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Neighborhoods in Jenks | Painfully Common Pitfalls

Neighborhoods in Jenks | Painfully Common Pitfalls

All right, now your honor here, back with shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder. I’m extremely excited to be back to talk a little bit more about this book if you have not read it, jeff shore buying the experience. It’s a really, really good book. Um, and uh, really, really like it. And so you should read it if you have not. Um, I would say all custom homes, broken Arrow builders, salespeople should read it, not only their sales managers, probably because it is excellent at breaking down, um, sales techniques and some of the areas that happen in the industry as well as some of the great things that happen. Neighborhoods in Jenks So here we go for common pitfalls, um, that custom homes, broken Arrow builders in their sales agents make and not just broken Arrow, but a lot of people in the nation don’t understand some of this stuff.

These guys are specialists at helping you see where your pitfalls are. So I’m constantly getting custom home. This is Cheryl homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder discussing buying the experience by Jeff Shore. And, uh, we’re talking more about painfully common pitfalls that sales agents have when they have a new buyer walks through the door prospective buyer. And the first common pitfall is feature dumping. So, uh, and this happens a lot if you were to say that you were to, even if you’re in the industry that’s accustomed homes, broken Arrow, builder or industry, or say that you’re, you’re, um, are looking for a house. Neighborhoods in Jenks You’ll notice if you go to some of these model homes, that this is what will happen. You will have features and dumped on you. It’s ridiculous and annoying. Um, and a lot of times it’s the obvious aspects of the home, that the, the, the sales agents talk to you about whether you want them to or not. Um, sometimes people call it, they show up and throw up approach a showing and spewing. Selling is telling. Show isn’t showing US knowing, it’s not really glamorous or helpful to the customer because what kind of help is it when you say, look, here’s the dining room. They know that that’s the dining room. It’s just an annoying comment and, and not helpful. One at that. So,

that’s why feature dumping can be. I’m a big area that’s a big problem, especially for custom homes, broken Arrow builders. Neighborhoods in Jenks Um, some of the ones I’ve rolled through, Amy O’connor says this, and this is a direct quote, she says, feature dumping sometimes appears very appealing to certain high and mighty people in the home selling organization as the owners of the company, the regional division presidents or the vps of purchasing. We want to make sure that you highlight every, and I mean every single solitary item that money was located to conclude your best sales job in this instance may be selling your leaders on understanding that you will absolutely highlight important features when they are irrelevant to specific buyers. And then which the little bit of reading I’ve done, here’s another guy who is a contributor to the book. Let me look his name up real quick.

And some of the comments I’ve read from him, um, they have been outstanding. As a matter of fact, I’ve highlighted nearly every minute that this guy has said, um, his name is Ryan tapped. He says his little comment about features feature dumping is this, he says, the sales world has endorsed a false teaching that I believe is the root cause of feature dumping this teaching makes the claim, if you’re not talking, then you’re not building value. That could be, that could not be any less true. This talk to build value philosophy leads to a game show style presentation where salespeople throw out a ton of features in the hopes that one or more than one spire the customer to purchase. I agree with the late great business philosopher Jim Rome said, hope is not a strategy and a, I mean, wasn’t that rich. Um, so rich, Neighborhoods in Jenks if you’re not talking, then you’re not doing a value that is a false teaching, a misconstrued value and it’s rarely works.

And I actually have a story about this that I would like to share and I’m not gonna name the agent in our company that I believe really struggled with this. And I really think this was a pitfall. And um, you know, we do this model home tour. I’m disgusted and in our, in our podcast before this at shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders and own tour, I would see this individual and he would be giving tours and the tour, the majority of the tour was him talking. Every time I would go past it would be him talking. And so it was really, really just a struggle, honestly, that I would just feel bad. I mean almost wanted to say something because what it, what it came off as is pompous. It came off arrogant. It came off as self focused in century city self centered and um, and they’re going to get into some points a little bit later and some different chapters that I think is great. A man. I mean, if you’re not, which I think one of the comments they make is having an insane curiosity for people. Neighborhoods in Jenks If you don’t have an insane curiosity for people,

then you won’t make it in this business because if you’re just in it for the money or if you’re just in it for yourself or the popularity or you feel like it’s easy, but you’re not in it to discover and help people to accomplish a task which is, you know, easily probably the fourth or third or fourth biggest decision somebody makes in her lifetime, which is the purchasing of a home, the man, you’re going to struggle. My favorite honestly. Neighborhoods in Jenks And, and you could ask anybody that knows me. My favorite thing about this position is the people. It’s when new people come in the door and I get a chance to talk. My least favorite thing about this position is sitting here in silence, not talking to people and sometimes even talking to people gets old, but it’s beats. It beat the tar out of just sitting here in a chair and not doing anything.

Sitting in a model home. Man, I’m, you know, or the problem with this individual who, you know, didn’t sell very much. Was He? Every time I passed him, he was talking, talking about everything in the house had to offer and it just was a bad experience. I felt so bad for the people on tour because it seemed like I never heard them talking. And um, so I believe if you’re not talking then you’re not building value. The false teaching or moniker here, I believe this guy follow, follow that Rabbit Hill, right? That rabbit hole right down the farthest point it could go. And it’s shaw homes, custom broken or builders, custom homes, Neighborhoods in Jenks broken Arrow builders, man. It was a bad deal. And so man, I thought that was so rich and I totally agree with the concept of allowing and asking the proper questions or even targeted questions that would bring out an emotional response so that you can really understand who your buyer is because they’re going to have a shield up when they come through the door.

And um, and you’re gonna it’s gonna require pointed questions, a general curiosity and desire to help and care that it’s going to make that buyer facilities and feel like they can trust you and when they can trust you, then then, then that’s when you have the opportunity to change your lives, but just so you know, questions and getting the buyer to talk is the way that you sell homes, talking all the time and not allowing the buyer to talk is a way to not sell homes and it is a bad, Neighborhoods in Jenks bad problem. Um, that was the first point of what we were gonna talk about next, which is for painfully common pitfalls. Okay. And so, um, we talked feature dumping this next point we’re going to talk, I want you to tune in. It’s gonna be an awkward silence, which can be a huge problem. And a so shaw home. This is Nigel just all homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders. Um, we are the number one custom home broken arrow builder in the area. Um, we have the facts to prove it because we offer more range than anybody can offer. We have 77 plans. It’s more humbling than any builder. We have a design studio, 460,000 options you can pick in your home to customize and personalize, so we do back it up. We are the most custom homes, broken arrow builder in the area. I buy.

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