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Hello, and welcome to the Shaw Holmes podcast, V1 and only Jenks home builder show where I break down just how easy it is to build your dream home with Shaw homes. I’m your host, Colton cruise, the timber Creek community manager in Jenks, Oklahoma. Hey,

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Howdy. Hey, this is Colton crews. You boy, with Shaw homes, the Jenks home builder podcast, the only one that you’d ever want to really listen to. Let’s be honest. So, um, today I’m gonna be going over some things like countertops and floors, as well as the ceiling Heights and things that are included in the homes included features. That’s right. You’re hearing it here first on the Shaw homes podcast with the one and only Colton cruise. Now in the included features list that you probably received whenever you first came into the model home, uh, gives you a very detailed list of everything that is included in our homes. Now, let’s be honest. There are some builders out there that just are a little different and they don’t include things such as your walkway or your sidewalk to the front door, uh, or the back porch or things like that. Now we are not one of those builders. Uh, we certainly include the front driveway, the sidewalk to your home,

Speaker 1: (01:36)
And even brick on all four sides of the home. That’s something that lots of our competitors don’t do. They’ll give you brick on the front and, uh, just give you some crappy siding on all the other sides. Uh, so our, our included features list is pretty amazing compared to our competitors. And this is what makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now, first on the list, you’re getting, um, the Meridian brick on all four sides. Now that’s the large brick, um, as well as, uh, you know, depending on what elevations you choose, that’s what comes included. You can choose to do a stone or a board and Batten or stucco, whatever your choice is, but what comes included is bricks on all four sides. So you’re living in a very safe home. Um, your outdoor living area w comes with about 120 square feet of covered patio.

Speaker 1: (02:41)
Um, but that size varies, uh, per plan. So, um, some, the homes might have a larger, uh, back patio than what some of the others might have. So, uh, you’ll see that on the model home tour, though, um, all of our foundations will have a 32,000 pound post-tension slab. Uh, so you, which is the best of money combined, you are, you are covered. And, um, that comes in every home that we build, we also include the low E argon filled, uh, energy star windows, um, and then also seamless guttering on the front of the home. Uh, some neighborhoods though require it to be on all four sides. So, uh, that would come included in your home if you live, if you’re building in that neighborhood or one of those neighborhoods, um, our framing is two by four 16 on center, uh, for interior walls and exterior walls.

Speaker 1: (03:39)
And then you get the Tyvec house wrap for moisture vapor shield protection. Uh, so that’s keeping all of the moisture outside, um, and not letting that seep into your home, which as we know is terrible for things like TVs, appliances, your walls, all that stuff. We keep that on the exterior, not, not letting it in side on the interior. Um, now we also have, uh, moisture resistant sub floors on the two story homes, um, and then engineered no squeak floor joints, meaning that some of our competitors are going to have, they’re just gonna put your standard stuff in there. Where when you walk on that upstairs floor, you can hear it moving around. You can hear squeaking, been between the wood and thing like that, uh, that we don’t build any homes like that. This is actually coming included in your features. So that’s a big deal.

Speaker 1: (04:36)
Uh, we also have 30 year warranty, uh, for architectural shingles, uh, heart attack, art architectural style shingles. This is big. This is this meaning that it can, it, I believe that these can take up to like 65 to 75 mile per hour winds. Um, and they’re rated for that. So they’re, they’re the best that you can get. Um, we also give you a landscaping allowance for $500 that a that’s going to go towards trees, shrubs, flowers, mulch, um, the green iron edging. Uh, they’ll all is included in that. So, um, sometimes if you are building in a community that requires more, um, just to build in the community, then that’s going to already be included in your price. Um, but $500 is a lot for landscaping. Um, and then we get, give you two free frost hose bibs. So, um, frost-free frost resistant home, Bibbs hose bibs.

Speaker 1: (05:41)
That’s going to keep your lines from freezing whenever it’s cold outside, um, or whenever it’s snowing or icing or whatever the case may be, it’s going to protect your home. So we have obviously a ton of included features on this list. Uh, we also have included, uh, granite or courts, um, in the kitchen as well as the laundry room. So you’re getting, uh, a for cabinets in the laundry room. You’re getting the rod and shelf as well as the, uh, granite countertop in your laundry room. Um, and your choice of shaker farmhouse or raised panel style doors, um, comes with hidden hinges and crown molding on all cabinets. Uh, so, and this, this is fantastic because, um, if you ever need a spot to fold your laundry, boom, it’s there, you got it. Um, also if you choose to do a, a sink in your laundry room, that’s where that that’s going to be.

Speaker 1: (06:47)
Um, and then those things are just irreplaceable. Once you have them, you’ll, you’ll never want to get rid of them or, or go without them again. Um, now on all of our two-story plans, you will have both an a, uh, you’ll have two heating and air units for the upstairs and the downstairs. So, uh, not using one unit to cool or heat the entire home you’re, they’ll split the units, um, so that you can turn off the upstairs if you need to. Uh, and you’re not wasting that energy. Um, now another great thing is that, uh, lighting allowance is, uh, is included. So you’re going to get $2,000 to go to our lighting store and you’ll get to pick out whatever lights that you want. Um, and we have people who use all of it. We have people who have some extra, uh, when that happens, uh, some leftover, we actually write you a check, right?

Speaker 1: (07:50)
Write a check back to you. If you go over it, then you can either a pay for it right there in the store, or you can mortgage it in. So it lots of options to do that. And those, those options are what make us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now we have the greatest master suites out of all of our homes in the included features list. Um, you get, uh, a heightened ceiling height, uh, for every master bedroom and every plan. Um, you’re hitting a ceiling fan in there. If you, if you choose to do a ceiling fan in there, uh, the bracket is there anyway. Uh, and then the custom made stain grade, uh, Alder or paint grade cabinets, your choice of shaker farmhouse, or res panel style doors, um, and then cultured marble countertops with four inch backsplash. Now that, that cultured marble is fantastic because it is all it’s seamless.

Speaker 1: (08:56)
You’re not getting any nastiness in, in these seams where they’ve put the sink to the countertop or whatever the case may be. You it’s all one piece and it’s, it looks so good. Um, you also get a cultured marble tub with the decking around it. Um, that’s what comes included if you would like, um, or of course we have some pretty incredible options with that as well. So we just have great included features. Uh, the, but the, the most, the thing that sets us apart from all of our competitors and makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma is our energy efficiency. So every home comes included with all led, uh, package, um, your duck infiltration, this is 4% or less leakage to the outside. So everybody else has held to an 11% standard. Our standard is 4%. Um, our house infiltration is six ACH 50, which if you don’t know what that means, basically the, the ability to keep the air that’s on the inside in and keep the air that’s on the outside out, uh, 100% energy star certified windows, rigid foam insulation, slab perimeter, um, and then you’re getting blown in fiberglass are 15 for your walls and are 38 blown in for your addicts.

Speaker 1: (10:28)
Um, we are a hers certified, um, company. So that means that we have to meet their expectations every single time or else we lose that certification. So these are just some of the great features that come included in our homes. If you’re interested, please reach out to me. My name is Colton cruise, and I would love to take care of you. and your Jenks home builder needs Bye-bye.

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