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Heritage Series | What You Need to Know

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Rich Creek is one of our east Edmund communities for an Edmund new home builds heritage series. Shar homes has a few homesites left in this community. It is a gated community. When you pull into the community, you often see people riding their bikes, walking their dogs, talking with neighbors on their front porches. It is a very active community in a very new community. Admin new home builds has lots of homes being built in this community. This community feeds into Edmond Memorial high school. It is, uh, community with high standards. As far as builders allowed to build in this community.

Speaker 1: (01:22)
This community feels far away as far as how far the drive is from the city, but it’s only a short distance to I, 35. You will often see trees turning colors in the fall, on your drive to the community deer and the woods birds wildlife. In general, the developer will be putting a pool into this community. We can build any of our heritage series in this community. Our model in this community is our Westport. It is just under 2,900 square feet. It boasts four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. One of those bathrooms is an end suite mother-in-law plan at the front of the home.

Speaker 1: (02:40)
The kitchen has a large amount of cabinetry and two pantries. There is the option to put in a coffee bar in between the kitchen and the living area. And it has a large enclosed nook for a good size kitchen table and chairs. This is an excellent house for entertaining. The coffee bar is a great place to put out platters of food for Thanksgiving, uh, for a buffet-style banquet. The space for the nook is small enough to where it doesn’t feel like unused space. And it’s in a part of the house where you’d use it every day, but it is large enough to where it can be dressed up for a formal dinner.

Speaker 1: (04:00)
It gives the feel of a formal dining room without, uh, having something that’s not functional for everyday life. The master bathroom bedroom in the heritage series, uh, connects to the master closet, which connects to the laundry room. This plan is very popular. We call it our snooze alarm. Somebody doesn’t have to keep going into the bedroom to get ready in the morning. If a spouse leaves early for work, uh, they can exit through the laundry room and vice versa when they come home from work. Um, they can, if they have a job that requires them to change clothes, or they just want to get comfy after work, they can, uh, go ahead and put their clothes in the wash or hang them in the closet and put on their comfy cozies upstairs. There is a game room as well as two great size bedrooms and a full bathroom. It’s a great area for kids. You could make that almost the kid wing of the house. Uh, the game room is very, very large. It has an area where you could put a kid’s table and shares or a couple of desks or a couple of chairs for a reading knock, uh, and then still have a large space for toys or even, um, a media room

Speaker 2: (06:00)
Ridge Creek, uh, is just off of Douglas on coffee Creek. It’s an area that is just now starting to be developed. The home sites are fairly, um, large so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting in your neighbor’s living room, but it still has a neighborhood feel and community feel to it. Ranch Creek is a new community, but it already is starting to take development. These home sites are going fast. So you would be getting in on the ground floor of a really great community. Our heritage series allows you to put your value where you find value.

Speaker 2: (07:23)
Starting in the high three hundreds, we were able to, um, find a heritage series floorplan suitable for your family with over 62 different floor plans to choose from many people. Um, she was to put her wood floors in their homes. Other people decide to do the wood look tile or keep carpet so that they have some padding underneath their feet. Um, you get to build your home in a way that meets your family’s needs. Our home sites have been tried and tested and our home plans, um, are, are vetted. Many of our home plans, we’re on our second or third version of them because we find what works and we listen to our community. Um, in addition to having 62 different floor plans, you also have over 400,000 options that you can put in your home. Additionally, you were, um, home is going to be functional for you. If you need three bedrooms, we have three bedrooms. If you need five bedrooms, we have five bedrooms. Just need two baths. We’ve got

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Need five and a half baths. We have that as well in our heritage series. There’s something for everyone. This is probably our most flexible series. We have a series that, um, allows us to have people that are downsizing as well as, uh, finding their forever home and, uh, finding a home that works with growing their family. Since we have so many options, you’ll be able to find something that truly works for your family and with our craftsmen being a part of the Shaw community for years, you know, you’re going to get a pro product that stands the test of time. We’ve been in business since 1985, and that speaks for itself. We continue to have great homes and with those great homes, we build homes instead of houses. Um, you’ll speak highly of Shaw. Um, after going through our building process.

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