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Home Sales Training | Best Company

Home Sales Training | Best Company

This is the incredibly humble Dave Dumont I’m currently passionately pursuing weight loss and reading a book I would recommend everyone read titled smoking your way to a thinner you and I’m here with air and Anstiss the founder of builders training get me earned as an industry leader in new home sales training and he’s here today to share some wisdom on helping new home sales people help themselves. Previously we were talking about how to get referrals and generate your own traffic. Erin you were mentioning that the easiest place to start is with family and friends because that is the ground that is easily plowed open in the fastest place to make your quickest harvest. So let me ask you how do you ask your family and friends to refer people to you. Home Sales Training
Well Dave this is actually an area of training that I call tapping into the circle of trust. And here’s the thing with your family and friends I mean I can tell you that your family and friends they want to help you already. Before you ever even contact them they want to help you make money too because they care about you. This is after all your circle of trust. So this can be done on a subtle level and it can be done on a direct level. Let’s start with the subtle the subtle things like posting to social media that you work at ABC homes and maybe even posting some pictures and price ranges or locations of stuff that you have. This is going to let them know pretty quickly what you do and then at least start the gears turning in their subconscious that hey if I ever wanted a new home you’re the person to contact. So that’s the subtle side of things. Let’s move over to that direct contact contact way. You know that would be asking them if they’re looking you know. Then go to very direct ask them if they know anyone who is looking. So this is where not only are you going to ask them if they’re looking or have ever thought about building a home but you’re also going to directly ask them to help you tap into their circle of trust and their sphere of influence. What group should they start firming second. Great question. I think the next target is someone else’s circle of trust.
Like I just mentioned I mean first you tap into the family and friends and you get the help from the people who care about you. And then second you tap into people who know people you don’t know. So it’s like your friends friend your mom’s friend your brother’s friend that’s who we’re talking about second. It’s someone else’s circle of trust. And these people fall into five different category groups the people who know people you don’t know. So this would be like coworkers you would be surprised how many of your coworkers have a circle of trust that there’s somebody looking for a home and just mentioning something to your coworkers. Home Sales Training
I mean I know that you’re in new home sales person and you work at a homebuilding company. But shockingly. I would almost guarantee you that not a single person on your sales staff has started talking to the lady in the purchasing department and asking her if she has any family or friends who are thinking about building or talking to the person who actually cleans the office or cleans your model homes. Home Sales Training
You’d be surprised at how many people you’re going to find who are actually looking. When you start asking those people. So another one would be spouses coworkers. So what about your spouse what about the people who work with you and their spouses. I mean you’re going to be surprised when you start trying to tap into people who know people you don’t know. So another one would be customers. I mean obviously you have a customer who purchased a home from you and they liked what they purchased or they wouldn’t have purchased it. So now what about tapping into their circle of trust and all the people they know and then. Current customers. But it’s also past customers. What about tapping into the entire list of all of the people that your company has ever sold a home to and going back through every single one of those customers and asking them if they know of anybody who is currently looking. Because here’s the thing a lot of people. Home Sales Training. You know they say that you can pick your nose and you can. Pick your neighbors but you can’t pick your neighbors nose. So I would say go ahead and pick your nose and go ahead and pick your neighbors nose. But most of our customers they’re going to want to pick who their neighbors are. They you know they move into a new home a new home neighborhood they might want to pick who the neighbors are that they’re going to deal with. So tap into their circle of trust.
And then here’s another one that nobody ever thinks of in this is people who cannot buy a home from you. All right. A customer that walks in there you know they walk in and they’re like yeah you know the thing that brought us in we were actually just driven by the wave from the bankruptcy attorney’s office that we just left after we filed bankruptcy and our credit is in the crapper and we’re up to our eyeballs in debt. But we thought we’d look at new houses today. And so they come in and you start helping them and next thing you know you find out they’ve got no chance of buying a home from you. Well guess what. Just because they can’t doesn’t mean that purple people in their circle of trust aren’t looking for a home and might qualify. So tapping into people who can’t buy a home from you. I mean after all everybody knows 250 people. OK. Now here’s another group that people typically don’t try and tap into. Strangers. Oh my God. You may not got to talk to people you have never met before. I mean that’s creepy.
Well it’s only creepy if you have a mullet. That’s the only way it’s creepy if you don’t have a mullet. You’re fine. Most of the time. OK. Or if you’re wearing a clown costume. Now that that is creepy I’m going to be honest. Or if you have hair like Donald Trump that’s creepy also. So as long as one of those three situations are not in play here I totally think you should talk to strangers. Home Sales Training
And here’s the thing if you’ll just keep your eyes and ears open and be bold you’re going to find these people out there. You’re going to be standing in the line at a convenience store and you’re going to hear the people behind you talking about building a house and that they’re looking for land or you’re going to be in the line at the grocery store and you’re going to hear people talking. So that’s another group of people. Let me throw yet another one at you. Going door to door in an existing new home community near your new home community or in a used home community near your new home community you’re going to be shocked how much. Going door to door and finding people out there is going to work. There’s actually going to be human beings that are in the neighborhood right next door to yours that actually have friends looking for a home looking to build a new home. And it’s kind of shocking to think about it that way. But I’m telling you right now if you want to take your traffic from 10 people a month to 30 people a month so that you can triple your numbers.
Without even increasing your conversion rate. Then this is the way to do it.
Now the experience that I’ve had and what I’ve seen of your sales training system it really is designed to give a sales person the confidence in themselves that confidence and their knowledge base to be screaming to everybody they know. I know what I’m doing I’m good at it. I’m a professional.
Trust me use me because I’ll get you what you want. I’ll help you achieve your goals. Is that pretty much summed up. Yeah I would say absolutely. That
is the way to go. What type of referral gives you the best chance of producing or what type a referral gives the salesperson the best chance at producing for the builder.
Well here’s the thing Dave. Now you’re talking about the professionals at creating circles of trust and that is going after realtors. Home Sales Training
What’s the best way to go about getting realtors to start sending a sales person business. How do they earn that trust from the beginning.
So I would say there’s a couple different ways you can do this one of them is to go visit local real estate offices that are closest to your new home community. You know when Jesus was making disciples he went to first Judea and then Samaria and then the uttermost parts of the world. So I would start with the real estate offices closest to your new home community. Then I would go to the next closest place and then to the next closest place because you want to hit the ripple effect. You want to start at the center and let the ripples go out from there. But if you go and just start walking into real estate offices you’re going to find that realtors want to network with you they want to do business with you. They love to hand a customer off to you and let you do all the work and then get paid all the money. So going into a local real estate offices is one way. Another thing is guess what Google is full of information on realtors. Type in. You know whatever your city name is and realtors or homes for sale and your city name and what you’re going to find is when you start scrolling through the search results. You’re going to find the names and phone numbers of top producing Realtors. And that’s a great way to go after them and really start to get some names built up and start farming those people. Now another way is social media.
There’s all kinds of interesting groups out there that are available for social media like the Women’s Council of Realtors and different things like that. And plus you’re going to have a you know a greater Dallas Association of Realtors or whatever city you live in you’re going to have those types of organizations that are going to have Facebook pages or groups and you want to get into those groups so you can start posting information there and start networking and creating friends on the on the social media aspect of things. If you’re involved in this industry you’re. Home Sales Training
Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your build and build her wisdom with us. I’m David Dumont. We’ve been here speaking with Aaron intice the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening and be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow.

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