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New Home Builders | Best of the best

Hello I’m David Dumont the owner of the world’s finest unibrow. And we’re here with Aaron and as the founder of builders training academy Aaron has an incredible track record of helping new home builders exceed their sales goals through the discipline of continued training and to borrow a page from Anthony Robbins constant and never ending improvement. Erin thank you for joining us today. You bet. Are there any specific tests that you use on someone you interview for a new home sales position that you find most most people fail. Yeah. I mean.
After they get done explaining to me how great of a sales person they are because you know in every interview I mean the sales person is going to come in and they’re going to have the same things to say every time I am the top achieving sales person.
Every company I’ve ever worked at. I mean granted there was only two of us and the other person was homeless but you know I was top notch man at the last place I was at bro. So you know everybody comes in and has that to say right off the bat that they were amazing at their last sales jobs so after they get done explaining to me how amazing and awesome that they are as a closer and that like they’ve got the closing ninja moves of a you know.
A great ninja warrior of the past. I mean and how they you know can wrestle down any difficult client and get them to say uncle after they get done explaining to me all of that I love doing this to them. So they get all done with that and then basically I just reject them. I tell them you know that’s great that that type of closing worked for you in the past. But I mean to be honest with you that kind of stuff just doesn’t work anymore. And that’s really just not the kind of person that we’re looking for here. So I just pretty much pull out a baseball bat and smack them in the face with it right after they get done telling me what a ninja they are. So I love that because it’s so interesting. Basically when I reject them like that the next thing that they do it’s it’s just awesome. They like crumble. They go Oh OK.
So you’re not looking for somebody like that. Well thanks for interviewing me anyways.
Should I show myself out. It’s crazy like they just got done telling me that they’ve got all these ninja moves. They just got done telling me that they basically climb up into the top turnbuckle in the wrestling ring and do a double back flip off the top rope with a flying elbow to close their deals and then I’m like yeah you won’t be able to do that here. New Home Builders
And they immediately crumble into this puddle of humanity on the floor and then scurry out the door and leave the interview. It’s crazy. If somebody is really a closing ninja somebody is really the type of person who can just close any deal. Why would they run at the very first moment of somebody rejecting them and saying no to them. But it shocks me how many times this effectively makes them tuck tail and run.
If they overcome that objection what do you do with them next. New Home Builders
Next thing I do is I just slap them across the face. No I don’t really. If if they totally overcome that objection then that really that first little dose of rejection that I gave them is honestly just the first part of the torture test that I want to put them through. It’s the first part of rejection like I literally want them to feel as rejected as the guy with the Coke bottle glasses when we were in elementary school was when he got to junior high and started trying to date. I mean I want him to know rejection like he’s never known rejection before. So I just start rejecting in other ways from that point. I when we end the interview I’m going to tell him hey you were great. I mean I definitely put you at the top of my list. You were just awesome in this interview. Here’s the deal though. There were a lot of other great people in in the next 24 to 48 hours. I’m going to be making a decision to go ahead and hire somebody. So if you don’t hear from me it’s because I wasn’t interested. So then I basically don’t call them again I just leave it hanging out there. It doesn’t matter when I was actually going to wrap up my interviewing. I always tell them 24 to 48 hours. And if you don’t hear from me it’s because I wasn’t interested in you because you know what when you get into a new home sales you’re going to hear a whole bunch of I love this house. This is awesome.
This is exactly what we’re looking for. And then they drop off the face of the planet after that because you didn’t follow up with them. You didn’t keep going after them and there were other people talking to him showing them homes. So I want them to get used to and I want to see that they know how to follow up with me and just come after me with a passion. New Home Builders
We talked a lot about the hiring of sales people. Once you’ve attained that sales person how do you go about helping them set their goals helping them set the levels of achievement they want to reach. I guess at that point your dream building you’re finding out what they’re what their goals are what their points of success are. New Home Builders
Yeah absolutely I mean you get that person who you finally find the cream of the crop and you’ve done you’re done sorting out the crap that floated to the bottom. Now you’ve got a what you think is a superstar salesperson person and the next step is really to just get them flying on an all time high. You want them to be ready to run through a brick wall and a leap over a tall building with a single bound. So in order to do that you just want to give them complete positive reinforcement.
I like to call this the America’s Got Talent or the American Idol syndrome where you know these people get on these shows and they like are really not very confident when they first get on there. And then if you fast forward to the end of the season the amount of confidence they have is incredible but it’s because their coach or their mentor has been just pumping them full of positive reinforcement all the way through the show.
And so it’s the same thing with salespeople. They’ve got to have momentum. They’ve got to have believe it’s one thing to want to believe in yourself. It’s a totally different thing to actually believe in yourself. And so one of the ways we do that is we set goals. You know we’re going to jump in and we’re going to go OK. You have to sell this many homes are you. You have to you know get these kinds of results. And so here’s the thing. I feel like your goals should be so big that you’re actually embarrassed to tell them to other people. I mean literally when you tell them what your goals are. If you had a roomful of people and you were to tell the goals that you set I would want the whole room to laugh at you when you tell them the goals. I literally think that you need to set goals that are so big that if people don’t hysterically laugh at you then it was a worthless goal. So if you if your goals are that big then it literally is going to take like a miracle of God for this. This you know it’s going to be the parting of the Red Sea for you to actually be able to sell this or. It’s going to take a lot more people than just you to make it happen. And that’s really the key. It’s it’s going to take more than just you. I mean your goals should be to sell more homes than anyone has ever sold in your company in its whole history. New Home Builders
Your Goals should seem impossible and completely outside of what you think you can accomplish. So that. Here’s the purpose here’s the main crux of this so that you strive for answers that you currently don’t have.
If someone set a goal that is so big that they can’t possibly obtain it then what are the steps to even try to move in that direction for them.
All right. I am going to quote the greatest football coach in the history of college football Mr. Jim Harbaugh from the great University of Michigan football team the winningest college football team in the history of college football.
When he said these two things first he said attack every day with an intensity and known to mankind. Words to live by by the great Jim Harbaugh. The other thing he said is you want to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. It’s here’s the thing. Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and they grossly underestimate what they can do in five and I’ll give you an example of this. Most people come in as a new home sales person and they expect to light the world on fire. They’ve got these huge goals they’re going to crush it. They’re going to be the top dog three months in they’re going to be our top salesperson. They have these huge goals. And then. Three weeks later if they haven’t sold their first home. All you hear is a bunch of whining and crying.
I don’t have any traffic in and your prices are too high and we don’t have the right upgrades to sell to the customers. No I can’t sell anything that’s a bunch of crap. New Home Builders
That is so not true. Here is the thing. Most people have these huge goals in year 1. But what they need to do is embrace the grind of every single day. They need to embrace getting up early learning the business studying it like a beast. And then in five years they’re going to be crushing it. They’re going to be in five years from now they’re going to be making the kind of money that doctors make. That’s what they need to do from that standpoint. And you know one of the things Jim Harbaugh would say is you just want to get one tenth of one percent better every day. Most people think oh I’m going to get 10 percent better today. No you just want to get one tenth of one percent better today because if you go do the math three years from now you are literally going to be 100 percent more effective than you are right now. Imagine that being 100 percent more effective in three years from now. So.
Well Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your builder wisdom with us. I’m David Dumont. We’ve been speaking with Aaron Anstiss the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening and be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow. New Home Builders

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