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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | Built from the Ground Up

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I do looking to build a luxury home builder in Jenks. If so, don’t look any further than Shaw as we introduce the new luxury series, buy luxury series, home wonderful luxurious homes that we build in Jenks and south halter. We are very proud of the amazing interiors that we’ve created with this new line. All of which you will see in our model are included, um, located in your town, in the Shelby faction of that community in G 130, um, as a luxury home builders in jeans, we take the prime location 50, or our model home is the community. Your town is a fantastic community. It’s got wonderful amenities that any luxury home builder would want to have things like two and a half miles of walking trail is splash pad, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a football field, a soccer field, and much more. You’re also fine.

Speaker 1: (01:21)
The club house extremely appealing. If you’re looking to build a luxury home builder in Jenks would be an amazing community that you might be interested in as your town is growing. The community offers wonderful community activities that you and your family could be as hard as most of the people that are moving into town are looking for such a community as well. One that they can partake in family events together. And one in which the neighborhood is clean and free of debris and trash, and these kinds of things that the HOA will take care of that as a luxury home builder to initiate Mr. Shaw invested well in Yorktown in the Shelby section where the model Chelsea K is, it tells you, Hey, is one of our luxury home door plans that is available. I think bloods plan, it can be built as a single story around 3000 square foot or two, a two story with five bedrooms in 4,500 square feet.

Speaker 1: (02:38)
As a single story, it would only have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a half back close to the kitchen and the garage entry. What’s so great about these luxury home floor plans as a luxury home builder in Jenks is that we thought of all of the things that are multi-generational family might need things like a mother-in-law’s quarters, perhaps. So when your in-laws coming, maybe your in-laws like to stay quite regularly. Maybe they help you watch the kids, or maybe you haven’t like me that day and maybe they just want their own garage and the place department, the charts and the room and the little space. And then they can have just like a little apartment where they could help, you know, with the kids. And then as a luxury home builder and things, we thought of that and much more we thought about maybe that you’d want to put the kids upstairs and have a game room up there and have them have their own bathrooms so that they don’t fight.

Speaker 1: (03:46)
Maybe they’re already fighting right now, maybe every day and every night, all you do, if your kids fight and they fight and they fight and they fight, fight, fight, fight. And every time you turn around, you’re saying, Ooh is wrong is right. And you don’t know because you’re the parent. And all you want them to do is shut up at night. It’s that? It’s the story. And it happens to be true. Then please come to our homes and I can help you. I’ve got floor plans with bedrooms and bathrooms included will be such a nuisance and there’ll be quiet, not so intrusive as the luxury home builder in Jenks. And she, we thought of all of these aims.

Speaker 1: (04:38)
One more thing that we thought of as a luxury home builder in Jenks if the mother-in-law maybe she wanted this day, maybe she was helping out with your kids on, on Christmas Eve or new year’s day. And if you that’s okay, because we’ve got plenty of eight for her, she’s got her old garage entrance, so he can learn a path and you don’t have to drive her anywhere. She did go shopping on her own and she could go to Woodland Hills mall as a luxury home builder in jeans. We’re not far from highway 75 or the turnpike really. Cause you could just jump right on the highway and just go get her Christmas shopping done. And you could maybe come a month earlier because she could tell in on Halloween, I don’t know, but as a luxury home builders and things, we thought your mom probably is going to need a little bit more space so you need a luxury home builder in Jenks. So we gave her that along with a garage that she could pull into and have her little apartment suite downstairs, and then they could have the kids’ rooms up, you know, so that nobody is being deserved and nobody is doing the disturbing. So call today.

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