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New home construction Oklahoma City | Homesite Renovation

New home construction Oklahoma City | Homesite Renovation

Welcome to another segment where saw homes is talking about the latest news in the home building industry coming from the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma with the awesome announcement that we are expanding into Oklahoma City. That’s right. New home construction Oklahoma City shaw homes as building in Edmond, Oklahoma. The previous segment we were talking about, uh, your path to your new shaw home and this is the same path that will use, um, with a New home construction Oklahoma City as well as Tulsa, new homes. We just talked about the plan review and how that’s basically our checks and balances just to make sure that, you know, we made a lot of decisions and picked out a lot of selections. We want to make sure everything on our end is correct and good to go. It’s just reviewing everything and telling and setting the expectation of what’s about to happen. And that is step number eight and that’s the building of your whole Edmond.

New homes will be built the same way that they’re built here. And this is where we can meet at your home. You get to enjoy the progress on our home sites. What we’re building them are an open factory, your, that’s your house. You’re welcome to come on and look at them and I’m seeing the process a while it’s being built. Um, you get to enjoy weekly updates, so if you’re not able to make it out there as often as you would like, the construction manager will actually be sending you updates as to where you’re at and what’s the status of your home is, um, each week, get an idea of kind of like where, where you’re at in the process. It’s shown you the guts of the home because you’ll have a pre drywall meeting as well, where you get to see all the plumbing, a Hvhc, all those things before those walls go in and get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in your home.

The construction managers rule is every room of every house, every day. And so they will be, I’m very intimately acquainted with your home and know those details and then they will reciprocate that back to you. I’m New home construction Oklahoma City, also features a, the home site orientation, which is done on site. This is where the construction manager gets to walk you through your home and point out all the details and show you other things like lighting a pilot light and making sure that you’re acquainted with your new home and setting those proper expectation. Uh, the next step is closing a, which is step number nine, and this is where we meet at the title company and the down payment for the home would be fulfilled here. So if your home, for example, was $250,000, then you would have been required to have $5,000 earnest money. And that earnest money actually just goes towards the, a down payment of your home. So if you were to do an Fha loan and it was at $250,000. So if we can do some math here, that is 8,000, $125, now you’re homesite reservation was the thousand. You would have paid $4,000. The purchase agreement, making it a total of five. And since that $5,000 goes to, um, the closing the down payment of your home,


then you are only looking at having to pay $3,000 on that day. And so those were kind of the important things to know and to take into consideration,

uh, that,

you know, this isn’t towards the closing costs, this is just towards the down payment on your home, so you’ll have to fulfill that and you’ll, you will have known that number before going into closing. But it’s just a let you know that this is the point where certain money is due. And so at this point it would have been, you know, six to eight months down the road, so it would’ve given you a time if you were needing to make the payments towards that or prepare yourself for it. Because a lot of people, uh, they, they budget, they want to know exactly where they’re at and when the monies due. And so if we can give them this time, I will let them know like, Hey, you’re not paying a bunch up front. You’re just paying this amount. And then the rest of it is at closing.


the next one is when you will actually pay the closing costs. The mortgage will be signed for and the titles will be transferred and New home construction Oklahoma City I believe will actually have the best warranty as well. We have Tulsa’s best warranty and that’s a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, a one year limited warranty and a 24 hour emergency line. We actually have a full time coordinator, a warranty coordinator on staff, and we’ll actually give you a 60 day follow up phone calls to make sure everything is settling in. Okay. And we’ll give you an 11th month follow up. And at any time that’s just when we get ahold of you at any given time, if you have questions or concerns, you’re more than welcome to reach out. And that’s we have the emergency line or just our warranty line and our staff that’s there to help you.

It’s to be there to answer your questions and, and to help you through that process. Now that one year, limited warranties, basically just about everything you know, that might happen to the home that would have been on our and um, but that does not cover a salve or landscape because you can kill those. New home construction Oklahoma City so it’s important to know that we want to make sure that, uh, you know, if, if we will be the one that determines whether or not it is an emergency and if it is and we will head out there and fix it and if it’s not, we throw it on a punch list and those guys go out and put it all together at one time. So that way you know, it’s the best use of both of your time to get that stuff fixed. So as far as New home construction Oklahoma City go, this is the process that we would end up using as well that we use, uh, uh, Tulsa.

New home construction Oklahoma City so that’s the exciting part about the path is we actually just want to go through and set the proper expectation expectation. I know I’ve said it before, but we’ve done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to. All you get to do is just going up to her and look at some beautiful homes and make a selection and a of where you want to build which plan you want to do and then just have fun during the price out and the design studio. It doesn’t have to be as scary or daunting task. New home construction Oklahoma City we realized that certain builders have made it that way, but we’ve endeavored to keep it as easy as we possibly can for someone to purchase an edmund new home. That’s right. Shaw homes is expanding to Oklahoma City. And so it’s important that, um, you know, that we walk people through the path.

That’s why I was mentioning we use it as the book flaps of every appointment that we have with people. We start with the path we end with a path. I’ve, I’ve actually had customers already that will finish up, uh, during one of the appointments. And they’re like, oh, well, the next step is this. So do I need to bring this and that and what else is, can you tell me more about it? And so they’re already using the path as a point of reference as to where they’re at in the process. People are visual people. That’s why we have the design studio. That’s why we have model homes. That’s why we have our path is so people can see how easy it is to actually owning a home that most people think that there’s just so many decisions to make that it’s so overwhelming and there are a lot of decisions, but you want to make a few.

It really starts to chunk the rest of them down. Part of being in that design studio and working with award winning designers is they know what they’re doing. They know that if you make a certain color selection for your walls, that only leaves you with a couple of colors for your trend, uh, that would actually work. Or if you’re going with this, you know, um, certain color, but with your cabinets that you can only do so much with the other ones as well. New home construction Oklahoma City, that’s the whole idea of working with award winning designers. And in fact, I was just told by our sales manager the other day about Edmond new homes, of course, but he also mentioned that no one usually wins more than two awards at the parade of homes except for us, and that was 17. So we win every single year, um, because of how awesome of a company that shall Holmes’s and the integrity of a glyn’s shop and also the fact that we have amazing people in the, the warranty and the design studio, they just always do such an awesome job. And those are the same people that you get to work with through your path and through your process too. So we appreciate you joining us for another segment here at Shaw homes and talking about New home construction Oklahoma City. And we look forward to talking to you again in the next one. Jordan Moore 5 10-5-18

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