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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Jenks Home Builder | the Best in the State

Speaker 1: (00:00)
What’s up everyone. This is the Colton crews with Shaw homes and you are listening to the one, the only Shaw Holmes podcast. Listen, there are no other builders doing anything like this. And that’s why we’re doing that is because we’re trying to bring you, inform you with information so that you can build your home, your dream home with no other than Shaw homes, the best Jenks home builder in the world. Thanks for tuning in. And I’m excited to get started. Hello and welcome back to nother, undeniably exciting edition of nothing other than the show homes podcast. This is your host, Colton Cruz, and I am so excited to be going on this path with you today. Uh, this path not meaning our Shaw home’s path, we’ve already done that one, but this one is the pat of the podcast is what I’m talking about. The podcast.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
Now, these podcasts, this is something that no other builder is doing. Remember that that makes us the best Jenks home builder in the United States of America for forever. And so with that being said, I’m going to be going over some exciting details of our homes. Now, if you didn’t know this, we have 83, you can count on 83 floor plans. And now that don’t, don’t let that be overwhelming to you. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I’m not here to make you cry. I’m here because I am excited. I am pumped up to share this with you guys. Listen, we have 83 floor plans. Now, what does that mean? You got 83 different floor plans that I got to choose from. No, I mean kind of, but here’s the thing is that for example, the Monroe, we have a Monroe, which we would consider one floor plan.

Speaker 1: (02:11)
Um, but then we also have a, so that’s the Monroe one. We have the Monroe one P we have the one Monroe, one E the Monroe one H the Monroe a through Z practically, not really, but this is how we build our floor plan. So we have the names and the name kind of specifies the, the layout, the floor plan. And then each number or letter will specify the downstairs a little bit of a downstairs change or a little bit of an upstairs change. So don’t let that confuse you. We do have a lot of floor plans, but in reality, we have probably 30 floor plans that can be built, uh, D you know, different ways. Uh, each floor plan would be built a different way so that you’re able to use

Speaker 2: (02:59)
That floor plan. That’s best going to suit you and your family. So I’m going to go through the list. I’m going to run through this list. Now, keep in mind. This list is what makes us the best Jenks home builder in the universe. Just so you know, now, first we have the Addison P the Addison P is a five bedroom home with only 2,421 square feet. So if you are looking to add, you have a smaller home site, or you’re looking to fit a home with a lot of bedrooms, a lot of space in there in a small neighborhood or whatever the case may be. The Addison. Pete is the one for you. So five bedrooms in 24, 21 square feet. Now the next one is the Crescent. Now the Crescent, this is a single floor Crescent. As what I’m talking about, we have the Crescent, which is a three bedroom, um, floor plan, but it could be a five bedroom, single story floor plan.

Speaker 2: (04:08)
You got a kitchen. Uh, you got the nook, you got the, a study. If you do not want a three, a four bedroom, you can keep your study and have that, um, as a study, or you can change that study into a bedroom. So next we have the Crescent him. Now that is a, uh, still a three bedroom. Um, everything is on the single story, except for, except for a game room on the second on the second story. So that’s something exciting. Um, the Crescent P now has a game room with a bedroom and a bathroom added onto the upstairs. So you have your regular three bedroom downstairs could be a four bedroom. If you choose to lose that study, and then you have a bedroom upstairs. So it could be either a four bedroom or a five bedroom. Next is the Glendale. Now the Glendale is a much wider home, so it’s a single story, but it is a four bedroom in a Anna study, four bedroom and a study in a single story floor plan.

Speaker 2: (05:13)
It’s a great floor plan. It’s, uh, it’s EV it’s, it’s the favorite of a lot of people. Next. We have the Greenville. Now, the Greenville is fantastic. It’s got some really, really high ceilings, and everybody loves that. And then we also have the Glen that’s, that’s the single story. Um, Greenville one E the Greenville one H the Greenville one L the Greenville too, which adds a really cool, uh, private study and exercise room onto the master bedroom. So it’s a, it’s a cool look. If you’re looking to have some extra private space, we also have the Greenville two E the Greenville two H Greenville, two L. Um, next we are the Monroe. Now the Monroe is the, uh, the biggest, not the biggest floorplan, it’s it has the most ways that we can build it. Um, so the Monroe one is a three bedroom with a study and a dining room, um, with a nice covered patio patio.

Speaker 2: (06:17)
If I say so myself, which makes us the best Jenks home builder. And, uh, so we have the Monroe one, the Monroe one P the RO, the Monroe one E the Monroe one H and the Monroe one. I, now, if I make an appointment with me, if you’re wondering what the heck, all that means, um, next we have the Monroe to the Monroe, to P the Monroe to E the Monroe to H the Monroe to I. Then we have the Monroe three, the Monroe three, and the Monroe three P the Monroe three, either in Monroe, three H and the Monroe three. I, so there are lots of different ways we could build that floor plan. Now that’s is one of my personal favorites. It’s the Monterrey. So this is the Monterey one. It is a three-bedroom single story with a study and a dining room.

Speaker 2: (07:14)
Um, and it is just a beautiful plan. I love this floor plan, um, out of the Montereys we have the Monterey, the Monterey one, the Monterey one E the Monterey one H, and then of course we have a Monterey too, as well. So nothing changes as the Monterey tube. It just widens the game room or the great room. I’m sorry. Why does the great room, why does the dining room and, uh, Lincoln’s the study brings a study out to make it larger. So that is a, uh, 2600 2600 square foot single floor floor plan. Now we have the Nottinghill H then I hill H is a two as a two-story, uh, three, three bedroom as it sits with, uh, two bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom downstairs, and then the game room upstairs. And then you have the Nottinghill V which has three bedrooms upstairs with, um, the game room still, and a, they of course have a bathroom upstairs. And then we have the Nottinghill L now the Nottinghill L is unique because it has three bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms. So one bathroom is used by bedroom number two, and then the other bathroom is used by number three and four.

Speaker 2: (08:31)
Next, we have the Prescott, the Prescott is a gorgeous floor plan for any Jenks home builder. Uh, we had a model for it, but it has sold recently. So unfortunately we can’t see that model except for on our, our, our, uh, virtual walkthrough. So this is a single floor, uh, Prescott. It’s a, um, three bedroom and has a study, and it also has a, and that study can be turned into a bedroom. It also has a laundry and utility that’s on the opposite side of the home. So it’s a little bit more quiet. Um, when you’re doing laundry, we also have a Prescott, a, which has a game room upstairs. We have a gay, uh, Prescott II, which adds a game room and a fourth bedroom upstairs, as long as well as a bathroom upstairs, we have the Prescott H that is a two bedroom with a bathroom and the game room upstairs.

Speaker 2: (09:26)
Um, then we’re moving on to the Redford, which is our pop most popular floor plan amongst Jenks home builder. The Redford one is a three bedroom floor plan with a single story, a large study, and a large Knuck. It doesn’t actually have a dining room. Uh, we have the red for one a, which adds the game room upstairs. We have the Redford one. He adds an additional bedroom and bathroom upstairs, and the Redford one H that adds two bedrooms upstairs with the bathroom and the game room. We also have the Redford two H, which is two bedrooms upstairs, and two bedrooms downstairs instead of the usual three bedrooms downstairs. We also have the Redford three, which is a single single floor. A floor plan has three bedrooms downstairs, and it has a garage that’s bumped over so that you have a larger front patio. The Redford three E adds a bedroom upstairs with the game room and a bathroom. And we have a Stonebrook H the Stonebrook H is all the bedrooms are upstairs, except for the master. You have two bedrooms upstairs and a game room. Now with the, with the Stonebrook. We also have a Stonebrook V now that has three bedrooms upstairs, they will share one bathroom and the game room upstairs. This can not be built into a single story floor plan.

Speaker 2: (10:43)
Same goes with the Ventana P the Baton of P is a three bedroom, two story floor plan that can not be built as a single story that has the P has one game room upstairs, and a bathroom, and one bedroom. We also have the Ventana cue. The Ventanas Q is a game room upstairs, two bedrooms, and one bathroom can not be built as a single story. Now last, but certainly not least. It’s a seems to be everybody’s favorite nowadays. Um, is the Westport H is a great floor plan that everybody loves. Um, we have one bedroom downstairs. We have a flex room as well, downstairs, so it could be two bedrooms downstairs, or one bedroom and an office. And then we have two bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom and a game room. So that has been all of our four plans and these heritage series. Now, of course, we have Manchester, Manchester, premier, and luxury, but those are not my products. And those are not things that I sell. I am selling only inherited series because I’m a heritage guy. Now, remember these four plans make us the number one, the best Jenks home builder in the United States. These United States of America. If you’re looking for, to build a home, please give me a call. My number is 9 1 8 2 3 0 23 40. Thank you. And we’ll see you next time.

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