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Speaker 1: (00:01)
So I talked a little bit earlier about one of my favorite floor plans that we’re building in the, in the New Home Construction in Deer Creek , um, deer Creek area. But you know, another thing that I, I touched on it a little bit in the other one, but another one thing I really wanted to focus on is just how many great communities that we’re building in the deer Creek deer Creek area. And also looking to expand, um, you know, we’re looking to, to acquire as much land as, as possible. Um, real estate’s on fire and the deer Creek area is on fire. So, you know, we’re really looking to, to build as much as we possibly can out there, but, um, you know, to the, to the neighborhoods that we are building, um, we’ve got a very wide variety of homes that we can build in the deer Creek area.

Speaker 1: (00:44)
So starting with, uh, a neighborhood called twin silos, it’s a great neighborhood, quaint little neighborhood. Um, we’re building about 18 to 2300 square feet homes. So, you know, maybe, maybe a starter home for a young couple or maybe, um, you know, a couple of kids, small family, um, but great homes, beautiful homes. Um, and it’s just on the south side of the jerky carrier. So you’re close enough to Oklahoma city that if you need to get anything you’re five, 10 minutes away from just about anything that you need. But then again, you’re not far away from deer Creek deer Creek schools. Um, and also, you know, being that you’re, you’re five to 10 minutes away, you would think after me saying that, that you’d be, you know, almost smack dab in the middle of everything, but, but where you’re sitting is just kind of on the outskirts of town.

Speaker 1: (01:36)
So, you know, you’re not listening to a ton of road noise, so you’ve got, uh, it’s, it’s quiet, it’s quaint. Um, but like I said, you’re close enough to where if you need to get stuff you can pretty quickly. Um, so that’s one of them. Um, another neighborhood that’s coming up pretty soon is called rush Creek. Um, again, you’re only a couple miles from the New Home Construction in Deer Creek deer Creek’s high school. Um, so you’re pretty close to, to the schools, um, that neighborhood hasn’t released yet, but it should be, it should be online pretty soon. And it reminds me a lot of my, probably my favorite neighborhood that we’re building in, in the deer Creek area. And, and that’s going to be foxes there. Um, Fox layers, a, a beautiful neighborhood. And honestly it reminds me a lot of the place that I grew up. Uh, but just in neighborhood form, you know, I, I grew up on a, you know, on five acres, not a huge piece of land, but we had neighbors, but they weren’t, you know, staring at our back windows.

Speaker 1: (02:40)
And I grew up around, you know, we had a pond in our backyard and a lot of trees. And so it was really nice to be able to enjoy those things. And, you know, that’s what, that’s what a neighborhood like Fox layer is going to bring you you’re, you’re on three quarters of an acre to an acre and a half. And so you’ve got large lots, um, most of which are going to be heavily wooded. Um, and you know, there’s a couple ponds in the, in the neighborhood. So quite a few of those home sites can be backing up to, to the ponds. And so, you know, it, it gives you a really, really great feel. Um, you know, I kind of mentioned it when I was talking about twin silos, but you’re, you’re about 10, 15 minutes away from just about anything that you need.

Speaker 1: (03:26)
Um, down the road, you’ve got, you’ve got a mall about 5, 6, 7 miles away, um, large shopping centers, restaurants, um, but where you sit and Fox layers, you’re, you’re sitting right on the edge of two, the two counties right there. You’ve got Oklahoma county and you’ve got Logan county and you’re still in New Home Construction in Deer Creek deer Creek school district. And you’re still in technically deer Creek, but you’re actually in Logan county, you sit on the north side of the road. So you’re actually in Logan county. So, you know, that brings a few things in and of itself. You’ve got, um, lower taxes, uh, lower property taxes. You’re in the, in this particular addition you’re on, um, on a, well, which I grew up on, well, water, I think it’s absolutely fantastic. But so the location brings you, uh, brings you a ton. Um, you know, a lot of what I feel like a lot of people right now are, are kind of, kind of grasping for, you know, you, you move into a, into a town like Edmond, um, like deer Creek and most of the neighborhoods that you’re going to find are going to be, you know, under a quarter acre, uh, and they’re going to be tight.

Speaker 1: (04:41)
And I feel like a lot of people are, are kind of wanting that larger lot, that wooded lot, a little bit more privacy in a world now where, you know, to be Frank, we, we just don’t get any privacy. Uh, so Fox layer is a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood. And, um, it has, it has just been on fire lately. Um, you know, the New Home Construction in Deer Creek area in general has been on fire, but, um, you know, we opened up to sell Fox layer last may and, uh, we don’t, we don’t even have two dozen homesites left. Um, I think we’ve got about, you know, between 12 and 16, so I’m, it is just, it has just been on fire. Um, and I think, you know, that we would, we would, we’re trying to replicate that as, as honestly as many times as possible that you know, that neighborhood, I talked about a little bit earlier, um, rush Creek I think is honestly a carbon copy of, of Fox hill layer.

Speaker 1: (05:40)
It’s not, not as wood. It is Fox layer, I wouldn’t say, but still large lots. And there’s plenty of trees. You know, it’s not, I feel like a lot of new additions now. It’s almost like they, they come in with the, with the idea and the expectation to knock everything down and then start building houses. And, and, you know, in these neighborhoods, it’s almost like you’re coming in and saying, how much of this can we leave while still building a beautiful home, which, which is fantastic. And it’s refreshing, um, especially in the deer Creek Edmund area where you are, it’s starting to get heavily populated populated, and you are starting to get a lot of these neighborhoods where they are knocking everything down. So to have these, these neighborhoods that have large, beautiful lots where the expectation is to, you know, leave as many trees as leave as much foliage as possible while still building a large, beautiful home.

Speaker 1: (06:37)
Um, and you know, another great thing about these home sites is a lot of them are large enough to where you can put a 3,500 square foot house. You can put a, a pool, you can put a shop. Um, so a lot of the things that you would want to put on your land, um, you know, are, are available in, in these neighborhoods. And there’s going to be quite a few, you know, especially at the rate that Edmund’s growing, there’s only a couple of directions that it can, that it can grow now. And deer Creek is kind of, it is. And isn’t a part of Edmund. It kind of falls in this funny place of like being a part of Edmund and deer Creek. Um, but with Edmund growing at the rate that it is, it can only go a couple of ways and, and the deer Creek area is one of those, one of those ways that New Home Construction in Deer Creek or the Edmund is going to have to grow.

Speaker 1: (07:31)
So, um, I think that you’re going to see a lot more of these, you know, once you get to Waterloo and to the north, and to, I would say about west of Portland, you, you run into farmland, um, you know, a lot of land that’s undeveloped, untouched. Um, and so I think, you know, here in that here in the near future, you’re going to be seeing a lot more, um, building going on in, in the deer Creek area. And we want to capitalize on that as much as possible. Um, the, the people looking to build New Home Construction in Deer Creek are looking for a little bit different feel than, than maybe someone who, who wants to be right in the middle of Oklahoma city or wants to be, you know, right. Smack dab in the middle of Edmond. Uh, but so just a lot of privacy. Uh, yeah. So that’s about it.

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