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house plans tulsa | Manifest Destiny

Alright, this is podcast number 27 and we’re moving along on the model homes. You kind of got detoured with the talking about the elderly, but that’s okay, I love the old early, so anyways the rest of it. We do have stucco on the exterior of this model home. After all, we are home builder in bixby, and the stucco color that were using here is calledthe. Stucco color is called synergy frappe. How about that? Synergy frappe? That’s quite that’s quite creative. Now the brick color since this is a brick and stucco home with some with wood siding the brick style is called mojave and window colors we’ve chosen clay and the window paint style. house plans tulsa We have chosen prairie. The stucco texture is called fine, it’s actually. The stucco texture is fine. Broken arrow, home builders, bixby. No. We’ve also included a whole bunch of options in this mobile home. We really did it up in terms of the lighting. house plans tulsa There are some amazing there for recessed lights in the game room we even put for recessed lights in the great room. How awesome is that the kitchen we put more lighting in it-and it just ignore me-comes with 8 recessed lights already, and that’s 6 recessed lights in the kitchen area and two recessed lights in the north so eight altogether, and because we are a home builder in bixby. So what we did in this model home is we also added added to island pendant lights that hang down from the ceiling? They do have the room switch. house plans tulsa We also added 4, more additional lights, underneath under cabinet lighting ucl’s. There are one to three banks of of cabinets that have are these ucl’s in them. So that is awesome and let’s see what other we also have some additional wallet. We have puck lights inside the top part of the cabinets that have glass in these puck lights. They kind of highlight, bring to attention all your decorative nick-nacks and dishes pots, and whatever you put in those, we are a home builder in bixby. house plans tulsa Put those in there to highlight all that. Maybe you have some glass sculpture, I know in my house. I would never ever put you know our plates and cups in a bowl in there to highlight, because guess what my stuff is ugly with a capital? U g, l, and why it’s ugly, so I can put those things up there. So your master bedroom date. We also put for 6 inch recessed lights in there to give it a lot of lighting. There’s three in the main bed area and one is above the retreat area. Now we’re retreat area is kind of sitting area in the master bedroom. It’s where the parents can retreat to typically called the parents for cheap retreat, home builder bixby and the true parents or treat is an actual half wall. Area. But no one’s really doing that anymore. This kind of clothes that you can tell with the kitchen and living room configurations now in these homes everything is going to open, and so the parents retreat used to be closed and that to that area is now open. So I called at the parent to treat they go in there to read what to they can’t sleep and they want to catch a few chapters of the favorite book they get up. They say:excuse me, honey, I’m, going to read in the husband going around because he’s still sleeping, and so you don’t want to wake him. You don’t want to turn on the light on your nightstand when read there, while he’s trying to sleep, that would be absolutely rude. Don’t do it to your spouse, your significant other! After all, this is home builders bixby. So what you do is, you can say:honey, real quietly, I’m, going to read your going to get a response, usually ignored from the house or for a whining noise, and that gives you the permission to get up real quietly, go to the parent, retreat turn on that reading light and go to town and just have a wonderful wonderful time, so that is the four 6 inch recessed lights in the master bedroom. Now we have quite a few. We have in the garage some 6 inch recessed lights, because obviously we are we office out of the garage, so they were actually for 6 inch, recessed lights in the garage, actually I count six. So what is discrepancy here? Because we are a home between show? There are four lights in the garage that are recessed. There are two lights recess in lieu of fresh flush ceiling lights, ic showing the garage they’re normally is a flush ceiling light, but we’ve replaced them with to 6 inch recessed light, so basically they added for and they replaced too. So that makes sense. Is that understood? I know you got it. Of course we have coachlight, we have two of them in the back patio and those are really nice. You know some people also put a ceiling fan, which is great for the summer to be quite windy. If it’s really windy at high recommend against it. We are home builder in bixby, but sometimes people like to do that. So we are not going to we’re not going to not comply. I know. Here’s the great thing in the look there’s a beautiful chandelier. The lighting is I cannot believe it. There is no way. It says that that fixture, all the fixtures not included, so we put in a flush ceiling, chandelier box, that’s really good to know. In the loop, the standard box, the standard box might not hold that that that way, d of the chandelier that’s currently in there. So what they do is they put in a very well reinforce, ceiling, chandelier box and that’s 30 bucks. It’s a lot more sturdy than the plastic basically hold two regular. house plans tulsa

house plans tulsa You know nook lighting. We are home builders bixby, so they replace the box and we also have some soffit exterior surface mount lights and we have four of those in the eaves of the two-car garage and in the eaves of the dining room. Gable I do not know what that is, but I shall go outside and I shall find out the wall sconces. We also put some wall sconces in the patio. It’s just for fan, I’ve, no idea what that means. I see it’s that wall sconce. We have a patio fan out there that wall sconces. What allows that patio fan that gives it that electrical power so that patio fan can can be running? Oh I didn’t know that that wall sconces 50, so we are home builders, bixby and what’s a great feature and I’ll leave off with this is a great feature. Is we have floor? Receptacles and everytime i, say receptacles people always say huh home builders bixby. The receptacle means that it’s the outlet. Basically, you know the two sets of outlets, one plate with two outlets, one on top of each each other. We put them on in the floor of the living room. That is a great idea because you don’t want to run across the way or someone can trip you might not want to place a rug where the light switches underneath them. So the the the the answer to this question is put floor. Receptacles underneath the couch that is brilliant house plans tulsa

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