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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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neighborhoods in jenks | Find your home

neighborhoods in jenks | Find your home

Shaw manchester’s theory cases ranging from one also featuring heritage series waterstone 500. neighborhoods in jenks We have four plants, Ashton and burn a bridge. New Port Ranges from 1,323 square feet all the way up to 2100 square feet. Story Remington, we have available in your custom home broken Arrow neighborhoods which are still really Tucson village and crystal. One hundred and 40, so belief is located and county line, which is fine. Joe Wagner County Lower Jackson city was still

Yeah, I just sleep broken arrow. There’s also so really be open to bring up. There is also a park, three features, the access floor plan model that don’t score, so really embracing the Birkdale to send a blank canvas. You can choose many sites in that neighborhood. Broken Arrow, there’s custom homes, broken arrow. You can lead with your custom broken arrow tentative to focus for after you book a tour, which takes about 90 minutes, so we show you all of these and we have available for purchase and bill. We also have four floor plans that we aren’t able to show. You have a printout that shows good and would look like custom homes, broken Arrow after the model for how to understand the function that you will need for your family. That is when we would recommend you test at his bank of Oklahoma or Thursday, neighborhoods in jenks the three largest institutions in the state of Oklahoma. We’ll offer and sending to our customers when they choose to use one of our preferred vendors. We have a strong relationship with our preferred lenders that allows us to streamline the practice for a smooth transaction from beginning to end. After it’s financing, do it homesite reservation reservation where you would choose your site. He would take $250 to reserve that. That prevents any other interested buyer. I’m coming and stealing your home site. That’s the period of time home reservation, which is seven days to get all your questions answered

after the reservation. That would show you exactly line by line how much are you paying for your custom homes, broken Arrow home line by line item, by item, detailed spreadsheet of what financially, monthly, and give you a breakdown of everything that we did in your house. He was senior contract. You would finalize all your selection, all your color, completely decided. Then after your contract is approved, financing is approved. Break ground on your home, on your beautiful custom home broken arrow. It takes about five weeks for the building permit to come in. Once those come in, that’s when we break ground on your home breaking ground neighborhoods in jenks and you closing is five months total for your custom homes, broken Arrow home building an amazing opportunity to take advantage of our 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, which covers and electrical. We have a one year limited warranty like you are able to contact us 24 hours a day to ensure you are getting anything that you need. It’s updated on your home, completed broken custom homes, broken Arrow home at closing, you are responsible and making sure you have all your cash to close. You’re ready to move into your home.

This is Nigel Arnold here with shaw homes, custom homes, broken arrow. I am going to talk a little bit more about homesite reservation today. Um, we briefly discussed so far we’ve been talking a lot about our process and what makes us, what I feel we are the number one custom homes, broken arrow builder in the area. So I feel like what makes us great is our process. I mean that’s one thing that definitely differentiates assets. It’s apart from a lot of other custom home broken Arrow builders. neighborhoods in jenks Um, so we put a great deal of thought into our process, what step comes next in generally speaking, every little detail. We were highly detailed, highly process oriented. And so I’ve kind of been going step from step, talk about the process and we’ve covered the model home tour, which if you don’t know, just to put it real quickly, custom home broken Arrow builder mountain home toward. Put it real quickly. It’s 12 bottles that are fully furnished and decorated. It takes about an hour and a half to do, um, it’s completely customized according to what you desire or, or are looking for in a home. Um, we don’t talk about price because we are small, medium, large, and extra large versions of each home. Usually

I’ve already got a budget from you, so then I know kind of what to show them, what not to show a pleased houses, give you a great idea what goes in the home and what doesn’t go in the home. So they give you a great idea of it. They’re all versatile with all different functions and layouts there. One story, two story plants. So that’s cover that. And that’s just a real quick and easy on the model home tour, we also discuss financing that we have three preferred lenders, neighborhoods in jenks first, Oklahoma Bank, Bank of Oklahoma in spirit bank our three reps, they’re awesome and have been doing lending for a long time. The reason we like to use preferred lenders just because we don’t want there to be any hiccups in the mortgage approval process. We don’t want there to be any problems. We want it to go smooth and we’ve done hundreds of deals if not thousands of deals at this point with these lenders. And so they understand our process, they understand what we’re looking for. They do closing costs, matching an rate matching. for mortgage commitment needed. There is a trust relationship involved. So a preapproval letter works. It is a 24 hour approval process and the five minute application so you can understand, how easy this is. So truly it’s awesome. We love it and we love getting people sent to our lenders because we know it’s really easy and usually very helpful. I mean, I’m in the middle right now of a deal address road and they have a credit repair.

Credit scores were quite low, but I believe that they’re supposed to bill, they believe they’re supposed to build and we wrote it anyway. neighborhoods in jenks Typically you’re supposed to be able to get an approval for seven days after the purchase agreement. But in this situation they make plenty of money and just not handled their credit correctly. So we, I believe, are interested in moving forward with them because we know that they’re doing the things necessary to get their credit and a place that is supposed to be so that they can move forward on a purchase agreement. So we are super excited about that. We are really excited about this purchase agreement and being able to work with them on lending the lending side of hooked him up with a credit repair system, told them what steps to take and how to build. And it’s been awesome. They’re already starting to build the credit. So I don’t anticipate a huge delay here because I know that they’re going to get it done. So that’s the kind of lenders that we have. They’re all awesome and they’re great at doing what they need, lead need to do. They will give you monthly payment quotes.

and like I said, they do interest rate matching in it and I’m closing costs matching and they do handle all kinds of loans, va loans, native American, native American loans, Fha and conventional. So I don’t need to worry there. I think the last thing that we talked about, where was the lending side? Custom homes, broken Arrow builders, um, the next thing that I want to break off into, what’s the homesite reservation side, which we probably discussed a little bit already, neighborhoods in jenks but I want to cover it again to fully refundable deposit.

there’s no rush decisions. We want you to have a full week. Generally I take a loan deposit before the price out, meaning which is your fan favorite meeting, but after the tour. So at that point, usually it is within seven days that people can usually make a good decision and, and, and not feel rushed doing it. So, um, but we talked about that, that switching home sites is allow you will your time, all home sites or one of a kind. neighborhoods in jenks They all have different characteristics, different traits. Um, those thousand dollars deposits, we don’t cash the check. So that’s a time when you want to get all your questions answered.

it does blog all other buyers from picking that home site that you liked, that was your preferred home site. It does block it. So it’s super awesome, um, way of handling a person that is super interested in a specific area that knows exactly what they want and they found a home site that they love. They’re one of a kind of home sites. So we do offer that and it’s usually a good thing. I do take hoagies I reservations because a lot have a, excuse me, customer custom homes, neighborhoods in jenks broken Arrow builders. I have had to give those checks back every once in a while. Um, but it’s a much easier decision to give the check back then to have a conversation with the buyer about somebody taking their favorite homesite that usually it does not end well. And I usually don’t mind having a or like have the conversation more about giving the check back then I’ll do about homesites because generally people get kind of upset about that. So that is the homesite reservation stage. The fourth stage and final stage before purchase agreement is the price out stage we made it. Your favorite model that you saw on the tour. It’s about a 45 minute to an hour meeting. It’s itemized pricing.

So for instance, you know, you go pick bananas up at your favorite, the happiest place in the world which is target. Will you pick up chocolate, Brownie, ice cream, ben and Jerry’s, and it’s $4 and thirty nine cents. Um, all of it, you know, will be itemized out in the house designed the way you want. It will show you how much the gutters are. It will show you how much a floor receptacle is. It will show you how much a gasoline step out is. It will show you how much your wood floors are. Hardwood tile floors were in the living room. It will give you all those details. All of them, all of the questions will be answered. Um, we’ve done it. I’ve done hundreds of price out, some quite knowledgeable. Now all of our auctions actually, we offer about 460,000 options. So you can understand why we could consider ourselves to be fully cooked through homes, broken Arrow builder in the area, and it’s because we have so many options in our design studio has so many options. So custom homes, broken Arrow, neighborhoods in jenks

it’s pretty easy to understand that we consider ourselves to be the most customer without going full customer, having an architect involved in building house, we consider ourselves to be the most custom of the area. So we are super excited about that. We do love it to be considered that and we will give you itemized pricing down to the dollar price the way you want. And we will sit here with you. My price, our book, I mean that’s probably 50 to 100 pages, 200 pictures in there or we go everything from weatherproof hosts bigots out front too, you know, um, tub cabinet, front cabinet on your master tub front. neighborhoods in jenks So certainly towel, shall we price it all out. And uh, so the pricing is pretty close. And I would say 95 percent of the price for the house is included in. You will know that before ever go into a purchase agreement. So that’s the last step before we do purchase agreement. Generally within that timeframe, that usually takes a week to two weeks to get all done. Um, when somebody is interested, we do have people that come in that are not super interested to start the process. They’re just looking, but then they do figure out, man, they really liked the homes and they’re ready to go. But, uh, that’s all the steps until the purchase agreement. At this point we are ready for purchase agreement.

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