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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Home Builders In Edmond | Have You Contacted Your Salesperson?

Building a brand new home is never been easier. If you’re looking for Home Builders In Edmond who can help you build a home that we want to be that someone that you trust. We are going to be able to show your market ready homes and some of them are able to be purchased and moved into within the next 30 to 45 days. Some of them are going to be within the next 60 days. So we’re gonna be a little longer but all are going to be worth it. No matter if you’re moving into something quicker or are you looking for something that is going to be built from scratch, we have those options.

If you’re looking for a larger home that is about 3500 ft.² down to about 2200 ft.², we definitely have those options for you. If you are looking for something that is going to be open to the 5000 ft.² in a little vase, we have that option in our luxury series great if you’re looking for something around 1400 ft.² to about 2000 ft.² we do have that option as well and we even have homes around 1700 ft.² up until I got 2400 ft.². You really are going to have a multitude of options whenever it comes to your home and we are ready to serve you today.

You and your family can come through for a Home Builders In Edmond model home tour or you can simply come browse around our models. We offer a no commitment no pressure kind of sales environment. We would love to be able to just simply give you information without making you feel pressured to make a decision or making you feel uncomfortable because we are being overly pushy or aggressive. We simply like to state the facts for you and show you are different awards and different accolades about shore homes in a different culture of the company so that you can truly understand why we are someone you think you should want to work with.

If you’re going to model home tour you can also expect that will be no commitment and no pressure. We do not sell pricing on the store unless you simply want to know. We are never going to push you to make a decision we’re never going to make you feel like we are forcing the issue. We simply just want to check with you and follow up so that we are able to understand where you’re at and we know that we can stay top of mind while continuing to give you the space that you need to make the right decision for you.

So As you are making this decision for you and your family go ahead and look at Home Builders In Edmond at www.Shawhomes.com so that you can see our information online before you ever talk to someone. Then you can call us at 918-258-6161 and one of our expert team members will get you in touch with a model home to work today.

Home Builders In Edmond | Layers Of Trust And Honesty Within Our Company

If you were coming out to the broken Arrow area and you are looking to see when our Home Builders In Edmond model homes come on into the Highland Creek models. We have 2 miles out here. One of them is a Gardenia and it is 1898 ft.². You can also look at our job as a model which is 2046 ft.². The Jasmine is a three bedroom with a flex fourth bedroom and two bathroom. Our gardenias a three bedroom with two bathroom and a Pocket office. This is just a small little office that does not take up an entire bedroom size room but it takes up a small space that gives you enough room to work on things without having to feel like you are away from the family in another room.

If you come to the gardenia and you really like a small and you’re looking for something to move into quickly, we do have a market ready home available of this home. It is a little over $300,000 and it is going to give you about 1800 ft.² with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. You can also add on the third car garage if you were building the floor plan from scratch. We know that so many different people love these floorplans and they love the options and we have so many different ones for you to choose from that also makes it a little hard to discern which ones you like best gray but we will make it easy for your help narrow it down.

If you look into our Home Builders In Edmond Jasmine floor plan and you like the fact that it is the option of a fourth bedroom or a flexed study room instead of a fourth a gym, then we can do that for you. It has two bedrooms as well and it has the option to have a little space in your garage that will be more like a workspace. It will give you a indented addition to your garage so that you were able to add in your workbench and anything that you need. We are going to make it easy for you to See these options and see what you and your family need.

You can also come out to our Highland Creek models and will be able to walk you through any of the other models and I who could we do have a Kincaid model as well as a forsythia that we can walk you through. We even have a Payton we can walk you through. If you’d like a two-story option, we do have those options for you as well. We really do have a ton of different options for you and we really do want to show you the different spaces that we have for you to build from scratch as well as to purchase a market ready home.

Go ahead and give Home Builders In Edmond a call at 918-258-6161 if you would like to talk to arts team members today and get in touch with us for a model home tour. Or you can simply visit us online at www.showhomes.com and we would be happy to get you all the information that you need I thought the homes that we have to offer and the process that we have for these homes.

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