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New Home Construction | Find an Area You Love

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Happy Sunday, happy Sunday, happy Sunday, Lewis back with another Warren. It is Saturday, May 9th, May 9th, 2021. Um, so community manager for Shaw homes, uh, for all their construction needs, pleased shotguns.com builds a variety of floor plans. Um, um, 1200 square feet all at our dollars work on what your family needs are, what your desires are, what your dreams are and the floor plan. We’re focusing our efforts on Edmond, Oklahoma in Oklahoma, when it comes to building your new home, new home construction, check out shop.com. So today is mother’s day. That was pretty cool. Woke up. Of course, my son, my youngest woke up at the crack of Dawn and I see of the town talking about, can you help me make my bed? I was like, listen, you make your bed speed. It took me a while to get out of themself because I stayed uploaded or just the money to get up as early as he was.

Speaker 1: (01:16)
I don’t know. So I eventually woke up. It was, I thought the backtrack before I went to sleep, I went to my daughter said, Hey, do you want to put them on these preps? She said, yeah. So we talked about what he’s going to make in terms of maybe what not to ask what that is. She went simple at 10, we talked about 7 30, 7 45. So we blinded kitchen and she reminds me, um, it’s aching is improved. We’re going to do the A’s better. She loves it. So I would put that plus I had one day I had one day.

Speaker 1: (01:54)
So she made her pancakes, um, added little Simmons when she, um, did debate. And I did the, and she didn’t paintings. There was one point in time where she wasn’t paying attention or she was when she did. And she wanted to go flip to the bank. It wasn’t completely done on the other side. So she pushed CRC thought it was done. So she flipped in unfinished, planted onto the finished product. It’s a real house of snaps of that, but Blair on the appendix. So I would let this pool just take that one off and put it back in. And then I told her for the ones that have worked better on just bring them back in the community. So therefore you don’t have to look wrong for New Home Construction . So we did that, fixed it. Everything was near. We brought about anything from there to talk about. What else, what else were we going to do with? So had we had watermelon grapes, oranges. So she

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Said lots of water. I’m sorry. [inaudible] she wants to go ahead and plate mom’s [inaudible] for him. Do what you do for your mom. Mom, do she typically it made some good pancakes, so I’m not mad at her for that. Um, so at this moment she wanted to be a little fancy with it. So she decided to put a little cream insert on the pancakes. I was like, yeah, remember my tacos. I don’t say this out loud. I had the mom and lock unlock for this too sweet, but she just didn’t want to eat it. So she made it and she put, um, she put one pancake moly with blue crane to pour the syrup on top of, uh, and the size of this is one mother, couple things of grapes. And then she’d better baking and put the bacon on top of the pancake with the whipped cream and circle top. But [inaudible] but teachers are so she gave it to her mother and mother loved this. She ate her. She didn’t finish it or she definitely. Um, but if you’re looking for a new home, you wanting to build a New Home Construction. If you live in Edmond, Oklahoma area is affordable. All it takes is a click of a finger or the mouse or the punching of numbers on phone. You can easily [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (04:41)
Whereas a lot of places that get a piece of paper say, Hey, look at this model on this piece of paper for some people, that’s the thing before a lot of people that prefer to look at something, um, and you can actually attack towers as well as block. That’s not. That’s how I am. [inaudible]. So getting back to this morning, she finishes momma eats where she can east quarter or there’s too sweet. So she said, um, and then after that baking morals, [inaudible] breakfast weights. He says, we ask him about, I tried, I asked everybody, what do you want from breakfast? He uses boxes. I’m not hungry. They just, I asked him three or four times. That’s possible breakfast over. And everybody’s in the kitchen looking for some food.

Speaker 2: (05:53)
Ooh, I’m actually a little bit, if you’re hungry, don’t say no 30 minutes later, [inaudible] it’s not, I’m only going to not eat, but for those next time I asked you what is the best response? And if you don’t need, yeah. So anyways, fast forward, um, it wasn’t too too much for me, Brooklyn getting this, um, it wasn’t even just a thermos handle, some work about materials and gift cards. Something simple, not, no, she’s not big on Julius. And so she figured it out from there might be emails or text messages from two potential world to clients, um, that are interested.

Speaker 2: (07:29)
Um, you said is a webinar that will pan out as an actual cell. Um, just takes time. It’s taken time. It’s been over a long time. I took them on a tour for New Home Construction , uh, this past week, last week of Manchester, the layouts, but I didn’t want to mess it up to level three because it may have been a waste at the time. And I’m trying to not waste time, but also trying to be inexperienced. So it was a win-win in that perspective, as opposed to not passing objection toward them, totally hooked me up if, and when you want to do some stuff. So if it means do not talk about someone, it was CPU, which is a Manchester. So before then it was he not in the atomic, I’m having Piedmont and [inaudible] to Shannon’s model be so much that the, of serving and, um, schedule for tomorrow before I felt now food, a level three speed is brief, but I think it’d be a solid I’m willing for the day where I don’t know. I think I’m under a pretty good job. There’s still a lot. So I definitely want to, um, it’s a lot to, in different plants in different steps of that stuff.

Speaker 2: (09:39)
Um, but yeah, so pick it, pack it in one I talked about. Yeah. So if we look before new home construction, check our homes.com in Oklahoma, check out and then new home construction.

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