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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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I like what I’m doing, this is Mike Lewis. Again, I worked the shop New Home Construction sales manager. I sit in the retro model here and fixed me up, but it’s a nice model. It’s not going to go in different ways. I’ll tell you more about that. I was talking earlier about why I liked, I liked working with people and the personality is I can be a little bit of a standoff. This person in my, um, I am guarded, um, quiet myself, but when it comes to healthy people and help them, when it comes to helping people and giving people information, that’s when I perk up and I step outside my represent and I become an extrovert, actually, I’m an introvert, but I have to pick up. So, and this is a great way to help people attain the dream of owning their own home, Charlotte and Charlotte, for so many people over the years, I have not witnessed all of it, but I’m pretty sure just knowing what I know these past couple of months, I’m sure they’ve helped of other people to tell you that dream here in the area so much at you’re in the city, in Oklahoma city for that’s exciting.

Speaker 1: (01:12)
And I’m sure Sean has seen its share of ups and downs, but they persevered through all of it.

Speaker 1: (01:23)
I’m excited to see where this goes and excited to see the process. I’m excited to see people be excited when they say, oh, I can own this home. So she came to New Home Construction but my name is Michael Lewis. I’m sales manager. He was shot homes. We field in Bixby, Oklahoma build in the different communities, a big speed. Our Somerset states at the river, your chair, all the series. And there’s one more, oh, we’ve got one coming. Basically. Everybody is excited about BP metals. Why? Because they’re happy lots in there. People are ready to eat those up. When they come aboard. According to having to ask about what they look like, it’s going to be like when people know they’re opening and reading building, I thought that was the dimensions from near first, but it looks like they’re going to be heritage, which is a good thing for the couple came in here the other day.

Speaker 1: (02:36)
And they were really excited about it. And I told him to Portland, but yeah, no, not really well, something bigger. So I need to follow up with them and let them know. Hey, confirmation [inaudible] will be heritage. So I’ll let them look at those core plans. Again. I said them for a model New Home Construction tour and follow up with them. The day I texted him yesterday and he didn’t text me back. As soon as he just got busy. So I’ll do it today. Probably call. I need to get in the habit of calling versus texting. I know that go back in and I can talk the talk back in text it, why not text him then was shallow. Sean’s Oklahoma fix the Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (03:27)
We build over 65 plus workloads. The most popular is the Westport, but right on its heels with people walking the record, I personally liked the Monterey, but then again, I could see myself in the Cyprus. It just depends. It depends on why my kids, they know that they’re going to need their space for the picture. And right now space is very, very there. I don’t want more. I want to leave 2,500 square feet. I think that’s good. Maybe three people give everybody their own space. Their own room also come together in separate. Yeah. So one of those, but after that scars also like building my son. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (04:39)
oldest son seven, Mike, Michael, Jr. He likes to work with his hands like I do, but he’s also a math person. I get mad, but he gets, gets, gets mad. Like this is drugs. So, but he also taken a liking to basketball. I brought that outside and showed him. So we’ll see what that looks like. If you’re interested in building, please be aware that Shaw home is one of the premier builders been around since 1985 are not going away. Anytime soon we drilled in multiple communities. We’ve also added all of the cities to the market, Oklahoma city. It was just a matter of time before we the premium down there as well too. [inaudible] on a lot of speed. I should say, can get your family in the record, get your family in the which that you can find homes or

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Price ranges ranging anywhere from too much 50 carry probably up to about 800, just depending on what you’re looking for and what your practice can afford. So just to be honest, but time ago, the community, I sit in the Somerset just to be, um, we are not the only boobies in here, but we do own the majority of the New Home Construction sites in this community. So the majority of homeless in this community are Shaw homes, um, which is a good thing. People see our homes, they fall in love with them. They see the four plans [inaudible] to a potential cupper to a potential buyer. She yesterday they were wanting something specific in terms of like, can I see something with potential to him sweets or too sweet. So, oh, I’ve got the perfect plan for you. You had this foreplay and caught the Monterrey for her first novel. I sat in with her, got hired with the de Monterrey, nice 3,500 square feet. What makes it appealing for that type of customer is the fact that when you walk in on the bottom floor, you have your master bedroom suite, but then on the left side of the house or the right side of the piano, which where your garage is, there is a master bedroom suite, which means that master bedroom has a full bed, full bedroom, a walk-in closet and its own back.

Speaker 2: (07:45)
So if you had guestroom out of town, things like that, and then had their own space in the corner of the house. That’s ideal for family. Guess friends, whoever you got to set up your spot like you’re getting, but then upstairs, you got the bedroom there. So you got kids, they got their own space. They got the two beds upstairs and like a master bedroom. People like that, people also liked because the master bedroom is not right next to the kitchen. It’s off the beaten path. So it has people like that. No one wants to be in the kitchen and see a vision with different. So I’m going to shy to appeal, to different types of individuals. That’s one thing I can say about Shaw Shaw takes into consideration. Every person’s thought process when your parents and maybe we have a New Home Construction for all types of individuals, she looks up to the sales, myself and my

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Colleagues to sell the clients I mentioned. And I’m getting there. There are three level threes that I worked with close for three dot three, Colton. Generally all of them had there’s trends. They’re all great, their own, right? I think get the job. If I had to get denied to someone who has all of them, well, they all have critics, but their strengths, their strengths, that definitely different Tom breed out of the bay, her strength to the fact that she’s so personable, that people fall in love with her. And it’s true. People buy from me like, you know, your is just icing on the cake. So it became personable is the ultimate goal for me, stuff like that. But if you’re looking to build shop homes is the way to go. Big speakerphone, Brandon construction. Won’t be discipline. That’s how you do it when it comes to New Home Construction .

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