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Neighborhoods in Jenks | A Strong Showing

Neighborhoods in Jenks | A Strong Showing

This is Nigel Arnold, but shaw homes, broken Arrow builders. My number is nine one eight, five, one eight, one, two, six, six. My email is in Arnold at shaw homes. That call. I am located at seven oaks south, which is Inbetween County line and Lynn Lane on 101st. The community is extremely, extremely nice for none other than the fact of the location being that it’s right next to the turnpike and you can get wherever you want quickly and the neighborhood has people in it to keep the neighborhood neighborhood up and keep it looking really good and the houses are all really nice. Show homes, develop this neighborhood and we put a lot of quality in our homes. We are the best by revenue, the top builder by revenue, the top shop, a custom homes, broken arrow builder or by revenue. That is an accurate statement, which I guess is really what matters the most when you’re talking about building homes. That means you’re building and the most valuable homes.

So if you’re looking for a custom home, broken Arrow builder, you need to look at show homes. I guess that’s my two cents sales pitch for the day, but I’m going to continue on into my book report that I’ve been doing. Um, and if you are listening to these podcasts, I hope you’re enjoying it. I’ve still in chapter one, object shores, new bulk buying the experience, real life lessons about the way real people buy homes. It’s very interesting. I’ve already gotten a lot out of it and actually what’s funny is I used to Kinda low that these podcasts, but now I actually really liked them because I get the opportunity to study and then transfer knowledge to the people that might be listening to this and also get to learn a whole bunch about sales techniques. I guess the greatest sales I can technique that I could ever talk about would be Neighborhoods in Jenks

my greatest strength is, which I believe is a great sales technique. It’s technique is caring about the buyer. I mean that’s in our business. That’s all that matters. I mean these are huge decisions that people are making. They’re spending a lot of money and we have a lot of responsibility as agents to provide a excellent service. If you think about it, you got accept Jesus Christ as the number one decision. If you’re in your life, if you haven’t done that, you need to do that. That’s the biggest decision you will ever make. Number two is marrying the white woman. Number three is having kids, and number four is building a Neighborhoods in Jenks house or buying a house.

So, so you can understand that I do understand this responsibility and I take it seriously and I absolutely care about my buyers wellbeing and making good decisions. Matter of fact, I’m very bluntly honest. If I don’t think you’re making a good decision, whether that’s buying a shawl home used home or whatever, I’ll let you know. I think people know that about me and for the most part people like that about me. I have offended people by my honesty, but that is who I am. I am the number one agent at show homes, broken Arrow, custom homes builder, and I’ve done quite well in the business and been successful. And so I believe that I have a voice, especially for all custom homes, broken Arrow builders. We are, like I said, the number one custom homes, broken Arrow builder, none of them, one agent at the number one custom homes, broken Arrow builders.

So, but that being said, I kind of, we, we stepped into, we’re all in these four points, the poor, painful, common pitfall points of bad experiences or ways to walk a buyer through a house. That’s not a very good way to do it. Um, these are pitfalls and we were on point three last time. I’ll do a quick review. Point One is feature dumping. Point two is awkward silence in point three, which we were talking about last time is blatant neglect. Neighborhoods in Jenks But before I go into point three, I was on a tour earlier today. And what would a good story, I love story time here on my custom home broken Arrow builder podcast.

I was given. I was given a tour and I was thinking on tour about this book. I mean, it just, it’s just, it’s a good book and it’s taught me just in the first chapter in Rome a lot and it’s taught me so well that now I’m starting to pay attention to how I do things and seeing if there’s way that I can differentiate my process to make it more effective and even streamline it to make it more enjoyable for the buyer. So I’m sitting here on tour talking with people and I’m paying attention to how much I’m feature dumping. I don’t know if you guys remember from a podcast earlier feature dumping is a ridiculous and annoying practice of pointing out glaringly obvious aspects of the home whether the customer wants you to or not. And so I’m going through the homes and I’m saying things like, well, there’s no dining room in this home because they made the note larger. That’s a questionable comment because people can see there’s no dining room, but at the same time it’s an ma. Neighborhoods in Jenks It’s immensely functional because a lot of people aren’t wanting dining room. So that’s justifiable comment.

And so I’m paying attention. I’m actually quantifying and qualifying my comments to buyers as I’m walking through the home and judging based on is this a common feature that people don’t need me to explain or is this some sort of functional element that they would find helpful and is it helpful to comment on it? And I thought it was just so good. I was just going through and I really actually enjoyed, um, the comments. So as I’m walking through the tour, Neighborhoods in Jenks I’m commenting but I’m also critiquing myself, so for instance, I’m showing them on route plan which has 120 square feet of outdoor patio space, which they can walk out and see that it’s an outdoor space and it’s a large space, but they might not have known this square footage and it did give added value that when they walked out they can tell, yeah, this really is large.

So I want to not only do I want to talk about featured on being for a moment of time, but I want to actually be a little more detailed with that comment. A feature dumping. It’s absolutely okay when you’re leading a buyer through a home to talk about functional advantages to your home. Certainly think about this comment and and test this comment against this comment, the comment of, look at this big patio space versus the comment of this home has 120 square feet of patio space. It’s a large patio. Which one is better in your mind or your imagination? I personally feel that as you’re walking them through the home, you’re not allowing them to walk you. You’re walking them from step to step saying an advantage versus an obvious fact is absolutely okay for any custom home broken Arrow builder, Neighborhoods in Jenks but certainly that’s how we do things versus saying an obvious and glaring, glaring fact.

I’ve also found if you’re walking behind them and they’ve walked in before you, it’s much less effective. For instance, if they walked to the patio and I’m coming up behind them and I say, isn’t this a large patio? That’s kind of annoying statement because they already made a determination about the patio personally. They might even suggested it or talked about it already if you’re not right behind them, but if you’re heading them out there and you want them to see that it is absolutely okay to give a detailed account of the advantage of the home. Like look at this huge patio is 120 square feet and you can do this, this and this with it. Neighborhoods in Jenks Absolutely. Okay for that on such a cool little thing there. Um, when I was at the front of that home and I was talking about it, I can remember talking about a room on the left because we will delete the study comes the monroe one, comes to the dining room metastatic, but the monitor to we delete this study, pull in a garage, but it has, it still keeps either a dining room or a study.

It’s the buyers decide decision on what they want to do that room for the buyer. And it’s extremely functional because it, even for the customer today, they have a child which there’ll be using. You’ll be using it for, for the child’s playroom, which is gonna be awesome because that barnyard doors on it, so creating an awesome space for the child. Super Awesome option there for them and they love the home, but I didn’t go from, Oh look, here’s a big kitchen. Neighborhoods in Jenks Oh look, here’s a big living room. Oh look, here’s a big patio. Extremely annoying like that. So there is a way to do not feature dumping, but talk about advantages with tact and so that’s my two cents for the day. I didn’t even get to my third topic. I’ll cover that next podcast, but I just thought, man, it was so good to feature dumping versus competitive advantage and how you differentiate that. All right, Nigel runoff here, Charlotte homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder.

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