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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Fox Lair Estates in Edmond | How Many Acres Can I Build On

Speaker 1: (00:03)
And the new home builds in Fox Lair Estates in Edmondis country living at its finest home sites. There range from 0.7, five acres all the way up to almost two acres, the home sites, um, some are Prairie home sites, some are on wooded, lots, some back up to a Creek. Uh, speaking of creeks, they all, uh, flow into deer Creek schools, uh, which are award-winning Fox Lair Estates in Edmond starts in the low four hundreds. Not only will you get land for your family to grow on, but you’ll also have a home that is a rate of homes, a winning styled home in that price range box Slayer states, uh, is just off Waterloo and pen. So it is close to, um, shopping and, uh, town, but it’s far enough away to where you could feel like you live in your own little Oasis, uh, your little home in the woods, uh, Fox Slayer estates is brand new, but it is filling up with new home construction.

Speaker 1: (01:38)
Um, they, we are almost out of home sites. So if you would like to live at boxer states, uh, now is the time to put in your home site reservation. And in order to do a Homesite reservation, we require a personal check of a thousand dollars. We do not cash this thousand dollars for seven days. Um, it is refundable. Uh, during that time you can switch home sites. If you decide you would rather be on a wooded lot versus a Prairie lot, uh it’s at your discretion. We can also decide on, uh, which home you would like to put on that home site. Um, they are going quickly, however, the thousand dollars does lock you into that home site so that no other person can get your perfect piece of property. Um, if you are determined to be a Fox lair, it states now is the time to act. We have very few homesites left and once they’re gone and God is not making any more land in Fox Lair Estates in Edmond, um, thoughts, their states, uh, has

Speaker 2: (02:59)
The St Jude’s home being built in it. We are building a Cypress for the St Jude’s home. We also have a larger Cyprus, a floor plan that we have built for our, um, model home there. In that model home, the Cyprus has a large farmhouse look with a huge cathedral ceilings and open living. The Cyprus has, um, it like laid up to where you have the cathedral ceilings and you have your large great room with a centered fireplace. And then you have your notebook in the middle where you could put your log farmhouse table, and then you have your kitchen, uh, with a gas range and, um, area to everything’s open. So when you have people over, you don’t have to be shut up in your kitchen cooking. You can be a part of the conversation. Um, then this also has the largest pantry available.

Speaker 2: (04:17)
It is just humongous. It is, um, 11 feet by four inches by six by seven inches. Uh, so you can imagine how large that is. There’s enough room to, uh, basically prep for the nuclear apocalypse. Um, you have a large master bath, um, that connects to a large master bedroom. The large master bath, uh, connects into the master closet, which then comes out into the laundry room. This is a great snooze alarm plan for those that might sleep a little bit later, they can stay in the master bedroom and you can enter the master bathroom and exit through the laundry room and not disturb the person sleeping in, um, or vice versa. When you get home from work, you can, uh, enter through the laundry room, putting your work clothes in the washing machine, um, throw on some sweat pants with the master closet, uh, and, uh, not have to walk through the whole house to do that.

Speaker 2: (05:31)
So that’s pretty cool on this bottom floor, there is also a, um, study with, uh, the option to have cathedral ceilings in it. Um, you also have bedroom two and bedroom three and bath two. There’s also a powder room so that nobody is sharing the bathroom space with your children or guests. Um, on the top floor, this is the largest way that the Cypress can be built out. It has a large upper hall with a third bathroom, a large game room, a fourth bedroom, and a bonus room. This home is a 3,477 square feet. Um, it feels a lot larger than that though with large, massive cathedral ceilings, uh, when you walk in, uh, it feels homey, but it also feels really grand. Um, it will be a great home for entertaining, especially in Fox Lair Estates in Edmond, overlooking the beautiful prairies or the, the wooded lots behind you.

Speaker 2: (06:51)
Um, our homes in, um, Fox Lair Estates in Edmond starting to low four hundreds, um, you can get into a large piece of land for a great price. Um, our homes are designed with function in mind. Uh, like we were talking about the, the, um, layout of the master closet, laundry room, master bath master bedroom. Um, those are things that we keep in mind because, um, they are things that our guests have indicated that they, um, like in a home, we also have more storage in our home. Um, we have not only the nook, but coat closets and large walk-in master closets and large closets, um, for the bedrooms, just the regular bedrooms. Sometimes when we walk into, um, our normal bedrooms, uh, people confuse them with the master bedroom because they’re so enlarged. Um, we also could build any of our heritage plans, not just the Cypress there.

Speaker 2: (08:11)
Uh, we have the ability to build a Monroe two P and then row 2:00 PM is 2,738 square feet. It has, um, a study in the front, um, and then two bedrooms in addition to the master bedroom, um, on the ground floor. It also has to walk through design with the master bath master closet and laundry room coming from the master bedroom. Um, this also has a game room upstairs and a fourth bedroom and a third bathroom. So if you’re not quite needing 3,500 square feet, we are able to build some smaller plans in this community. We have something to fit everyone’s budget, uh, starting in the low four hundreds. Uh, there’s um, only a few homesites left. They’re going to go quickly. Um, and we have a price increase coming February 1st. So something that the Homesite reservation does in addition to locking in your home site, it also locks in the rate. Now that way, when we do see an increase due to the cost of lumber jumping, you’ll be able to, uh, sustain that and keep the rate right where it is, um, and that will remain while your homes being built. We’ll honor that, uh, that, um, pricing for you. Um, if you would like to see one of these homes and Fox Lair Estates in Edmond, you can, um, reach out to one of our sales associates, and we’ll be able to schedule a model home for, for you.

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