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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Construction Homes Bixby Ok | It ‘S Exciting To Have Your New Home Built


We are very excited for all of our clients that get to experience the process of cleaning their new home coming out of a New Construction homes Bixby OK job site. when at the very beginning of the project or process there was nothing in the spot before that. It brings a whole new sense of my helmet to the phrase. Whenever you are there through the whole process watching and being involved in the planning. And I’m options for your new home.

This is why we sent out like years ago to create a new company model, one that is going to be more inclusive and more informative to our clients, one that was client centered and not around chest cells and growth. While we did want to see our New Construction homes Bixby OK, the company grew and branched out, like any other construction company or home builders in the area. it did not continue to be our main focus. Our customer is dead and the way that we are content working with our customer and the way that we are engaging them in the process. We’re going to explain more about that later but I just want you to be able to see the difference and work with our Shaw homes model and a model of other builders in the area.

Whenever you are able to I’m having your opinion heard and Incorporated in the build your anything that your new home you’re going to feel very empowered you’re going to feel like you had a part in building you new Construction homes Bixby OK, But you really believe the effects of this new communication with our clients and empowerment of them to be involved in the process is going to have effects long into Tulsa future. Our clients will be more fulfilled and we believe will tend to live a longer happier life within the walls of their home then other homeowners in the city.

Knowing that people that are building with us are having a better time they are happier about the customer service they’re happier about the project they feel more informed because they are taking a very complicated and unfamiliar project and we are making it Donnelly familiar but where it has anybody can have a working understanding of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. That way whenever it comes down to it and they are curious about the last missed deadline we can tell them we had one contractor that was coming in to do windows and we didn’t have the molding done yet on the window sill.

They’re going to understand this. This is what we’re table out every step of the way you’re going to have information you need to feel as if you know what’s going on and you’re going to feel that way cuz you will whenever you can take a system and break it down and teach somebody about what did it is that they’re pain our company for it is going to feel more

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