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New Home Construction in Broken Arrow | What School District Will I Be In

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Today and Shaw homes, new home construction in Broken Arrow with villages, Southern trails, sitting in a Monroe to P which interesting enough when we’re getting ready to look at them arose the, uh, Monroe one is 2274 square feet as a one-story and Monroe one E is 3074 square feet. That one has a game room and bathroom and bedroom up, uh, need to reply to this person trying to contact me when rose or at the mineral one E and next we will look at the Monroe Warren H so the square footage. Wow. Let me see if I can spell this word here. Plain square footage on the Monroe. One is 3074 square feet. And the four footage on the Monroe one age is 32 79 and has the three bedrooms down and it’s got two more bedrooms up and a game room. And then 1 0 1, I is 36, 71 square feet, and it has three bedrooms down, two up the game room and a bonus room downstairs that has that formal dining and the study, the Monroe one P has three bedrooms and two bathrooms down dining and study upstairs. It has a game room, bedroom, and a bathroom where Shaw homes, new construction, new home construction in Broken Arrow Southern trails. We are in a Monroe to pain. Do you want go to as a one-story as 21, 72 square feet, and it is a three bedroom, two bath.

Speaker 1: (02:26)
The Monroe two E is the same as the Moreau. Two, one story with the walkthrough from the master bedroom to the master bathroom, to the master closet, to the laundry room upstairs, it is a bedroom, a bathroom and a game room. The game room is over the living room and the Monroe two H is the same as some row two downstairs. It is 31 77 square feet, three bedrooms, two baths,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
And a dining room. Upstairs is a game room over the living room on two bedrooms and a bathroom. Then there’s the Monroe to I, which is 35, 13 square feet. It is a dining and three bedrooms down, two bathrooms down upstairs. It is a bonus room, a game room over the living, two bedrooms and a bathroom 35 13 square feet. The Monroe two P is the house I’m sitting on an village at Southern trails, new home construction in broken arrow, Shaw homes. We are the proud sponsors of the 2020 St. Two Tom. The Monroe TUPE is about 2,700 square feet, three bedrooms down, two baths upstairs, one bedroom, a game room, and a bathroom. And the Monroe three as a one-story is 2112 square feet as a one-story. It is a three bedroom with a formal dining and the, the Monroe three is 29 12, and it has the gamer over the living room upstairs and a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs.

Speaker 2: (04:36)
Um, I was trying to see if the bedroom is bigger on the E or the P it looks like on the P the bedroom upstairs is a 11, 11 inch by 10 foot 11 inches. And on this other one, it is a 15 foot six by 11. So the upstairs bedroom on the e-version of the Monroe three and the Monroe two and a one give us a better, bigger bedroom upstairs. And it keeps the game room down the hall, which is nice. In my opinion, they Monroe three eight, 3,117 square feet. And it has the same, well, the configuration downstairs, a little bit different with the dining and the study of crush from each other, like on the one. And then it has, uh, upstairs Kadesh two bedrooms and a game room and a bathroom. The Monroe three, I is the same as the three age with the dining and the study downstairs and the master in one bedroom downstairs,

Speaker 3: (05:57)
Upstairs, it’s got two additional bedrooms, a bonus Sherman, a camera. So that makes that one, um, a four bedroom instead of a five, like on the, I R on the one on the mineral one. And on the two, it is a five bedrooms. Well, so that nice. A little bedrooms gives you a study on the dining, off the front with the walk through, from the master to the laundry, different configuration bathroom off the garage, like in the, to the Monterey one has a one-story. It has a, uh, two bedrooms that are 10 feet, nine inches by 11 feet, six inches. And, um, it’s also got an extra powder bedroom bathroom downstairs, besides that bathroom between bedrooms two and three, it’s got a study and a dining. It has, um, the niche in the master bedroom. The Monterey one is 24 46 square feet. And you can build that as a two-story as a Monroe one, a and as a two-story, the bedroom downstairs changes into a master suite. And so then upstairs, you have one bedroom and a game room and downstairs, you have two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a powder bath. So that gives you a three bedroom house with a study and a formal dining, and it is 30 to 65 square footage. And if you make it a Monroe one age, that adds an extra bedroom upstairs. So that makes that house in four bedrooms for new home construction in Broken Arrow.

Speaker 3: (08:00)
Next house was a Monterey two as the same as the Monterey one, except they stretch the living room, the dining room, an extra four feet to make the extra wide space in that gray room. And in the dining room, I’m not sure where you’re supposed to put the TV in this room. Um, the Nottinghill H Kim shoe master bedroom down by itself. Um, kids’ bedrooms upstairs. You can do combination of two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a game room, or you can build that house with, um, three bedrooms upstairs and a game room and one bathroom, modify your home with new home construction in Broken Arrow.

Speaker 4: (08:55)
Or you can build it as the L with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a game room. And it’s still 26, 17 or 18 square footage. So slightly smaller than the Monroe to paint about. You’re getting, um, getting three bedrooms up and a master down where in the Monroe to pay. You’re getting a master in two bedrooms down in one bedroom, up to a different configuration. The, um, we’ve got the Prescott here, which I think we’re going to discontinue or Shaw home  new home construction in Broken Arrow the village of Southern trails. The next house is a Redford Redford. One is 2349 square feet, three bedroom, two bath with the biggest kitchen in duct that we have, you can build that as a Redford one, a with a game room upstairs, all by itself. That makes that house 29, 23 square feet. So an extra 600 square feet for that game room.

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