewer lines, gas lines, and telling them into your location on your chosen property. You can expect this to be a very quick process and only take a few weeks to get your foundation bill and full plumbing, and gas lines secured. I will be exploring the property that you selected whether it was your own or one that we had gathered for you for your Edmond Oklahoma New Homes.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for us to get all of our permits and begin digging to find where we should place our steel bars for your foundation. Once we have figured all this out, you will quickly realize how efficient and easy to process was. Our team of contractors also is trying to keep you involved in the entire thing the whole time. So you’ll be in the loop whenever we are getting the contracting done. As well as being fully in charge of the design consulting process. This is everything you can expect when beginning to construct your custom home. All these processes are just the beginning of what will continue to go on with ease with our team. You can also begin seeing all of the drywall, painting, and interior finishing being done throughout the next following weeks. You’ll get to select everything from what kind of garage doors you want to do the installation of keypads for security as well.

You’re going to be working with a team of construction or if you want to make sure you’re knowledgeable and well equipped for the entire process. You can get in contact with this amazing and thoughtful team by giving us a call today at (918) 688-5660 are you gonna be more about this tense that construction process on our website online at

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | The Most Efficient And Detailed Oriented Construction Process

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes Gives you a highly trained team of individuals that are passionate about architecture, carpentry, and or even trained artists. Our vice president, Erin Antis is a successful artist and has been doing real estate business for multiple years. He is even sold over $1 million worth of police in a short amount of time. We have provided you with a team that services over 50 different communities all around the Tulsan metro area. Our services give it easy ability to customers at home with a team of dedicated individuals in the home building industry.

We have developed a construction process here with our company in the Tulsa metro area that is unlike any other and its timing. We have developed a timeline and we always stick to it and get you a project done with ease. You don’t have to worry about dealing with going over budget and going over your timeline with our team. We’re going to eliminate that with all of our Edmond Oklahoma New Homes . First, we were gonna begin discussing all of the purchase agreements. Will beacon getting signed, and will be gathering all of our permits from the city and county offices. You will also get to select all of the doors, brick, styles, and window shapes that you like, so that they can get ordered and delivered on time.

Next, you will begin exploring an incredible amount of detailed interior options with our design studio. We have made this a whole experience for you to be able to become the construction manager of your property. You’ll be able to review all the details and confirm or deny any of the necessary because we need to make for your properties goals. Very quick appointment and will only take around a couple hours of your time. You also are able to console one of the professional designers during this time as it will give you expert advice on what colors and floor plans to choose for your Edmond Oklahoma New Homes .

Next will begin building our foundation and gathering all of the plumbing and city inspections to get completed. After that you will begin seeing the exterior of your home come together with beautiful window installations in door designs. You can make sure that everything is put in an airtight way with all of the framing being meticulously measured out. As well as high-quality shingles on a roof to make sure your house is staying dry. We’re the ones to do it.

This is the beginning of how easy and simple the beginning stage will be for you to get your home constructed. You can give us a call today to get started on this amazing process by contacting us at.(918) 688-5660 or visit us online at our website at

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