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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | The Most Trusted In Real Estate


Edmond Oklahoma New Homes gives your way to find a beautiful home, and pay only a fraction of the cost. All of our representatives are very passionate about giving our customers experience that makes them happy, and takes away the stress that they would usually feel working with other providers. You can get your customized dream house built with a rate that will be locked and also a guarantee to save up to $300-$400 on utility bills. We provide all the services to you with specialty programs during holidays to also allow you to save even more money after $10,000. This gives you all the information and incentives so that you can build a home of your dreams.

Our team has been in business for over two consecutive decades and has received hundreds of five star reviews throughout our business. We have developed a process that is quick and easy for all of her clients’ experience or buying a home. As well as the 10th step, an easy to understand and interactive construction process. Where you can begin talking to design consultants, getting a warranty claim and anything else you need for your Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. This makes us one of the most trusted in the industry for real estate.

We know that you would like to see all the facts and not just take my word for it. That’s why we have thousands of client testimonials on our website. You can review everything from our clients like Cheryl Wallace that has said “we felt like everything was even better than other builders. They’ve looked at“. Another family we have worked with has also raved about how they loved our design studio, and that everything was such a smooth experience With all of our Edmond Oklahoma New Homes.

We have also worked with clients such as the Quinn’s family that said that they would recommend us to all of their friends and families by how much they loved our work. Our customers Craig and Kathy said that we made it incredibly easy for them and we’re at war, astonished by how simple the process was. Other clients such as Tiffany also testified to the joy that they had by being able to customize their own home the exact way they wanted to. The greatest thing about all these clients that we work with is their honesty and willingness to go out of their way to post this information. They want to go above and beyond because they say that we go above and beyond. We have inspired clients to dream bigger, and hope for their dreams to come true.

With all these amazing and positive reviews, you can be confident in choosing us to help build your custom home today by giving us a call at (918) 688-5660 or you can read more of our testimonials on our website from all of our clients at

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | The Greatest Interior Designs You Can Dream Of

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes Has an opportunity unlike any other industry. All of our financing options for your homes are guaranteed to be some of the best verse heritage series incentive special offers. We give you the ability to set a rate and get it locked in at a fair price with a permanent rate to buy down. You can get all of this taken care of by getting in touch with one of our team members, not answering any questions about special offers, and when he is saving deals for you to purchase your property.

Our company has developed some of that nobody has done in the industry before. We have a home buying process that is incredibly easy that involves our client every step of the way. This is incredibly unique because most processes always just get the job done and make it look great, but they don’t consider the specific taste, choice, preferences, and functional needs that our clients want with their Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. What are the most important things we think about is how it will personalize the clients home. We care about the client. I want to make sure that they can call this kitchen in their kitchen and this bedroom they’re safe place.

What are the ways we do This is a bit incredibly compelling interior design. You can get a beautiful hardwood cabinet. Installed in full length across your entire kitchen as well as customized white granite. Glazed top for your marble countertops In your Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. What are the things that make our designs so amazing, better than anything you could ever dream of us because they are coming from the hearts and minds of our clients. They are coming up with expertly guided designs and color pallets that we cannot even imagine. One of our clients has developed a beautiful Spanish style kitchen with white cabinetry and warm tone bronze hardware detailing. But this was just the beginning of our design process as they began to tell us that they enjoyed the color yellow. This is when they begin, adding accents, barstools of yellow gloss chairs, as well as interior lights under and inside the cabinets of warm yellow lights.

This is how we begin developing some of the most unique interior designs that you have ever seen. All of it from hardwood floors to open frame kitchen and Wood finished shelving additions. You can be sure you can get all of it here with us. You can also get open frames support systems in your home, such as Wood Beams in your kitchen to give him a rustic opening. Look at your home. Anything from a bright red accent wall to beautiful blue velvet chairs in your home you can get it all with us.

One of the most unique designs we have provided our clients with is the all white slip kitchen all the way from the silver hardware detailing on the cabinets to the beautiful white marble top we have helped build a kitchen that truly goes for our clients. You can begin designing the home of your dreams by giving us a call today at (918) 688-5660 and begin scheduling your first consultation on our website at

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