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New home construction Oklahoma City | See Everything

New home construction Oklahoma City | Our goal

So as an New home construction Oklahoma City, our goal for someone that comes into the model home is always just to book them on a model home tour. Now the thing is is most customers want to go on the tour and don’t even realize it. So it’s our goal to explain the advantages and the benefits for someone to go on that model home to her. Number one, it’s going to save you a ton of time because if you were to go, we actually have over 70 different floor plans. We’re actually working on 80 over 80 different floor plans right now. If you were to go through every single one of those, it would be a tremendous waste of time because the majority of them probably won’t work for you. We have a different plan that meets the different needs of different families, but going on the tour by going through a handful of different plans with someone like myself, New home construction Oklahoma City which is an expert on the floor plans, we’re able to narrow down what would work best for you.

Therefore saving you a ton of time and money because time is money. You’re taking time out of your schedule, whether that’s with work or with babysitting, whatever it might be, it ends up taking money out of your pocket when you could just be efficiently using our time, who doesn’t want to save time and money. And so part of that is going on that tour and we really pride ourselves on the tour because like I said, we have over 80 plans. We build an over 28 different communities and we have over 400,000 line items, New home construction Oklahoma City, options in our price out. So there are a lot of things to pick from and we establish ourselves as the expert in taking you through this process so that way you can build the home that you want at the price that you want it to, which is the awesome part about that price out.

But we always start at that model home tour. We start in Ashbrook and a broken arrow. And the funny thing about Ashbrook is that it’s on half Acre home sites. These are a good size home size. So if you’re looking for land and you want to be in broken Arrow, that’s definitely a good community to be in. But the cool thing is we have that for every community are, sorry for every city. We do have half Acre home sites and larger and so we have the same for um, and New home construction Oklahoma City and so, and we also have one and I nola. So it really kind of depends on what you’re looking for. But as we take you through the tour, we find out what works for you and what you’re looking for and what you don’t. We always ask as part of the ground rules is we want to know as much as what you like as what you dislike to help us find what works best for you because you might not be seeing everything in this home.

For example, this is probably version two point oh, or three point, oh, of a plan because we’ve redesigned it and rebuilt it. You’re also not saying a couple of other different ways that we can build a plan, for example, when we’d gotten them to. New home construction Oklahoma City we’ll go to the monroe and Monroe can actually be built over 15 different ways. So that’s pretty crazy to think that there are that many different ways to build a plan, uh, that stonebrook can be built to the Greenville can be built six different ways. The ventanas two different ways. Um, so I mean the Redford has a handful of different ways as well, ranging from a one story, two story. So New home construction Oklahoma City often when people are saying like, yeah, I’ve really liked this plan. If it was just a one story, we can find you telling us that we can let you know, you can actually build this plant as a one story or if you’re letting us know that we can narrow down what plans do and don’t work for you.

Because sometimes people come in with an idea of what they want, but by the time they go on to her, we find out that what they think they want and what they really need are two different things. New home construction Oklahoma City we can point those things out so people as they go on that sewer. So the tour is only supposed to take about 90 minutes and we’d go to the 60 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes and you driving your own car, you follow us out in your own vehicle and there’s no pressure. We’re not talking about pricing here, we’re just giving you information and we’re focused on function and there’s some, we believe there’s something for everyone. It ranges from New home construction Oklahoma City. We just have versatile plans ranging from one to two story from empty Nester to multigenerational. Really, really depends on what you’re looking for and what we can do to make that plan work with and for you.

New home construction Oklahoma City so as an Edmund new home builder going on this to or helps us find any objections, what is it that you have an expectation for? What is it that you’re looking for? What is it that you want? So that way we can narrow those things down for you. We believe that we can meet the needs of the vast majority of the people that are looking for homes in this area, which, like I said on a previous one is why we are the largest builder in Tulsa and we’ve moved over to edmund new homes and that’s why we will become the largest builder in Oklahoma because we have. And it’s super simple process that allows you to make the selections that you want, New home construction Oklahoma City, and that you want to pay for as well as, uh, all the different. A wonderful design plans that we do have.

And just to let you know, our floor plans come from over 30 years of experience. That’s why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. There’s a function behind them, which is what we go over and the tour. And with that being said as well, um, they also come from a thousands of comments from customers that come through our homes. They let us know what they like, what they’re looking for, how they want to build their homes. And once we know those things, then we can make those homes fit and work for them. So what people are looking for is what we build our homes. They are great for resale value, people desire and one does a and when they’re looking for a move in ready home, often people look for what we have already. And just to give you an idea, we actually keep about 40, um, a list of about 40 moving ready homes that any given time that most of them are in different points in the process, New home construction Oklahoma City but the vast majority of them are 100 percent ready and to move in.

And we always try to keep those full and going because people don’t always have the time to build. In fact, I’m talking to a customer right now that is about four weeks out and is looking for something for moving ready. And they could possibly do a, they could possibly build if they have to, but they would prefer something like move in ready. So with that being said, with it being move in ready, we have, we can meet the needs of those people that are relocating from maybe a different state or a different city that are wanting, that’s wanting to come out here and doesn’t have 11 months to build the home, but it one in new construction, I mean, who doesn’t want a New home construction Oklahoma City versus an a, a used home or an old home. You want something that’s brand new that no one’s ever lived in before and who doesn’t.

So with that being said, the model home tour is where we could to really find out what your needs are and to better help and cater what those things are for you and to you. And then by the end of the tour, we’ll book you a on another appointment right after that one. Uh, within a couple days we’ll have you meet up at your favorite model and we get to price out your favorite plane in the community that you would want to build in the Austin part about this. As you get to build a home on paper the way that you want a lot of other builders and other companies, the only way that you’re going to find out a price like this is when you’ve got a contract and at closing and a lot of that’s just too late. You want to know what that money is, how much it’s going to be before you could test something like that.

How much is your investment going to be before you sign on the dotted line? And so with that being said, our price out is just another tool to help you make a decision. We always say when we believe in order for you to make the best decision, you have to have all the information and our goal is to give you all the information that you need to make that decision. And so that price, that’s just one of those we go, like I mentioned, we have over 400,000 line items in our program that are pre priced. So we’ve done this, we’ve already thought this house. So we know exactly what it costs to put the mud bench in the mud bench with the shelves. If you wanted to do two centimeter granted to three centimeter granted or whether or not you wanted to do 42 inch upper cabinets are 52 inch upper cabins, hardwood floors, tile, a carpet, whatever it is that you’re looking at and looking for, we can price those things out for you so you know what that number is.

And the neat thing about that is usually after that, we can make those adjustments for you. If you want to add or subtract, if you want to do it to a different plan, a different community, we can let you know exactly what that number is. Now we do have the option of doing something that we considered ca custom option features, which is either nonstructural or structural. If you want to make modifications to our plan, we do allow that to happen, but that does, New home construction Oklahoma City, incur a fee. And this fee goes towards our research and development team so we can know exactly how much it’s going to cost to then make the custom option feature with all the materials and the Labor that would go into that really depends on whether or not it’s a in a structural or not. It depends on the amount of the fee. And then you would of course have to pay any difference, um, the actual custom option to, towards the base price of that home. So as an New home construction Oklahoma City builder will continue to talk about this on the next one. Jordan Moore 4 12-28-18

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