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New Home Sales | Best company Available

New Home Sales | Best company Available

Hello I’m David Dumont. I’m someone who is sick and tired of dealing with gravity. And we’re here with an ancestor the founder of builders training academy. Aaron is an industry leader in new home sales training and he’s here today to share some wisdom on helping new home sales people help themselves. Is good to be here Dave. Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your builder wisdom with us. You bet. Every sales person on earth says that they don’t have enough traffic.
Let’s start off with that. Yeah. And you know what they say. They say it’s the builders fault. Let me give you my formula for how this works. OK here’s the deal. Sales is always going to equal traffic times conversion rate so sales equals traffic times conversion rate. Let’s put some real numbers to what that means. OK. If you let’s say you get 10 traffic through your door in a month 10 new people walk through your door in a month and you are a one in 10 closer. Well that means that this month you’re going to get one sale because sales equals traffic times conversion rate. So one sale is equal to 10 traffic times a one in 10 closing ratio. OK so how do you increase your sales. How do you up your sales in that situation. New Home Sales
Well you’ve got two choices You can either increase your traffic or you can get better at your closing ratio your conversion rate. So let’s look at the traffic side of things so let’s say you’re you are able to go out and get more traffic for yourself and you double your traffic. Well then the equation would look more like this. You had 20 people walk through your door this month. You’re still a one in 10 closer. So now you have two sales in the month. Well what if you actually were trained like a pro and your conversion rate went up. Well then if you were bringing in twice as much traffic so you still have 20 traffic in the month and you go from being a one in 10 closer to a one in five closer.
Well now you’ve gone from one sale where we started off to now you’re four sales in the month. You go from making the kind of money a janitor makes to making the kind of money a doctor makes. And that’s the magic behind what we do.
You say that the salespersons responsibility to generate their own traffic. How do you go about doing that. New Home Sales
That’s a great question. So here’s the way I like to equate this. It’s kind of like a farmer. OK. When a farmer first starts to farm a new area I remember when I was a kid I grew up going out to this dairy farm in Michigan and we’d go deer hunting as a family and so we’d be out there hunting. I remember one year that the farmer turned to this one section of his land into a new area at a farm. Well prior to that there was a lot of trees and vegetation and it just it looked like a jungle in this area. And here’s the thing he had to go in there. He had to bulldoze out all the trees all the scrub brush. And even after going through with the bulldozer there was still some timber and logs that got you know pushed down into the dirt that he had to go back and pull those out. There was rocks there was all kinds of stuff and you don’t want to just go in there and start farming when you still have some leftover logs and rocks and stuff are impacted into the dirt from the bulldozers so there’s a lot of work that has to be done to get to the place where you’re ready to start farming that field. And I remember it was a huge process for them. So when you have a lot of rocks in the ground you can damage your equipment if you’re a farmer. So you got to go through the pains taking task of pulling all those rocks out and getting it prepared.
Getting the ground prepared. Next you go in and you start planting the seeds. This is a process that happens in the spring in your expectations as a farmer is not that you’re going to plant some seeds today and tomorrow you’re going to go out there and you’re going to start harvesting corn. I mean there’s a time in between seed time and harvest time. And so. Here’s the thing there’s a lot of work that goes into that. Unless your name is Jack and you happen to have magic beans in which case you can wake up the next morning and get yourself a harvest. So now you just let time do its work. You let the seed do its job. I promise you it will grow if you only give it the ingredient that is usually the most frustrating and the hardest to handle which is patience in-between planting seeds and harvest comes watering and feeding your plants. And then last but not least comes harvest. You ask most farmers what their busiest time of year is and they’re going to tell you it’s harvest time. I mean that is when they are up way before daylight and they don’t go to bed till after it’s dark at night. This is when the most work has to be put in. Who are the people that a sales person confirm. That’s a great question. Here’s the thing. I break it down into five key categories and those are family friends customers non-customers and realtors.
How does the new home sales person prepare their fields. New Home Sales
Well here’s the thing Dave. You need to start by putting together your plan of attack what fields are you going to farm. First Second Third I mean what are you going to say to each group of people you need to write yourself a script for each group of contacts that you’re going to farm. Then you need to practice your script until you’re completely comfortable with it. You need to schedule times into your week for script writing and for farming and then you need to take action. This is the most important part you need to take action. What group should a new home sales person firm first. Here’s the thing you need to start with your circle of trust.
If you remember meet the parents the circle of trust in here you are outside of the circle anyway. New Home Sales
You need to start with the circle a trust. This means people that you know. It means people who are not strangers to you. And when you start with people you know here’s the thing you know that the ground is already plowed open.
You know that the rocks have already been removed and then you can produce a harvest quicker here with the least amount of work. It’s the open farm field that the farmer prepared last year. It’s not trying to plow down the trees and start a new area of farming. This is the area that’s ready to plant and produce a harvest very quickly. So this would be family and friends. How do they go about working with these referrals. Well there’s several ways you can go about it. I mean I would start by sitting down and writing yourself a list.
I would actually use a tool that I call a memory jogger to create this list because here’s the thing you might not be able to off the top of your head rattle off every single person that you know that is a family member or a friend. So I like people to go in and pull up a memory jogger if you just Google memory jogger you’re going to find all kinds of these online and you can just print one out and you can start going through answering the questions a memory jogger is really going to help you. It’s going to jog your memory to know people that you wouldn’t necessarily think of off the top of your head and you’re going to start going oh yeah I do know the guy that cuts my hair. Oh yeah I do have an accountant that I know. Oh yeah. You start remembering I remember my high school coach now. Oh yeah I remember my dentist. It’s going to really jog your memory for those people that just aren’t top of the mind you can probably only remember 10 or 12 people off the top of your head. So this memory jogger list is going to help you. They say that the average person knows 250 people. So this is going to help you really delve into and fill out this list.
So once you fill out this list to the best of your ability the next thing is to start making phone calls. You’re going to be amazed at how many people you know that don’t have a contact number or an e-mail address. New Home Sales
This is where you tap into the power of Google and social media because both of those platforms are going to help you round out this information help you start filling in all of these blanks so you can actually set a attack plan to go after and tap into this huge resource of potential income.
I’m David Dumont we’ve been here speaking with Aaron Anstiss the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening. Be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow.

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