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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | Homes Big Enough for Large Families

Speaker 1: (00:00)
I guess looking for a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks look no further than show homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca. And I’m going to go over today. The different floor plans that we have for that luxury series, but the luxury is a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks We really took into account what floor plans the family might need as another luxury home builder in genomics, we have our heritage series and took from those clients. What sort of plans they might need for our new series as a luxury home builder and jeans. We considered all of our clients’ opinions and perspectives about these four clients. As we put together, the new floor plans for the luxury series as a luxury home builder in jeans, we at Shaw homes also took into account. What kind of included features one might want when building a nice luxurious home. We also as a luxury home builder featured this product in jinx for your convenience, so that if you’re in the south Tulsa or the jinx area, then you would have a reference of what a luxury home should look like with our new floor plans as a luxury home builder and chains with our new floor plans, again, taking into account what the consumer’s wants and needs are we put together new floor plans as a luxury home builder and Jean cause we thought about why you might need a mother-in-law’s quarters.

Speaker 1: (01:24)
Perhaps you have a mother-in-law that comes in from out of the country, or perhaps you have a older child that may want to stay while they’re going through college, or maybe they’ve gone through divorce, whatever the need is, just know that we have a floor plan fate, for those kinds of special conditions that your family might need as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , we took into consideration what our population was telling us about their needs and building a home. We had Shaw as the luxury home builder also put together floor plans over a certain amount of square feet for your luxurious feel. For example, we have a single story that is 3000 square foot. She’s plenty big enough for two people. We have two floor plans of single stories, just like this one. And that way you can kind of see if you are downsizing from a really large house, how much space you might need.

Speaker 1: (02:19)
For example, I always tell people when they come into the Chelsea Kay, to walk the first floor, because it can be built like that. And then if you need more space, we can always add the upstairs or whatever you feel like you might need as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks we understand that a lot of people in south Tulsa area like bonus rooms, they liked media rooms. They liked to have entertainment places for their friends to come and watch sports games. So we took into account those needs as we put bonus rooms and game rooms with our floor plans, for those kinds of entertaining, once the needs, we at Shaw’s a luxury home builder and jeans also took into account putting in nine foot plate. For those of us who may be a little bit more in doubt and told her in those areas, if you are a tall person, you probably will enjoy the fact that we have a nine foot plate.

Speaker 1: (03:10)
What that means is that our ceilings are really, really tall, makes you feel really small. If you are a lady, it may not affect you as much, but I know what the gentlemen, for sure when they come in, they’ve always mentioned how good it feels to be in a home with toll doors, as a luxury home builder. We have also eight foot doors throughout the home. This is a custom thing, but almost everybody gets it because it’s really awesome. And it adds to the grandiose effect of the home entirely as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks . We also took into account that you are going to want included features in your product for the most part. So we put those in for you too. So no matter which floor plan you choose, and we’ve got a wide variety, anything from 3000 square feet up to 5,200 square foot, there’s something for everybody and a floor plan for all of your family needs.

Speaker 1: (04:04)
The log shirt is our biggest floor plan. It’s 5,200 square foot and it is six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It’s got a master’s bedroom and they guest bedroom downstairs along with three bedrooms upstairs, I’m sorry. I said six. I meant five, five bedrooms and five bathrooms. And also it has a game room upstairs and a game room downstairs, which is great for entertaining because the three bedrooms with bathrooms included are upstairs with the game room for the kids and then downstairs. There’s also another game room for the parents and then the guest bedroom with the en suite bathroom as well. And I knew floor plans. We also took into account the need for en suite bathrooms. As we understand that a lot of families fight over the bathrooms in their homes. So when we took into account that they might not want to be fighting over the bathrooms.

Speaker 1: (05:02)
They might, everybody wants their own bathroom. And then in which case we put together the en suite bathroom as an included feature for our other full clients as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , we also took into consideration the needs of the kitchen. So we’ve included your appliances for you as well, because we understand that if you’re going to spend at least 450,000, you really shouldn’t have to think about what you’re going to cook on as a luxury home builder . We also took into account, extra space for the patio and outdoor entertainment. So you’ll notice in our new mobile homes that the patios are much larger than maybe some that you’ve seen before. And we did this so that you have plenty of space for your outdoor entertainment. We also have beautiful, covered porches, which are really nice. If you decide to do an outdoor teaching or maybe a pool or something, you know, maybe you like to have your friends over. Maybe you want to have a Cinco party.

Speaker 2: (05:57)
It’s almost Cinco de Mayo time. Maybe you want to have a single to my apartment again, like, that’s your thing. Like maybe that’s what you do. Well, that’s fine because we’ve got a portrait of you as a luxury home builder and south Tulsa. We thought about all of those things for you. So you don’t have to worry about it. Cause we took care of it for you. It is a very all-inclusive product. And if you’ve got the budget, then we have got the stuff. No doubt about that. But as aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks , we thought about that when we put together our floor clients as the Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , we also thought about with the bathrooms that you might want an elongated toilet, you know, because me maybe, maybe you just don’t like the feel of a shorter toilet.

Speaker 2: (06:39)
So we’ve got a, we put a bigger sort of that in there for you. You know, I won’t go into the specifics of like why a bigger toilet is important. I’m sure you could probably, you know, figure that out on her own without me being unprofessional about it. But having a bigger toilet is pretty nice. I’m sure for people that, you know, need a bigger toilet for whatever it is that they’re doing, we included that because we thought a Hayde and what is a king if he doesn’t have a good strong, so the toilets that are elongated, those are included for us. Isn’t that great. So we took all of that into account when we were developing the legendary series as a luxury home builder in GX.

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