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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Home Construction | Getting Financing Approved

Speaker 1: (00:03)
May 7th, 2021 name is Mike Russo, employee sales manager, community sales manager with Shaw wounds. Sean is the premier builder. When it comes to building New Home Construction that are tailored fit for your family desire, um, admin, Oklahoma, this is your chance. We’re hearing an area. Definitely give me for me to go ahead and build that. We’ll build that base on whichever home we live in for shotgun was having somebody have to come check us out at more than to talk about our incentives. So this month is may, may is mental health awareness month. So just make sure you have taken care of what’s most important passing this space to show that you stayed at this, anything or anybody or any situation disturb your body of your peace. Everybody needs that peace to stay safe. So that for Stacy? Yeah. Um, for me, we are doing this the center, so [inaudible] is going to extend into June. So just make sure, um, definitely try to get all that you can from shop, uh, firmly or offer you something. Make sure it’s the Jew first and foremost, and then try to take advantage. Manage every last cent is my personal opinion for all New Home Construction .

Speaker 1: (01:36)
This month we are offering $11,000 freed up place that’s for building was shot. He will get 11,000, 11,000 miles compared to us any upgrades you want to put inside your home, a grade such as type of flooring, you have your house or mood time taking pictures because baseboards three inches off. Some people like Kevin, I don’t know if that’s [inaudible] [inaudible] or not. Um, and then for using one of our lenders in the next couple of minutes that you want to put, if you use one of our preferred lenders, um, we’ll slide $4,000 also over there. And that’s what that was, can be used for your closing costs. The $4,000 won’t be nothing to your upgrades that’s separately. So we got 4,000. We’ll definitely be moved towards your closing costs and this where we can help you with it, won’t pay off, but we can help you with that because everyone, I said, if you, in a position where, um, I’ve been told my whole life, I’m passing all my teeth, someone’s going to give you something, do you research and make sure it’s worth getting [inaudible] they manage it. And I’m a firm believer in the hand that hand up, or is it coming down from this for you? Is there anything that happens?

Speaker 1: (03:14)
Um, this is only for a certain series, which is our hair. You see what’s in the lenses, um, possible for us. Moreover, if you were the first one, second, third home of Reverend [inaudible], we disappointed in the four banks, even disappointed each, you won’t be disappointed in the forklifts. You won’t be disappointed in the features. You will be disappointed in the Florida forklifts when disappointed in the top. Um, but backstage incentives, um, specifically for heritage in luxury series, which are two more, um, uh, progression, since all of a sudden, those are subject to using one of our, one of our preferred vendors for your mortgage in closing, the 4,000 is used towards closing no exceptions. If a non preferred lender is used, it is used at closing the $4,000 at closing and not being paid by our homes. And that portion is, and so we want to get the full $15,000 means you prefer now onto other, but before I do that, it is where you need a new home construction build.

Speaker 1: (04:43)
Make sure you check out shawhomes.com for all New Home Construction needs. If you’re looking to build introspection showers and we’re looking at service, shop homes.com, okay, so now I’ll talk from this. We have, we refer them. There’s just not a third lender. Here’s our homes. Our goal is to provide the customer is to provide the best customer experience from start to finish in the New Home Construction process. A major wall of that experience is the mortgage company that you hate is our preferred lenders have been hand-selected because they are experts in this industry. They have excellent customer service communication skills. They can match local interest rates, convincing feature RD, native American loans are all what he asked her, who might ask yourself, where do I start? Great question is the answer simply contact. Whenever I’m using that thing that you’re interested in building a shop, you can also easily go the website for that application.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
It’s free and only takes about five minutes even though within 24 hours, once you’ve been approved. And pre-approval some people assume that they’re engineered to do full-time, we encourage you to reach out to them first so that they can advise you on what you need to do to set yourself up for success. But you are a first time home buyer. We’ve done this a few times. Their goal is to help you purchase process. Step by step out of her limits are, and I know people here they are first United lawn, or this has contact information is now Nate 4 0 8 9 2 1 guaranteed rate. And has the currency phone number is nine eight two eight one five four seven five in AMC, which just added to boost more numbers. Now a MI 6 0 7 8 4 4 8. While I’m, while I have this brief, I want to talk to you about new home construction. It is awesome to get a home.

Speaker 1: (07:00)
It’s awesome. When you find a house that fits you in the market, best mark the set up right now, that feeling is hard to come by. Everything is tied up so quickly. Everything has multiple in the office on or within hours within minutes of posting. So the best way to go about it in my personal opinion is to gain something that your first time home is the best experience you can. One of the most rewarding experiences to provide is to provide, provide things with exactly what, how, um, adults, mothers, and fathers, who is a great way to do it as long. So definitely, definitely take your time, make it through. That’s all I brush off. So I have the process in place to help you think through the problem and through all the details. As people say, sometimes the devil’s in the details. Show us to make sure that you looked in the devil phase forward. So you never discerned it needs in Devon. Back then, that’s something that, like I said, new home construction ended up shopping.com definitely way to go.

Speaker 1: (08:26)
So until you put store, so my sons are playing sports to sound super excited. I’m really in preparation for him taking them out. My oldest son, my mind, he wants to play basketball. So I’ve been coaching him and teaching him how to do basketball. Just take his time to [inaudible] and he’s getting better. He’s getting each and every time it gets out there, he just had to continue to practice [inaudible]. But anyways, so outside of assignments it’s like football really is actually try to catch a ball with a dime. So I actually called him stand in front of me. I hold the ball. [inaudible] what is it with the time he catches it with the nose of the ball. And so the heat is used to test the ball like that. So when it actually comes time to throw overhand and he still comes up spiral, it will be sent to me. They know how to keep this music just is teaching teens. And that is bad, but yes, awesome. Little, two weeks in play, super v excited. But once again, within this thing on little shopping stop [inaudible] in admin shopping.

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