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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Home Builder in Tulsa | Best Available

New Home Builder in Tulsa | Best Available

As the premier new home builder in Tulsa we are very very frequently asked if not constantly what features do we include in our homes and we so respect that question being asked because it’s where somebody should start to seriously start but it’s obviously an important feature because we are also frequently asked by customers how much does your home per square feet. What do you build a home per square foot for. And the true story of that question or the true answer to that question is what’s in the home. What do you want in the home. We often joke with clients when they ask that question it’s a good example is well if you’re going to buy a home by the cost per square foot You probably also shop buy or shop for a new car by the cost per pound right. And you know you have to laugh at that point because it is just kind of absurd when you hear it that way. And that’s the exact same approach you have to take when purchasing a home cost per square foot is truly determined by the buyers wants and needs. If you pay attention to our Web site if you spend a lot of time on the Shaw Home-Start kind of website you’ll recognize that we are the premier Tulsa builder because of what’s on there because of the effort and the time that we’ve put into it to make sure that we answer questions before you even know it’s a question. And what goes into our homes being a very commonly asked question is incredibly incredibly important to you as the buyer. It’s your money that you’re spending.
So we want to be cognizant that you get that everything you want. So when you when you go to a builder a of course is the builder it shows homes because we are the builder to purchase a home from in the Tulsa area. But you want to look at that list and say OK well it’s important to me that I have granite counters in my kitchen and I want granite counters and all of my baths as a new home builder in Tulsa. We include granite in our kitchens because we know having the greatest and the largest number of fully furnished and decorated model homes every one of those model homes has granted it. And the reason is we know that most people want it knowing that it doesn’t mean that builder B C or D and on down the line everybody else that follows us. We don’t know that they are including granite. Actually we know but you don’t have the buyer. So it’s imperative that you have a list of your own. We advise folks to sit down before they come to us and say what is it that we feel is important. It’s a simple task but it’s one that you want to spend some time on pause that favorite TV show of yours if you’re watching the walking dead pause the TV show. I don’t care if it’s halfway through because you know you’re going to start it up as soon as you’re done making this list.
But sit together and say OK we have an appointment Saturday to go talk to the premier homebuilder in Tulsa show homes and while we’re in there do we want to spend time finding out whether they include granted or do we want to spend time paying attention to the floor plan that we’re there to see paying attention to what other floor plans they offer. Paying attention to what community the communities they build and what features those communities offer. Do we want to pay attention to whether or not their toilets are elongated standard size or 88 toilets or do we want to pay more attention to the location of their communities and what’s near them as a new home builder in Tulsa. We have a broad range of products. We have a broad range of additional upgrades and features we can add into homes that specifically meet a certain client’s needs but we don’t include them because they don’t meet enough client’s needs where we feel everybody’s going to want to spend the money on that object. We tried it to in our homes. Design our homes and outfitter homes to meet the greater percentage of new home buyers. We want our floor plans to reflect that greater needs. So as a new home builder in Tulsa we look at it from the perspective of okay if we include that in every home we have to increase the price of every home by the cost of that item. And if it’s only $100 and we think half of the people out there are going to like it we’re probably going to include it if it’s $5000 and we think only half of the people out there are going to want it or love it or desire it. We’re probably not going to include it. That’s a big ticket item.
So you have to do the same thing you have to say OK it’s not such an important question as first of all as to what the builder includes. It’s the most important question for us as home buyers or myself as a home buyer to look at. What I want need and desire now those really truly should be three different lists. What do I need in a home. First of all so what do I need. I have three kids. There’s myself and my wife. We have two dogs. What does this family unit need to be comfortable in that home. Those are needs. This once. What do I want in the home. Well we’ve always talked about the fact that we want to gain room to entertain. OK. Well if we’re going to be at the premiere new home in Tulsa. Shaw homes were going to be in their model. We’re going to be looking at their product and what they can do for us and all of their different floor plans. How many of their floor plans offer a game room. That’s a great way to start the process more efficiently for your time we’re there. Our models are open some five days a week some six and seven days a week. Our time is ewers but it’s still more important for us to focus on your needs rather than the simple stuff the paperclips and Staples aren’t that important to how the business runs. Is what that business produces what service that business offers and can do for the people and its neighbor and its community as. The new norm. New Home Builder in Tulsa
As the new home builder in Tulsa who has received the most words every year of the Parade of Homes we know how to include the right things in a home. We also know how to include amazing upgrades. It’s important during our interactions with you to find out what upgrades that are included. You’re going to want that same list wants needs and desires you might desire an Olympic size pool. You may not want to pay for the size pool so that item will come off the want list. You may. As in previous podcasts we’ve done you may want that home to be outfitted as your forever home a forever home is going to have what are called compliancy features and that stands for the American Disabilities Act 88 complaints the features are things such as all doorways in the home being thirty six inches wide. You may want that. It really is an amazing feature. It makes the home look larger and more open. You may desire it because of those same features. But is it going to fit into the budget. When you get down to the brass tacks of the cost of having every doorway enlarged Sometimes you actually can’t enlarge a doorway to a closet or to a hall bath because there’s not enough space. It just all comes down to the floor plan fitting your needs. Earlier on in your investigation earlier on in your process. So to continue as as the new home builder in Tulsa you want to start by looking at your Again wants needs and desires. And determining if.
Well let’s back up in this state right from the beginning the list of wants needs and desires for home is probably going to be one of the driving factors that leads you to shop homes quite often and more often than not something that a new home buyer wants is a home that has that is built by a company that’s going to stand behind it a warranty essentially. It’s one of we used the example earlier of buying a car by the pound is the same thing as buying a home by the cost per square foot. It’s that exact same thing. What is one of the first things you look at when you’re buying a new car. What the warranty is it’s important to have a warranty on a vehicle. Now look at the cost of the home obviously being considerably more than the cost of your average car. Well that cost of that home. In looking at it you’re going to want the best warranty. Shaw homes as the premier builder in Tulsa has the best warranty in Oklahoma. Our warranty is incredible. Our company stands behind their product. That’s one of the first features that we hear from people as their consideration to walk in our door. They talk to another person they purchased a home from us and said not only these not only are these guys the biggest home builder in Tulsa. They’re also the only builder in Tulsa that has this package that has the. When you look at a to you as well and you want to pay attention to how long that builder has been in business now Shaw home started building homes as the company Shell homes in 1985. Now Glen Shaw the owner of the company was a builder in Tulsa.
Prior to that he was building for someone else not himself. So in 1985 when we became a builder we started our time line. We started our history. So from 1985 until now you can add up the years you can look back and say Wow. So this company has had a good reputation for that number of years. It’s over 30 years that we’ve been in business in the Tulsa area and has a new home builder. Our reputation is everything to us. We build an incredible amount of homes for people that we’ve built homes for their family members their relatives their coworkers their neighbors somebody they go to church with. So as a new home builder Tulsa is one of the greatest features for us to pay attention to how you live in our home. What can go wrong and how we take care of it. And there’s the warranty. New Home Builder in Tulsa

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