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New Construction Homes in Edmond | the Perfect Fit

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If you’re looking for a new home helmet, admin, Oklahoma, tri Shaw homes, admin, Oklahoma Shaw homes is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma with over 35 years of experience. Within the last couple of years, Shaw homes has began building in the greater Edmond, Oklahoma city, Piedmont Mustang, and Yukon areas, Shaw homes, new construction homes in Edmond. Some of the floor plans that are available are the four. Cynthia. This is a home that is just a little bit over 1700 square feet, but he does have a covered porch and a two car garage. Any of the lots that are available in the twin silos in Edmond, Oklahoma deer Creek, Oklahoma, or pinnacle Mustang, Yukon area would be able to have this floor plan on it. Whenever you walk in the first, Cynthia you’ll immediately go to your left. And it has both of the smaller bedrooms that share a Jack and Jill bathroom. This is a new home that can be built in Edmond, Oklahoma with Shaw homes, Edmond, Oklahoma, new homes. Once you come out of the bedrooms, you will be in the great room. Also known as the living room.

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The kitchen island is parallel with the great room. You could also have a nook. That’s a 9.9 by a 10.1. After you’ve walked out of this area, the master bedroom is a 12 by 14. You do have two options with the master bath in this new home with Shaw homes and Edmond, Oklahoma, two different options available would be a tub and a shower. Or if you do not want to have a tub and a shower, um, you could also have a double vanity sink. This is in the four Cynthia plan, Shaw homes, new homes, Edmond, Oklahoma, new construction homes in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (02:11)
There is a covered patio on the back. And what’s lovely about this floor plan. The new home in Edmond, Oklahoma is that the vaulted ceilings in the great room flow out into the back patio. And then there’s the covered area. This is a new plan, new Shar homes, Edmond, Oklahoma. Another plan that we have available is called the Gardenia. This is in Edmond, Oklahoma, new homes, Shaw homes, new construction homes in Edmond. I haven’t been to Oklahoma. The Gardenia sits at 1,863 square feet. So it’s just a little bit larger than the four Cynthia plan. The bedrooms have a different configuration. So when you walk in, you immediately can go to the left and there are the two smaller bedrooms. The laundry room is just off of the third bedroom and it also the laundry room connects into the master closet and the master bath, which then flows into the master bedroom.

Speaker 1: (03:29)
The bathroom that’s shared by bedroom. Number two and bedroom. Number three is a 7.1 by a 6.9. It has a really nice sized entry hall. And this Edmond, Oklahoma new home construction plan offered by Shaw homes, Edmond, Oklahoma. The great room is in 19 by 11, and then it has a beautiful covered patio, which is an optional enlarged patio. If you want to go with an upgrade on this plan, this is a Gardenia plan. It’s 1,863 square feet, and that’s in Edmond, Oklahoma, new homes, Edmond, Oklahoma Shaw homes. It also has a mud bench with a shelf in the open plan. And then this could also be a two or a three car garage, depending on which thought you decided to put it on. This is a new home in Edmond, Oklahoma that could be put in twin silos, Edmond, Oklahoma deer Creek, new homes, new construction homes in Edmond, Oklahoma, or it could also be put in our pinnacle community, which is located off of Sarah road and 29th sheet in Mustang, Yukon area, Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (04:58)
The Hawthorne is a beautiful floor plan that sits at 1,860 square feet. We actually have this floor plan available right now as a move in ready home as of September 20th, 2020, this is in our twin silos neighborhood. So you walk in and this is a, let’s see, this is a Ford bedroom. And then you could also have a nook area off of your covered patio, which can be an additional upgrade. Some of the other four planes that we include in our new home communities in Edmond, Oklahoma are the Inverness, the Jasmine and the Kincaid that are all available. These range anywhere between 1,920 100 square feet. We also have the Magnolia and the Peyton are available as well. The Magnolia floorplan sits at 2,336 square feet. And then the Peyton sits at 2,311 square feet. These are two of our most popular plans. They’re definitely a craftsman style, modern farmhouse style, both come with a mud bench in the walk-in area, just off of the garage.

Speaker 1: (06:30)
These are all new homes, new construction homes in Edmond, Oklahoma, SHA homes, Edmond, Oklahoma deer Creek, Edmund, Oklahoma Mustang, Yukon area, uh, Oklahoma. If you have any questions about any of these floor plans, you can contact Lindsay young with Shaw homes. Phone number is four zero five eight three seven four one seven oh. And email address is L young at Shaw home stock com. Again, all of these four plans are available in our twin silos neighborhood, which is off of a hundred and 50th street in deer Creek. It’s just a few mile drive off of I 44. These are new homes, shallow homes, Edmond, Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (07:31)
Right now, if you are in the market for a new home, or if you’re looking to build interest, rates are great right now, um, lumber is going up. And so we would definitely encourage you to go ahead and look further into that building process or look into getting a market ready home, move in, ready home with Shaw homes, new construction homes in Edmond, Oklahoma. Again, if you’re looking to get into a new home, come to Shaw homes, Edmond, Oklahoma deer Creek, Oklahoma. If you’re looking for a floor plan, that’s bigger than what’s listed at Bev. We have several different communities. We have timber Ridge that’s located in Piedmont. We have a twin silos that’s located in deer Creek, Edmond, Oklahoma, new homes, Edmond, Oklahoma, SHA homes, Edmond, Oklahoma. We also have communities that are in Edmond proper, which are rich Creek. And also we have, um, homesites available and Woodland park orchard, which should be for our luxury series, which are usually between 3000 square feet. And up our

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Last community is located in the messing Yukon area. The neighborhood is called pinnacle. It has all of the floor plans available that I just listed that are for twin silos, new homes, Shaw homes, Edmond, Oklahoma, new homes, Shaw homes, Mustang, Yukon, new homes, Piedmont, Oklahoma, new construction, Piedmont, Oklahoma, new construction homes in Edmond, Oklahoma Shaw homes, Edmond, Oklahoma. Again, those floor plans where the first Cynthia, the Gardenia, the Hawthorne. We also have the Inverness, the Jasmine and the Kinkaid available. And our last two, the largest ones which are between, um, 23 and 2,400 square foot are the Magnolia and the Peyton. Again, all of these are available in twin silos, Edmond, deer Creek area, SHA homes, Edmond, Oklahoma. And we also have these lots available or home sites available to build upon in the Mustang Yukon area in our pinnacle community.

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