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house plans Tulsa | Pathway To Success

house plans Tulsa | Pathway To Success

Shaw homes, custom homes, broken arrow, your path to your new Rochelle home. house plans Tulsa So the great thing about custom, homes, broken arrow with shaw, is that with all of our customers were going to start, you out doing a model home tour. Now the model home tours approximately 90 minutes you’re going to take a look at 6 to 12 different homes. It’s all a matter of what it is that you’re looking for in your budget, also, maybe what community that you’re in because, for instance, if you’re in a certain community, where the minimum square footage is 2200 square feet, we’re not going to show you a home at 1900 square feet. Oliver model homes are fully furnished and decorated, you’re going to drive in your own vehicle. There’s! No pricing, no pressure. This particular tour is solely just information. We’re going to stay focused on the function of each floor plan and there’s always something for everyone. The plans are versatile: we’re talking about from one story to two stories 3 bedrooms:2 bath, all the way up to house plans Tulsa five-six bedrooms where formal dining office, game rooms in even bonus rooms. So we literally have something for everyone. Another great thing about the custom homes broken arrow with shaw, is once you do your model home tour.

We are going to talk to you about your financing at shaw homes. We do have three preferred lenders: Bank of Oklahoma, house plans Tulsa first Oklahoma and spirit bank and all three of our lenders have closing cost matching. They all have conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans, you can get monthly quotes. It’s approximately about a five-minute application with a 24-hour approval process. I will say:most of my buyers have received an approval, much shorter than 24 hours. They all have interest rates matching as well, and then the next thing we’re going to take a look at, is possibly doing a home site reservation. The home site reservation is $1,000. Deposit is refundable. For 7 days, there’s no rest rush decisions. You can switch home sites within those 7 days. You can take your time get all of your questions answered. We don’t ever cash the check, but one of the most important things is that the competing customers will be blocked from that site for seven days. Some sites are always one of a kind.

So what I like to tell my customers is the fact that you know we can build the same house over and over, but we can’t rebuild that late. So if there is a piece of land that you absolutely love, you need to scoop it up as soon as possible and so within that 7 days. You know you don’t feel rushed into making a decision on a plan and the items that you may want to put inside of your plan and that’s why we have the no rushed decisions: custom homes, the broken arrow for house plans Tulsa Our next step is going to be the price out. The price out is going to be where you pick your favorite floor plan and we’re going to price it. The way that you want it, it will be priced out down to the dollar now granted that dollar can change when you’re in the design studio, but we’re going to get you to the closest dollar possible when you go in a contract that total price is going to be printed out right on the spot, you’re going to have tons of options to choose from you’re going to be working with knowledgeable staff at approximately a 45-minute meeting, and it’s an itemized list. There’s no surprises and all of your questions will be answered once again. This price out is going to be changeable. Does so don’t feel like you house plans Tulsa have to have your final decisions made before the contract? Now structurally, we do need to know just like the floor plan. We do need to know that, if I contract, however things that you’re wanting to pick on the inside, you can adjust those changes throughout your design studio appointments as well, so custom homes, broken arrow. Your next thing is going to be the purchase agreement, the purchase agreement and is approximately an hour meeting you’re going to watch a very informative video. Once again, your structural option, so anything dealing with an exterior wall. Does need to be final.

Just like your home site selection needs to be final. Colors do not need to be final. Your finishes do not need to be final. Any additional deposits will be do so when it comes to the deposits of our home. Anything under 250 is going to be $5,000 to 50 to $300,000 is going to be $10,000. Deposit 300 to 350 is a 15000 $15,000 deposit and anything over 350 will be 5% of the total purchase price. Your mortgage approval does need to be due, so we will need that pre-approval letter from the preferred lender. house plans Tulsa We also need to know if this is going to be a contingent contract azalea build, and then congratulations once you sign your paperwork. You have officially purchased your for shaw home. Once a contract is termed approximately 2 to 3 business days later, you will get a phone call from our home office to schedule out your design studio appointments. You will be working with award-winning designers, it’s going to be the largest design studio. You will have tons of options offered. It’s a simple process:there will absolutely be no children allowed during this appointment. The reason why is because we really want you to not be distracted when you’re, making these crucial choices but, most importantly, there may be other families in the design studio. That’s picking out their selections as well, so we don’t want to distract them and be respectful of other families that may be in there working on their home you’re, going to have approximately three easy meetings, one for the interior, two for the exterior 3 final signature changes are allowed.

Those structural changes do need to be done by contract for the custom homes broken arrow you’re, going to have your plan review you’re, going to review your selections. You’ll discuss your timeline you’re, going to get through, weekly updates from your construction manager, you’re going to discuss the homeowner’s orientation, you will meet at the main office you’re going to meet your construction manager, review your house plans Tulsa blueprint review. Your site plans discuss the grade of land. All of this will be done during the plan. Rodeo and most importantly, it’s going to be really good for you to meet your construction manager because from this point going forward, that is going to be your point of contact. You will then have all of your questions to your construction manager. Step. Eight is going to be the building process. This is where you’ll meet at your home. Enjoy the progress of your house being built you’re going to continue getting those weekly update. The construction manager welcomes every single question and your homeowner orientation is done on site. The number 9 your keys will be given to you and it’s going to be time to move in. You guys will meet at the title company with our closing team and then the down payment will be paid in full filled, you’re going to pay your closing cost, the mortgage will be signed for and title will be transferred. Then the final step of owning your shop is going to be the warranty. This is Tulsa’s best warranty, you’re, going to have a 10-year structural house plans Tulsa warranty, a 2-year mechanical warranty, a 1 year, limited warranty, a 24-hour emergency line and a full-time warranty coordinator on staff. You will get a 60-day to follow up call 11 months, follow up call. So even if you don’t find any issues and contact us our ladies in the warranty department, they will call you at the 60-day and 11 months, just to make sure everything is still okay. We will recommend like go ahead and make like a honey does list. So I thought that 11 months, March

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